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    At breaking point already
  2. Just watched all 6 episodes, it really is worth the watch. The first 5 episodes build them up to be this great club and team that’s destined for promotion. Dan James is shown having a photoshoot, signing his contract for it all to collapse, Bamford trying to justify his acting skills. Then episode 6 which is a real tear jerker it is.
  3. Darren Wassall’s side have been drawn in Group F and are set to face AS Monaco, Feyenoord Rotterdam and Southampton. Group Stage fixture details: 26th September 2019- Derby County vs. AS Monaco – Loughborough University Stadium – 7pm 7th November 2019 – Derby County vs. Feyenoord – Loughborough University Stadium – 7pm 10th December 2019 – Derby County vs. Southampton – Loughborough University Stadium – 7pm Full story https://www.dcfc.co.uk/amp/news/2019/08/u23s-pl-international-cup-fixtures-confirmed?__twitter_impression=true
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