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  1. who to start upfront tomorrow

    The thing is, if it's the best for the team, fine. My problem is when people seem so certain, so fanatical, in their dislike of players, that it feels as though they'd rather be proven right than Derby County be successful with their chosen scapegoat. I happen to think the qualities which made Chris Martin a top player at this level remain intact and available to us. I'm happy for that to continue.
  2. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    Assuming Vydra's fit, the only change would surely be Lawrence for one of the wide men. Presume Russell. Johnny full bore off the bench for the last 20 when defences are tiring could be a thing for us this term. I'm desperate to see a performance from Weimann. I've pretty much written him off, but if we could just get one of last years fringe players like him firing it'd be massive. A goal would do a world of good. Encouraging on Tuesday, but we need some product.
  3. Che Adams

  4. Clough and Burton

    I thought Burton did every bit as well in patches tonight as we did against Preston. Birmingham probably not as good a side. Anyroad, I was impressed given the start they've had and the budget and the injury problems. Saw it coming tonight though and had a piece at 23/10, on the strength of Nigel Clough's interview after the Hull game. He said he'd been pleased with the performance if obviously not the result. He used to get pelters for that here.
  5. George Thorne

    #prayforgeorge #andshackstooisupposemeh
  6. Sam Gallagher

    Every summer that old thing about Martin being overweight comes out. I thought he looked remarkably trim for a bloke who's naturally something of a unit.
  7. Referring only to the quality of his football. I've seen it posted on here that he's a good bloke, does a lot for charity, all that. Credit to him and his family. That's not what's at issue though, is it.
  8. You're right there. He's been miles worse than most make him out to be. In with a shout in for the worst Derby XI of the decade. He may be wonderful in training, he may have played well elsewhere, but in a Derby shirt in actual games he's been unmitigated bilge from day 1. Good luck to him, but I literally exclaimed "Yes!" when I saw the news. People dish it out to Johnny and Keogh, Chris Martin and Bradley Johnson, but this guy truly stank the place out.
  9. Sam Gallagher

    Their wage bill though...must be eye-watering.
  10. Sam Gallagher

    If he's good enough to help us, and he believes in himself, Derby must be the option. Interesting one.
  11. Reasons to be cautious 1,2,3

    I see. You're entitled to your opinion. Odd to pick that as the sole response to Sage's broad and well considered post.
  12. Reasons to be cautious 1,2,3

    I agree. Also, I think Richard Keogh is ace.
  13. Reasons to be cautious 1,2,3

    Relevance? Silly, by the way, as the whole team was godawful that game, but relevance?
  14. I can get behind it principle if it's a banger. An old 3 initials plus number, fine. What I find cringeworthy is when folks buy a plate, space the characters out oddly, have an off coloured screw cap to make a C into an E or whatever...and I still haven't got a clue what it's supposed to say. If you can't afford the real deal, don't bother.

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