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  1. Whatever their keeper had for breakfast, I want some. Really enjoyed the game despite not picking up the 3 points, thought it was an excellent performance. On paper the players they have, they really should be tonking teams, I don’t want to say they were poor last night but they didn’t look like an automatic promotion team. They were a far more dangerous team under Jokanovic. As for us, thought Bird was excellent as usual, I remember being told a couple of years back he was the one to watch. Now he is showing why, what he’s been through you can’t help but smile when you see him play. Lawrence again thought he had a great game, time to get behind the lad. Hammering into him, destroying any confidence he has will do us no good. It’s in all our interests he continues this form as he is an asset to the team, an asset that when we are ready to move him on it would not be at a loss when he plays like this. Rooney? Just quality. He really shouldn’t be playing in this league, saying that let’s give him a 5 year deal. Don’t want to ever say goodbye. Finally, any other keeper and last night the 3 points were ours. Which would have been fully deserved.
  2. Replace Holmes with Knight, start Marriott, play 3 at the back instructing Wisdom to sit on Mitrovic all night, shadow him all over the pitch. Do that whilst putting the ball in the net more times than them and I think we can win.
  3. Don’t apologise on my behalf, I’m fully aware @Cisse is Swedish!
  4. Unlikely City’s ban will come into effect next season with them appealing it.
  5. Yes. But is that down to poor recruitment or poor management in big games? I didn’t become a football fan to look at the profit and losses on a player, I was and still am entertained by the game itself not balance sheets. You can argue the money could have been spend better, which it probably could have, but we have enjoyed 5 years of being in the mix at the top end of the table. Personally I have enjoyed it, this period is only second to Jim Smiths time at the club in my lifetime yet we have fans banging on like we’ve been suffering. We’ve come close to going up, agonisingly close, more so than the highly praised Brentford. I would love to hear other examples of excellent recruitment teams other than Brentford. 22 other clubs in this league, can’t be that hard to make others that have not wasted money, made a profit and consistently challenged at the top end of the table?
  6. Thought about that, and for the cake cutting, first dance stuff be alright, but the main pictures might be a bit weird. Getting married at a hotel, all in one thing and already have to pay £150 to get pictures taken on the golf course behind the venue as they own the land. Rip off? Absolutely, like I say it’s a wedding. But they do stick you on a bunch of golf carts to take you over to the lake for that. Not sure all the guests can jump on with their iPhones. All guests will be told this is an iPhone only event, any Android phone spotted will be evicted from the venue.
  7. Quickly finding out that weddings are a rip off, be it cake, invitations, dresses, stick wedding before it and the cost quickly ramps up. The worst? Photographers, don’t get me wrong it’s a skill/talent, everyone can press a button on a camera but if you want great looking photos you need someone that knows their ISO from their megapixels and how to not let the light shine off your bald patch. Quotes however are coming in at around £2000-£2500 which quite simple is not happening. I could take my dog for a professional photoshoot in a studio which would be a right handful for a fraction of the cost. If anyone knows a photographer, that has an online portfolio of previous weddings and a little more reasonable price drop a link below. But I’m not paying two and a half flipping grand. No way Pedro.
  8. We have, and as a result finished above them more times than not in the table.
  9. That diet doesn’t sound very aPEELing @maxjam (Sorry I had to)
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