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  1. Agree. I loved his creativity and influence in the u/23s. Now imagine if he was 22 again! Great to see you again Chris! Bring on that Rooney & Martin combo upfront, can't wait!
  2. Re article 5...Eat many of those and you'll end up the size of the car it came off!
  3. I learned the true meaning of "hoofball" at times in this match! Cloughie used to warn 'Keep the ball low, there's no grass on the clouds.' No direction or precision and a 50% chance that it goes to an opponent.
  4. Without his kick off the line over the bar we'd have lost 2-1. He looks a tough guy too! Holmes was pretty impressive throughout IMHO.
  5. zI thought Waggy was getting booked for diving!
  6. The Ref may be called England but I reckon he's Dai the Death!
  7. Murphy & Whyte off. Thought they were playing well.
  8. Hate to say it but Cardiff seem a good side with lots of ideas. As for the ref🤮 Mind you, if Cdiff players dive like that they won't end with 11 men.
  9. Wasn't he the Lone Ranger's kimosavee?' (wot you mean 'we' paleface?)
  10. I can merely reciprocate by stating that the last Jack and Jill book I read was by D Cameron*, paid for by we tax-payers and called "Why the Government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK!" He who famously said "Brits don't quit" and resigned 12 hours after the referendum! PS I haven't touched French wine in decades.
  11. If I could turn back the clock to 1975 I would still vote to be in a common Market which is all we voted on. In 2016 those (like me) who voted leave wanted out of the EU which was a totally different thing. Ruled from Brussels and Strasbourg and giving up our last vestiges of autonomy? No way!
  12. I used to wonder who the loud mouth was who never stopped shouting. Once I realised it was Mr Mackay I paid more attention to what he was yelling. So did the players! (Don't suppose Rooney will be that quiet either, come to think of it!)
  13. So did I; Alongside winning the FA cup, Watney and Texaco cup. Second division Championships, etc. One atrocious season does not define DCFC. We have had amazing highs and depressing lows. Just like art, Derby County reflects life in all its facets.
  14. Or even Leicester City!
  15. Fleming feeds Falkirk's Fish! Headline of the season!
  16. Just shows the dangers of socially drinking two pints of shandy* *Or Jack Daniels!
  17. In my dreams but yes please!
  18. Whoever says that 'Words will never hurt me' has clearly never been on the receiving end of a hate campaign. Like most men approaching 70, I have been hurt by words which leave a mental scar and been injured in my time. Both hurt but physical injuries heal sooner. I bet Francis Lee was hurt more by Man City 'fans' chanting 'City reject!' than his scrap(s) with Norman Hunter for instance.
  19. Good! I'm glad! Didn't want any points anyway! Who cares about cups anyway? Let PC develop home grown talent I say!
  20. Told you Keogh intended to be involved from the kick-off!
  21. Have we kicked off yet? Or has it all kicked off?
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