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  1. It was done in the spirit of not being a scrooge trader tbh. I don't really mind losing them, I'm not going to win anything this year. Unless you've got the Pats DEF are you that bothered about any of the rest. Couple of decent streaming options left on waivers, I'll live.
  2. Why? I've only got two kickers currently. You never know.
  3. We were never not back.. just a few injuries 😘 Don't get me started on the Steelers!
  4. Enjoying the packers/officials content out there...
  5. Aye. Gallup dropped a TD in his stride in our game last night, that might have just been enough. Did my DEF lose some because of the late Bears fightback? I had dropped off at that point. Jets looked alright last week but it's the Pats so who knows. Tight affair!
  6. Big win for us, much needed after 3 straight defeats. First time our over-hyped D has made plays all year which finally ensured we started a drive in the opponents half for the first time in 2019. Damage done in the first quarter really, Zeek, Coop and Dak all played pretty nicely putting up some good numbers. A return of the play-action and a big W.
  7. Decent. Pretty banged up at the minute then. Mayfield might be used sooner than you thought.. πŸ‘€
  8. Does Mahomes knee pop back in or are the just flexing it? My eyes can't decide for themselves.
  9. Osweiler retiring seems a bit premature? Only 28 years old, surely he'd get a few more backup contracts over the next few years. Chiefs vs Broncos tonight, should be KC going 5 and 2. Just had a quick look at the AFC divisions vs NFC divisions and the NFC looks a lot tighter. NFC West looks disgusting for those involved.
  10. What the f were those face mask calls πŸ˜‚ Shocking.
  11. He did indeed, from our first drive of the game.
  12. Going to be even more awkward when he’s wearing it at Wembley in a couple of weeks after being destroyed by Andy Dalton. πŸ‘€
  13. Another good rally but too little too late again. That FG miss.... We need to get our players healthy because the guys coming in just aren't up to it.
  14. Another painful watch for the Cowboys. Team decimated with injuries and our kicker is pure poo. Missed a FG/XP in 11 of his 22 games with us. Not good enough.
  15. Will Fuller looks like he's got a case of the old poppadom fingers this week. This Eagles comeback is annoying me.
  16. Indeed. You can lose a match up for sure but 0 catches sucked!
  17. Oh hello Mike Evans. Where were you last week you plonker.
  18. Feel sorry for Winston, he’s getting absolutely no protection. 4 sacks, 7 hits and 2 INT’s and there’s still 8 minutes of the first half left.
  19. Good job I didn't go for Ben Watson @SaintRam πŸ‘€ Glad I've pipped you to him after Baker Mayfield's shitshow since you traded him my way πŸ˜‚
  20. Too little too late. Ended up following it on Twitter, didn't want to jinx our good late play by putting it back on the TV. What a weird night. Felt a bit 'same old same old' at HT but the fightback was really good to see. If Maher could have converted the FG right before HT we would have been one score away from making those last few drives interesting. Dak 400+ yards, 3 INT's, Cooper 200+ rec yards and we didn't get going until the 3rd quarter.
  21. Got to be pounding that in with Zeek, LT and RT now decimated. Think that's me for the night, bring on the Jets. πŸ™ƒ
  22. You'll be back to the postman next week... jets in town.
  23. We seem to be pretty good in the 3rd quarter too... won't be going to bed just yet. It's unfortunately looking like it's not our night though.
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