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    TigerTedd got a reaction from Tyler Durden in Puskas Award   
    You should watch the goal, just wallops a goal kick back from the half way line. You can almost hear her say ‘have it!’
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    TigerTedd got a reaction from SKRam in Rooney Performances @ D.C. United   
    Kyle McAllister. Bought him injured. Never played for us when he eventually got fit. Sold back to Motherwell at a loss. 
    (I haven’t fact checked any of that, just exaggerating it to sound like the worst bit of business since Leeds bought Seth). 
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    TigerTedd reacted to philmycocu in Looking forward to a great sporting day in Derby tomorrow   
    Bristol's In Gloucestershire? Who knew!?
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    TigerTedd reacted to Millenniumram in What are the chances   
    I’d celebrate it like winning the champions league... so long as it’s not at Easter 
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    TigerTedd got a reaction from Millenniumram in What are the chances   
    As much as I look forward to seeing Keogh lift some sort of trophy as we finally secure promotion on his watch, the day I’m most looking forward to is the day we get our 12th point (hopefully 4 games into the season). Can you imagine the roar?
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    TigerTedd reacted to Mucker1884 in What are the chances   
    That would feel like we'd been robbed of a record.  It would feel like we'd been cheated out of the record books.
    I couldn't accept that.
    No, when it goes, it has to be on the same terms.  Anything else would be "Fake Records", as far as I'm concerned!
    Oh wait... What the hell am I saying!  
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    TigerTedd reacted to SaintRam in What a Manager we have!   
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    TigerTedd reacted to RamLad1884 in Gary Rowett on Quest   
    Was poached by another club for decent money , had taken us to the play offs with awful playstyle and turned Vydra into an actual sellable asset. 
    On a personal basis, Mel and Rowett probably don't enjoy each others company, but there's no denying Rowett brought a decent amount of funds into the club (which seemed to have funded alot of our transfers since) 
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    TigerTedd reacted to TommyPowel in What a Manager we have!   
    its 3 seasons since we sacked a manager so that doesnt hold water just old news
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    TigerTedd reacted to SamUltraRam in What a Manager we have!   
    Oh, how I love the negativity from some of the fans.
    When Jim Smith came in we got 9 points from the first 9 games against relatively beatable teams- thank god social media wasn't around then, he'd have been sacked
    Cocu has been brought in to develop the youth over the next 2 to 3 years, he is still tinkering with personnel/formations and yet some of the 'experts' have decided that we're going nowhere.
    Given time I think Cocu could create something great but the bed wetters will have him out by Christmas
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    TigerTedd reacted to DRBee in What a Manager we have!   
    We have not yet seen Bielek in midfield, ....... but hey write us off.
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    TigerTedd reacted to Paul71 in LIVE Football 19/20   
    4 points from 2 games is good. I for one am hoping they stay up by 1 point relegating West Ham, and the Goal which keeps United up is the diviest dive for a penalty that you have ever seen.
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    TigerTedd got a reaction from bimmerman in Winging it   
    Quality addition in January...? Rooney not quality enough for you?
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    TigerTedd got a reaction from Van Cone De Head in LIVE Football 19/20   
    Til January. 
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    TigerTedd reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Gary Rowett on Quest   
    We were first match on tonight.
    snakey was analysing in the studio and it was a bizarre performance.
    firstly, calling out stoke for “playing so poorly last season just after they’d come down”. Er - you mean under you Gaz?
    secondly for faintly praising Cocu “seems to be trying to build a philosophy at Derby. I was speaking to Mel Morris and some of the staff recently and they’ve been trying to play the same way throughout the club”. You mean he’s doing what Mel has been talking about for yonks and which you completely failed to do.
    honestly does he live in some parallel universe? 😂
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    TigerTedd reacted to Ghost of Clough in Academy Thread 19/20   
    Sorry... 3-1 final score
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    TigerTedd got a reaction from TomG in Winging it   
    Quality addition in January...? Rooney not quality enough for you?
  18. Haha
    TigerTedd reacted to Wolfie20 in Ex Rams   
    I always struggle with the Brummie accent
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    TigerTedd reacted to AndyinLiverpool in England Cricket summer 2019   
    Smith now has more test runs in the last 16 months than Moeen Ali and he was banned for 15 and a half of those. 
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    TigerTedd reacted to Van der MoodHoover in LIVE Football 19/20   
    Stop talking down our win.......they’re potential division champs I tell you.
    and that was a hugely significant marker we put down that won’t be bettered this season.....😂
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    TigerTedd reacted to Abu Dhabi Ram in Best forward line you've seen play for Derby   
    Connor Doyle and Nathan Tyson - smashed the goals in...
  22. Haha
    TigerTedd reacted to Will the Ram in Leeds Documentary   
    “The ending is clearly disappointing” - Angus Kinnear, Yorkshire Evening Post Managing Director
    I rather enjoyed it myself. 🐏
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    TigerTedd reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Leeds Documentary   
    "Home" that leeds was thrown out of, told never to come back and the divorce papers are on t'way with 2nd class postage cos we're still yorkshire.
    followed by "squatting" in the championship in between bouts of "vulnerable yorkshire football team shelter" in league 1 going round telling other residents (like sheffield clubs) that "i was champion of europe, i mean I didn't actually win, but I just am, and i lived in a big house and had a beautifull yorkshireman for a wife and everyone turned against me, to keep me down because they're all jealous of my yorkshireness.
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    TigerTedd reacted to Mucker1884 in What3words: The app that can save your life   
    Oh yeah.  totally agree.  There's no harm in downloading it, if you think it may come in handy one day.
    I just got the impression it was a waste of time... or rather that there are better/quicker ways of passing on your location to the emergency services... plus I'm not expecting to get stuck down a ravine anytime soon!  Fingers crossed! LOL
    From a fun/entertainment pov (ie looking up the words for your home address etc), I'm sure it's a blast, but that's not really my bag.
    Like you say (Hi Richard!), Let's hope none of us actually need it... or regret not downloading it! 
    And for the record... I'm not normally the first on, poo-poohing what others consider a good idea.  I thought it would make a nice change to be negative for once!  LOL!  
  25. Cheers
    TigerTedd got a reaction from Mucker1884 in What3words: The app that can save your life   
    There may be downfalls, nothing’s perfect. But it’s free, so where’s the harm in downloading it and letting it sit in a folder on your phone until you need it? Hopefully you’ll never look at it again (and you’ll probably forget that you have it, if you alegre do need it, but cest la vie).
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