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  1. Thanks but I’m not ready yet for the position.
  2. Within reason! Chelsea have asked for permission to talk with Frank, and whilst it all may seem inevitable now he is still currently the manager of this club.
  3. Polite reminder of the forum terms of use: https://dcfcfans.uk/guidelines
  4. David

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    Today’s downtime: https://krystalstatus.co.uk/incident/368
  5. Boycie is easily replaceable, told him so on many occasions. If I was him I would keep quiet.
  6. Having skipped though a few pages myself earlier not really taking anything in I will let you off on this occasion. I do think almost 4500 posts on the managers future shows this club means a lot to people though, whilst it’s drifted off topic several times, which I hold myself partly responsible for, we’re here waiting for any news to break. Almost midnight and 400+ people reading away that should be in bed! We have some members that are on all day, every day which makes me question their personal hygiene, but as long as they don’t run ad blockers it’s all good with me.
  7. That’s one educated, how many more need doing before I go to bed? 😂
  8. Frank still has a very good job so no reason to be sad.
  9. Having taken on Skybet and BT today already, my next mission is to educate Mirror journalists.
  10. If Chelsea do make an approach and Frank leaves, I think I will always question how much interest was there before the media frenzy whipped up the fans, did it have any influence or force Chelsea into making the appointment. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure they will have been monitoring Frank’s progress, we also had 2 players on loan so none of his work will have gone unnoticed, but top English clubs competing in the Champions League don’t appoint managers that finished 6th in the Championship. It just doesn’t happen. Now of course who you are helps, we appointed Nigel Clough in what felt like an attempt to bring the feel good factor back, Lampard would have the same effect but he’s still a manager that finished 6th in the Championship with a years experience under his belt. I know I’m championing the idea of giving young managers a go at Derby, but this is Derby, I love the club to bits but I’m aware of the level we are at compared to Chelsea who are competing with the biggest clubs in Europe. There is an expectation of this appointment now, and despite not saying a word publicly Chelsea would face a huge backlash if they appointed anyone else. I’m sure a ten Hag move would soften the blow, but it’s difficult to see who they could realistically go for now that would excite them as much as Lampard. *Kevin Keegan style* I would love it, love it if Lampard signed a contract extension, not only because it would be the best thing for this club, but just to see how the media would explain it, what would be the recycled excuse. When you talk about “meltdowns” this would be internet breaking!
  11. Already been accused of that, keep up! 😂 I actually was planning for 2 week internet break following Wembley win or lose, recharge the batteries and reset ready for the new season. Believe me, this is the last thing I wanted, we’re only a couple weeks from pre season now and I think I managed 4 days off with the odd peep. Derby fan first, forum owner second, always will be.
  12. You have to contact them, same as most companies these days, want a chance to try and keep you. I also cancelled BT Sports today, announced a sponsorship of £60m for the England team, then they announce job losses, next thing I get an email saying they are raising the price of my BT Sports package £4pm. For me you have to draw the line somewhere, can’t afford a yacht but £4pm extra I could still feed myself and the dog, but why should I foot the bill for BT to slap their logo across the England team and what are the FA going to do with that money? Few tasty pay rises no doubt. Because of the price change they have to wave cancellation fees, give you one month to quit. On ringing up they would wave the increase if I agreed to a new 18 month contract which included my broadband renewal. I have no loyalty when it comes to broadband suppliers, jump for the best welcome deals I can get, think I’m 8 months in with BT now so I’m not renewing knowing I can get a better deal next year elsewhere. This is going wildly off topic!
  13. This 👇 I have corrected a few people like yourself @SaintRam, but as above, clearly there is a deal in place between the two which would be in the financial interests of both. You can’t even check the fixtures in Sky app without having Skybet odds displayed (Yes you can toggle off), why not William Hill, Paddy Power or Ladbroke? SkyBet is embedded throughout Sky Sports for a reason.
  14. I do. I’m not going all out on a one man protest claiming to never spend a penny with Sky again. I have Sky TV with Sky Sports which I’m not planning on cancelling, as I say I’m just not comfortable with the betting on Sky Sports News stories. Whilst Sky have sold the company, clearly it is in the financial interest of both to peddle any nonsense people will bet on.
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