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  1. Personally thought a back four of Eddie Lewis, Darren Moore, Andy Todd and Andy Griffin were more solid than Kosovo's defence. Should have been 10 in reality, sloppy game all round.
  2. We're going to win the Super Bowl.
  3. I've been out since Friday pretty much so didn't have chance to check status'! Didn't think Gallup would get anywhere near that but happy he did.
  4. I lasted until the national anthem. Looks like I didn't miss much.
  5. Finally. Gets himself out by going big. Annoying how good he is.
  6. I might get up for the first hour. Glad it's back, especially after todays Cricket!
  7. Haters gon hate. We've got a good group and the flex with cap space so they're worth it. Tank, Collins and Zeek all worth the money. Jury is out on Dak but we believe he's our guy so why not, wasn't too long ago he was offensive rookie of the year. Tbh I'm about as interested in the amount NFL players get paid than I am about cheesegrating my ballsack. Bradley Johnson on 35k a week is offensive to me but $40 million for Dak... nah.
  8. Aye, thought we went a bit defensive there with Overton and Leach. Hopefully Archer comes back on and bowls a bit faster than earlier.
  9. A- for me, 4th with a record of 10-4. Bet ya that doesn't happen. Sounds like Zeek is flying back to Dallas, no deal done yet but it's close. 90 mill over 6 years rumoured.
  10. Tbh I was hoping you didn't give me the choice and I could just pick up McCaffery. There were some good reports out last night about us nearing a deal but it now appears there have been no talks today.
  11. Speechless. Can't even be arsed to sum that up. "What the ducking hell was that" echoes from the away end.
  12. For the first, I agree. Second I'm on about.
  13. "This is where you need the experience" - MJ on commentary. Wasn't that the most experienced player on the pitch's fault? (Huddlestone). He's doing my head in. Same problems, different day. Kids so far are our best players.
  14. Sounds like he was playing a bit looser than he normally does but great to see non the less.
  15. I think this is without doubt the funniest thing I’ve ever read on here. Cheers Dawny, made my day.
  16. Did anyone expect any different? We made an absolute mockery out of them with the world watching and ruined their documentary, can't imagine we'll be on Radrizzani's Christmas card list so these prices are no surprise. It's pricey at Elland Rd in normal circumstances for us so with last year thrown on top it's no shock.
  17. I need to get my head back into it too. Too busy with the cricket, it's taken over the summer! That much I feel it's taken over from the football as well. Looking forward to the last two tests more than anything at the minute. Completely forgot about my other leagues draft last week and ended up with a poor team, don't want a repeat of last year in our league too. I know we've done ok in pre-season so far but from the bits I've seen it's hard to read into when half the players who will be starting next Sunday aren't playing. Might catch a bit of our game tonight vs the buccs if I'm up. Hopefully sort the mess out with Zeek this week.
  18. Isn't that why we spent 5+ million on Lawrence? 2.75 million on Jozefzoon? These players are meant to be on a better level than Mason, maybe they could do better with their end product and decisions. There's a ceiling for Bennett and he's probably at it but he's just as productive as any other winger in the team. Give him time to get going this year as he showed last year he's just as good as any of our wingers. The stats don't lie.
  19. He was last year? (and the year before that).
  20. Mason's fine. He contributed well last season, Frank used him perfectly. Not sure leading the line in a team like that on Tuesday has done him any favours, that's Phil's call though not Mason's. Maybe he isn't the man to fit in a total football type team but he has his uses when used correctly as we saw last year. Decent squad player at this level.
  21. Great goal by Charlton to be fair. Everyone’s moving and showing for the ball, delivery was quality and the run and finish from Taylor superb. Enjoying watching them, even better it’s at Forest’s expense.
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