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  1. Just hope the judge knows his/her numbers when they come to fine her!
  2. You’re not one of those are you! Tut tut, you disappoint me Angry, thought you would be better than this.
  3. So you’ve said. Talking of breaking the law...
  4. 3 more Derby corners and the win, milky bars will be on me tonight!
  5. Because the Championship has never worked like that has it. If you don’t beat Bolton away doesn’t mean you can’t beat Norwich away.
  6. Just checking if the same rules apply, thought not! For what it’s worth I think if we finish top 6 we will be taken seriously regardless of today’s result.
  7. Birmingham did the double over Leeds this season, are people taking Leeds seriously?
  8. David

    Galaxy Fold

    Samsung came out with the Dex a couple years ago, dock your phone and turn it into a PC, now a foldable phone which opens into a tablet size screen. Think it’s clear they are chasing that one device fits all, do people want that or not? Not sure. Makes sense financially, 2 grand but a top of the range phone, tablet and PC would cost you more. Looks pretty unusable in it’s folded state, be interested to see what the 2nd and 3rd version looks like
  9. Forest 2-0 down now. We want 10!
  10. That Bristol City home form I was talking about 👀
  11. Only a good result if we can go and do the business now, this league is far from being over!
  12. Forest down to 10, 1-0 down and wearing a kit inspired by a Chicken Korma, doesn’t get much better than this
  13. Beautiful goal. Not seen it yet but beautiful. Long way to go though.
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