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  1. Watched the replay today. Joshua stiffer than a blue bill. Got out boxed and didn't play to this strengths which is his raw power. Hopefully he can have the big fights vs Fury at some point.
  2. On a pedestal with Murdo Mackay, Jeremy Keith and Mr Maxwell. And rightly so.
  3. Suing someone with no money in the bank. Charming.
  4. James Acaster. Think he had just started out in comedy 10 years because he's somehow managed to find a good career on all the panel shows in recent years. Thankfully he was only supporting Milton Jones. The crowd went from having great time to falling silent. It was awkward. Once he knew the crowd weren't laughing at his horrible material he resorted to picking on someone in the crowd. Dragged that out for another 10 minutes and finally cleared off. He's clearly got some comedic skills as he's done well at the fringe festival. Dreadful live though.
  5. Once he tried to compare us to forest in regards to sacking of managers, I nearly turned the interview off. The majority of his explanations were excuses. Covid did this. EFL did this. We've been hard done by. Everyone hates us. Compared us with this and that club. No accountability which is all I'm looking for as a supporter. Arrogant.
  6. This hurts more because this isn't some dodgy, secretive ownership from a foreign country putting the club into administration, it's a local man. A man who i thought had the best interests in the club at heart. We all make mistakes, this is a huge mess. We're all human. What angers me more is a local Derby man has taken zero responsibility for this mess. Zero. Blaming COVID, blaming the EFL which is a valid argument. But to not have the integrity to accept ultimate responsibility for the financial mess of the club is a disgrace. He gambled and failed. Have the guts to stand up and apologise to the supporters tomorrow or next week. Supporters who have backed this man through thick and thin. We trusted you Mel. We trusted you. And you've not had the decency to communicate clearly to the fan base, now we're left in an unknown situation where worse case scenario there will be no more Derby County. Shame on you.
  7. Feel sorry for Wycombe now as we're good as down after half a dozen games. The poor sods.
  8. Before and during the game, my focus is fully on getting behind the team. If anybody decided to protest after the game, I dont blame them. I'm upset, not enough to sharpen my pitchfork though. The only hope we have left is the fans and the players giving their all.
  9. Best go to the corner shop for another pack of lager.... horrible
  10. Curtis Davies and Bielik. Without them pair we'd have been league one fodder by now.
  11. Well done Emma, unbelievable talent. Hope John McEnroe is eating his words tonight, trying to derail a teenager's career after what he said at Wimbledon. Tosspot. And her opponent moaning about the medical time out, her shin has been cut open 🙃
  12. Biggest gripe about football strikes again. Aimlessly passing the ball around the back leading to a needless error. Unless you're a top class footballer, passing around the back for the sake of it needs to go. It's championship football. Awfulness. Shame the ref won't give us anything either.
  13. At least the trust have taken their free time to voice concerns raised by the majority of supporters. Something which I can't commit to. They're perfectly fine ask questions of the board.
  14. Hungary rolling back the years with their hooligan behaviour. Weird because I thought Budapest was a nice city and the people were friendly. Then again, I'm white.
  15. I think you need to set an example to pay your taxes on time. Other companies will duck and dive but we need to be on another level. If there's a plan in place, I wouldn't I thought we'd be in trouble unless the EFL really want to make an example of the owner.
  16. In any walk of life, whether your own a business or renting a house, the number one priority should to make sure the bills are all sorted and paid on time. As the owner of the football club, it's Mels responsibility to make sure all the parties the club deals with to be treated in a professional manner. And we've failed to do this. Regardless of personal opinions, whether you support or dislike the man, he needs to take that responsibility and be accountable for his and the directors actions. I hope the chairman is well and is in good health, this shouldn't be an excuse for a poorly managed financial situation though. I don't wish for people to be sacked, it's a difficult world as it is, the first person out the door should be Stephen Pearce. It's clear now how much of a rooster up we've made financially, it was a gamble which may well have paid off, however the gamble has massively backfired and we're not even paying the tax man on time. If this wasn't a local man in charge there'd have been protests by now. I'm certain the last ownership got more abuse for less major issues. It's difficult to be critical of an owner investing £200 million into the club. I'm thinking more of the basics of managing the finances of any real life situation. I can understand arguing about the EFL about their vendetta against us, which is now beyond a footballing matter. Not paying other clubs or HMRC is unacceptable behaviour.
  17. Trade Unions recommending more Bank Holidays. You know if they moved to the 21st Century they'd realise more and more people work on Bank Holiday Mondays. The majority of people still want everything tomorrow. Why not push for more statutory holidays to represent more of the modern day workforce? Coming from someone who works every Bank Holiday Monday 🤣🤣
  18. Derby Arena Vaccination Centre has now closed. Thank you to every volunteer, nurse, administrator etc who did an incredible job getting them thousands of people through the doors and being so quick and efficient. You've done Derby and Derbyshire so proud. Much love from a proud Derby man ❤
  19. Absolute barn burner for next week. Both teams are dross. Wishing for a coffee cup
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