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  1. like the best music, the best football had died by 1980! I've been living on those memories for the past 40 years! It's one of the advantages of being a baby boomer! Along with:- Owning one's own house and..... Never having had to rely on the bank of mum and dad! What, never? Well hardly ever!
  2. Maybe now we can have Eric Steel as a pundit. He has made positive contributions and at least describes what is going on on the pitch. I never like to hear of anyone getting the push and don't feel that Craig would be deliberately racist. I just found many of his comments did not meet the standard set by former analysts. Especially Graham Richards who could give Kenneth Wolstenholme a good run for his money!
  3. Rams 1-2 Fulham RGS Waghorn Don't be too surprised if we score an own goal to lose this one!
  4. at twenty to thirty if a man lives right It's once in the morning and twice every night. From thirty to forty if he still lives right He misses a morning and sometimes a night From forty to fifty it's just now and then And when he's past fifty it's heaven knows when When he gets past sixty he might feel inclined But don't let him kid you, it's all in his mind It used to be embarrassing to make the thing behave 'cause every single morning it would stand and watch him shave But now that he is older it just gives him the blues Cos all it does is hang there and watch him shine his shoes It doesn't shine so bright now, the pilot light's gone out, What used to be his sex appeal is now his water spout. Amazing what gets passed down the generations isn't it?
  5. My dad, Ken, had the full version of this written out somewhere where I read it in 1978. He probably heard it when doing wartime service in the navy.
  6. Ramage says we were a couple of players short today. I thought we were a couple of sandwiches short TBH!
  7. To misquote Marvin the paranoid android.. 'What a depressingly boring half!"
  8. Fact... No one with even half a brain could claim that we were 'hammered' yesterday. Fact..... Strange things happen on a football pitch Fact.... Referees miss obvious handball offences Fact... To quote Brian Clough after Maradonna's 'mano de Dios' goal against England..'Goals like that go in every week back home, it evens out over the season!' Yesterday was a case of a game which could have gone either way and was, to quote Sky Sports, a great game for the neutral supporter.
  9. I searched, I searched, but all in vain. Still can't see Louie Sibley's name.
  10. I enjoyed the match a lot. I just hope our defence will stop gifting the opposition a couple of goals in a short spell of inattention. It makes winning that bit more difficult!
  11. The Young ones are the future for DCFC. More than one of them have suggested that they feel like family. Great basis for team cohesion. Bucketsfull of talent too, which helps! The Prem can wait a bit longer..... (Might be nice to beat Man Ure and go on to win the FA Cup for a second time though!)
  12. Better not let Mac know.. He's a jealous guy!
  13. Ref is not very good is he? Doesn't feel like a defeat somehow!
  14. Waghorn FRGS Two points to me, now we just need to win!
  15. We ain't beat yet! As long as Bristol don't get any more corners!
  16. Derby have showed class skill and style. Trouble is they started half time ten minutes early.
  17. The Bristol Fans respect Rooney and their players seem afraid to go within ten yards of him tonight!
  18. Quorns are like haggis. Two left legs are shorter than the right. They get away easily if you try to catch them on hills in one direction. The trick is to turn them round!😉
  19. Dried pasta, takes 50 minutes to reconstitute. Fresh would be quicker. Hasn't taken me long to eat it though!🤗
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