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  1. David

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Finished on 100.28 which is better than expected in the end. With better team selection I could have been looking at 123ish. Still wouldn’t have been enough when I run into Amari Cooper having another game of his life, week 12 38.00 against the Pigeons and up to 39.00 this week. On 105 with Gurley still to play who knows, although when Ramdale wakes up and replaces Sanders on IR would have definitely had no chance. Oh well.
  2. David

    NFL 18/19

    Steelers 3pts down, 21 seconds left of the game and they make it to the 20 yard line and slipped on the field goal attempt. Dear me.
  3. David

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Any slither of hope I had is now gone. 😑
  4. David

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Yeldon 2.70 McGuire on the bench 17.30 Ridley 2.00 Brown on the bench 10.30 I mean I doubt it would have changed anything but still. Would have been nice not to have a pathetic score. Expecting the Steelers to have a shocker now, Big Ben hasn’t won at the Raiders before. This could be bad. Real bad.
  5. David

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Unless you have Julio Jones then you’re laughing.
  6. David

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Never fill your team with players from the team you support. Never fill your team with Falcons players.
  7. David

    Wouldn’t be Christmas without it

    Ok Beth.
  8. David

    View from the outside

    Any opticians around, pop up to Wigan they are in serious need for a set of bifocals.
  9. David

    Wouldn’t be Christmas without it

    Does not surprise me you are a turkey eater.
  10. David

    NFL 18/19

    Fair enough, I’ll leave you with some music
  11. The winners for a pair of tickets for the Derby v Forest game, courtesy of Carabao Energy Drink are: @Sleepy P @RamLad1884 @Curtains and @True Ram I will drop you all a private message shortly. The draw was fully recorded and uploaded to YouTube below. The app used for the draw was: Choose For Me - Random Choice Maker by Qi Chen https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/choose-for-me-random-choice-maker/id1225080179?mt=8
  12. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1007626759329721/permalink/1989758067783247/
  13. David

    NFL 18/19

    Who you got in the fantasy league this week?

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