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  1. steve brummie

    Do we have any Guitar Players here?

    I have a cheap electric guitar as I prefer acoustic, A Yamaha classical. (40 years old but still sounds great) A Tanglewood 12 stringer (sounds like a band on its own) Two guitaleles (Yamaha and Mahalo) A Westfield 5 string banjo. A vintage mandolin. A vintage banjolin. I love playing them all (preferably one at a time) and much prefer picking to strumming. I also have flutes clarinets oboes recorders keyboards..... And a long-suffering wife!🥰
  2. steve brummie

    Haters gonna Hate

    No way! If you were able to listen to Radio WM you’d hear Villa supporters who want the manager sacked after two games because they lost. They’ll be `over the moon' about Saturday’s result but if they don’t win the next two they’ll be '`sick as parrots’ and demanding Dean’s head on a silver platter. Rams fans are the simply the best (well, 99% of them are anyway!)
  3. steve brummie

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Villa’s star players have been together for a good while now. At the mid-point last season they started earning their playoff position at about the time it was becoming clear that for us automatic promotion was a bridge too far. We both have top notch managers, today Villa started their assault on promotion. Just a pity it had to start at Pride Park. Not the end of the world, just a turning in a long lane.
  4. steve brummie

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Sooooooo close!🤪
  5. steve brummie

    Christmas Present

    I liked some of the Baseball Ground ‘signs’ on eBay until I read the words “ Brand new”. Ask for cash then wait for a signed book or programme to be offered and bid for it. Avoid any gimmicky tat. Some of the 60s and 70s badges may be worth saving (provided they’re genuine). Someone from Belper is selling a job lot including signed ball, autograph book and signed photos ending at nine pm tomorrow. It’s under a fiver now but bids are sure to rocket. Looks a nice item.
  6. steve brummie

    George Thorne-No longer the player he was

    Not surprising with all that junk on your landing. I’ve lost none of my fraternal sympathy please note. 😂
  7. steve brummie

    Sam Longson letters to Cloughy being auctioned

    As a Rams fan and a Beatles fan, I have seen a few awful decisions in my time. Was the decision to accept Brian and Peter’s resignations worse than Decca not signing the Beatles to their label? I read somewhere that missing an opportunity does not mean it gets wasted.....there’s always someone waiting to pick it up! Clough never coveted the Leeds job. Had he done so, I say beware what you wish for. (Severance payment after tax of nearly 40 times my salary!) Parlophone or Forest.....who benefited most?🤭🤮
  8. steve brummie

    Lampard nominated for manager of the month

    The camel is a horse designed by a committee. 🐫🐪🐫🐪🐫🐪 Nuff said. Well done Steve. E F L = Excellent Frank Lampard.
  9. steve brummie

    Watching Black and White

    Ooh swanky!
  10. steve brummie

    Perhaps we're not as good as we think? Yes it's XG

    Surely the fact that actual performance and results demonstrate conclusively that the so-called XG system is so inherently flawed as to be about as viable as the Horace Bachelor infra draw method of winning the pools. I’ll repeat that, that’s Keynsham spelt RUBBISH!
  11. steve brummie

    George Thorne-No longer the player he was

    He still has a good footballing brain and distributes the ball intelligently. Whether he meets Frank’s criterion may be another matter entirely. Hope I’m wrong!
  12. steve brummie

    U23s v Aston Villa

    I kept looking for the force field around Villa’s goal tonight but it must have been invisible! Hope they don’t use it on Saturday with their first team!🤮
  13. steve brummie

    Baseball ground seats

    I’ve got a pair of feet that often stood on the Popside but I’m too attached to them to part with them.🤗
  14. steve brummie

    Baseball ground seats

    So we need to look for a gander on th Antiques Roadshow? Getting goosebumps already!🤪
  15. steve brummie

    v Villa (H) - Predictions

    Rams 2-0 Vanilla FRGS Marriott that’ll please my Bluenose pals....at least the ones still talking to me. Baggies fans are blaming me anorl Not my fault if this is the Rams’ season. I blame Lampard!😘❤️👍

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