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  1. Watched a report last night on how a number of people in EU countries are now starting to question whether being in the EU is the right thing because of the slow speed of the vaccine across these nations. Don't want to turn this into a political conversation by all means, thought it was interesting how people in the EU seem to be looking to the UK as a benchmark for how quickly we are vaccinating the vulnerable groups. For once it feels like Europe doesn't actually hate us. Granted, we've paid more per vaccine than the EU, however we seemed to have planned months before they got their procurem
  2. Edmondson looks shaky. I fear for him, he's got the grace of a tractor.
  3. Saying philosophy a billion times and the word is now stuck in my head forever.
  4. Need some advice about my next door neighbour. I've tried talking to them without any success, they're some of the rudest people I've come across. Their lack of respect and courtesy is really awful. In normal times I wouldn't be bothered, people are allowed to have fun and play their music at a weekend. I wouldn't be stuck in the house all the time and neither would they. It's frustrating for everyone. I can't get my head around why they would blast music out to the early hours though when everybody is stuck at home. If the social distancing wasnt in place, I'd ask the neighbour next to them
  5. I'm not Mel's biggest fan from a footballing point of view. Taking this out of the picture, what has happened to Mel personally is horrible. I think we've known things have been going on in the background privately. Considering he's trying to sell a club who in my view have screwed him over and wasted so much of his time, and deal with his personal problems, everyone needs to give Mel a break.
  6. Barnsley got the sprinklers out before the game tonight, them pee taking buggers! 😂
  7. The 10pm pub curfew I could never get my head around. It created a mass of gathering of people waiting for taxis/buses to go home. Maybe a better idea on a Friday and Saturday would be shutting the pubs/bars about 12 because not everyone wants to go out drinking until late. I think it would help the flow of people wanting to go home at different times. I feel shutting the watering holes at 10pm doesnt benefit anybody and causes more issues for social distancing than a few idiots getting too drunk and not following the rules.
  8. Season defining.... yeah finishing 20th 🤣
  9. Anyone else having issues with Rams TV radio? 😭
  10. The Chucklebrothers cutting the grass up by doing powerslides in their Chuckmobile.
  11. A muddy pitch makes games more fun if teams adapt to the conditions. Good crunching tackles, passing the ball harder. Felt like a proper match at the weekend.
  12. Looking at that, Jonjo Shelvey wouldnt be a bad signing tbh.
  13. I'm coming towards the end of my isolation period after contracting the virus at the back end of last week. It's the strangest illness I've personally experienced. Apart from losing my sense of smell and abit of sore throat, I feel healthy. The symptoms don't seem to be going away though and this is why I question the 10 day isolation period. My partner has had it nearly 2 weeks and she's not improving as quickly as we thought. It's definitely changed my perspective of the situation. I can understand why this has killed so many people and it angers me even more to see neighbours and other loca
  14. I don't quite get the hype of Whittaker. A good attitude however I can't see where he would fit in this team. He'll definitely improve in the future, no better than a championship striker though. He's a rabbit in the headlights most of the match.
  15. The more DCFC podcasts the merrier. Rather listen to 5/6 football podcasts than having to endure the absolute drivel on TV.
  16. Lampard weirdly has had too much choice especially in the forward areas. He's got Giroud, Werner and Abraham fighting for the same spot up front. Then he has at least 7/8 options in the attacking midfield positions. Funnily enough, he had the same problem with us. Signing players on big money who dont fit into his system. I thought he would have learnt his lesson.
  17. 17 points from 10 games 3 goals conceded in 10 games. What a turnaround this had been. Well done Wayne and the team. Their employer is letting them down and they're putting all of that aside to put in solid performances. As a supporter, I cant ask for more. COYRs!
  18. I think poor recruitment has finally caught up to us now. No matter how good our academy produces fantastic players, a team needs quality players in their prime to help them and we just dont have these, and we havent had them type of footballers for a long time. Lawrence is in the prime of his career and he hasn't been anywhere near the player we all thought he would be, similar to the likes of Wisdom and Waghorn. Thankfully if we do go down to league one, I dont think it's as bad of a scenario as people think. With Mel's change to buy/produce younger players, we've got plenty of value i
  19. Any decent pubs in Shrewsbury? Forward thinking.
  20. Everyone seemed to rave about Gadsby and co. They did rescue the club but it was all loans, they never had any actual money. They made a quick buck, didn't invest much money in the premier league and sold to the Americans. But because they were local, they get a free pass.
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