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  1. That’s how I see it, so ultimately not in administration
  2. My understanding is PP is not owned by a DCFC subsidiary and is owned by MM himself so therefore is not in administration but obviously represents another issue in selling us. I believe this has been an issue for perspective parties in the past, Moor Farm I have no idea who owns it, or if it’s part of a DCFC subsidiary
  3. If wages aren’t paid add another 3 on too
  4. When are Fans going to wake up and stop with this “ one of our own “ nonsense?. This is all on MM for his running of the club, his egotistical behaviour towards EFL….you poke the bear and you get mauled. I am pretty sure because of the evading of accounts being submitted that this could be a reason for the withholding of the £8.3 million others had. Mel to blame and we will be league one next year so for a couple of years have a chance to build at last, it will be three seasons before we are back where we are now with an embargo. If we can get our heads round that we will have a chance to be semi decent again on and off the pitch.
  5. Whilst administration means certain relegation it also does end this sorry saga to a degree…..a path to move on Dont get me started on MM, unforgivable arrogance if nothing else to take on EFL and bend the rules……..poked the bear and got mauled
  6. Not sure we can compare this season to anything like recent times with the squad we haven’t got, or more like haven’t got. Feel like we’ve played well so far but run out of steam second half, no options from the bench and some naivety about our play at times. This season we won’t kill teams off and will always give away large chunks of games
  7. What about Elvis Presley’s - can’t help falling in love with you. Very apt at the minute for those that still sticking it out: Verse 1] Wise men say only fools rush in But I can't help falling in love with you Shall I stay? Would it be a sin If I can't help falling in love with you? [Chorus] Like a river flows Surely to the sea Darling, so it goes Some things are meant to be [Verse 2] Take my hand, take my whole life, too For I can't help falling in love with you
  8. No it’s down a completely incompetent administration at the club. Why can others fill their stadiums and we must up half of what we normally get ? It’s a shower of S……I got an email Sunday asking me to get my Boro ticket, luckily I had already got it.
  9. Personally I think the only mistake he’s made would be adding a third keeper as it’s preventing an outfield player coming in…..can’t fault him with the conditions he’s working in to be fair
  10. I declined a ST refund and continued to pay my direct debit all the way through but still haven’t been this season. The club only has its self to blame, I will be going Saturday but if I am honest not really that bothered. Why do I feel like this? A number of reasons I guess which I would imagine are fairly standard across the board. I’ve kept my money in the club but don’t feel valued still, the communication has been poor. Ringing in to ask questions was dreadful, literally getting cut off so far down the line, that actually makes you feel like the clubs going bust in itself. I do know a few people inside the club, they say it’s a mess and has been for some time, whilst they don’t know major details or inside news they also feel undervalued. MM’s battle with the EFL has ruined us, he’s let his emotions get in the way of business and now we are paying for it. For the previous talk of the club being at the heart of the community it certainly feels very broken right now. Managerial decisions have cost us badly, Cocu being the worst for me, it was THE time to forget promotion and get a man in to build. Get players from lower levels and really be cost effective with lowered expectations and just be honest with the fans. I may request a refund in all honesty as my desire has gone, we pay our money and we expect a well run club in return. Even the accounting situation as it stands makes me feel more pain is coming and then I can see very dark days returning as people will walk away. If you are a fan who wants to carry on and go each week good for you, I may join you I may not but for those that don’t is does not mean they don’t love the badge any less, the relationship just needs a bit more time to repair before we go back.
  11. Football has changed drastically over a very short period, the money involved and the clamour for ownership of certain clubs for financial gain is overwhelming. I get decisions taken by non football people but I don’t get decisions by those who know nothing else. We could say well they have loved this surely they know best. But we could also back that up with a life of football will leave you with no other grasp on reality, let’s face it “ all of ours reality “. So this decision to appoint Lawrence is beyond me, Rooney you have got this wrong. He’s never displayed leadership on the field, sulky, head down, at times disinterested in tracking back or even getting forward on some occasions. The drink drive incident is still fresh in everyone’s memories, so I see no positives in this announcement. I actually think it’s a smack in the faces for fans, no respect for us in a way, I accept some may argue that’s nonsense. With what the club has gone through, the whole Country as well but particularly with our failed takeovers and lack of information from the club I see no real care or respect for us the supporters from within. Todays game is £10 to watch on RamsTV, now I e been giving the club my money each month right through the pandemic, still not had a penny back and they ask me to pay to watch it. A lovely chance to show their appreciation……lost. Still no takeover, i accept they are being quiet due to past failings but please don’t forget us, you can sell walk away but we can’t do that. Don’t forget the fans, this club is going to need us more than ever in what is going to be a potentially worse season than last unless drastic investment arises. Personally and the point of this post, we need a Graham Shinnie as Captain on the pitch and maybe even a Shinnie type ownership…..a safe pair of hands that you can trust, not a troubled young man with potential that he consistently fails to show.
  12. I believe the club do know
  13. I am sure there is something that states of an appeal is lodged then the penalty on that appeal can only be a financial penalty and not a double jeopardy points reduction?? Someone may be able to clear that up
  14. Let me be clear here, I am not calling for Rooney to go, not at all..... But, what you have said above is absolutely not correct, if ever you wanted to change a manager then now is the time. Masses of players will walk out the door, whoever is in the seat will have to build from nothing. There is rationale around getting another Manager in who has experience in building a side, something Rooney has simply never ever done. What I think absolutely needs to happen is a better back room staff around Rooney who am fill those gaps where his experience and knowledge is zero.
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