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  1. My tuppeneth worth... He's a very pragmatic manager with a very clear vision as to how he wants his sides to play. His style is pretty direct and he has quite a defensive mindset. That said, when we were good we could ve very good and quite eady on the eye too, the problem being that for some fans, those days did not come often enough. Personally, without being wild about some of the football, I was one of the fans who felt that the ends justufued the means, to a point at least. Overall I think he did ok. He took us to the playoffs and was only 40 mins from a Wembley appearance and while it may have been a triumph of substance over style, that achievement ought not be knocked IMO. Much can be made of team selections and like a good few on here, I wasn't overly enamoured with the haste with which he departed but as time goes on it bothers me less than it fif at the time. It's fair to say he fot quite a lot of flak and I now accept that this may have played into his wanting to remove himself and his family from an increasingly toxic atmosphere. There are probably better managers our there but there are certainly many worse ones too and it wouldn't surprise me to see Wednesday challenging for the top 6 this season. Personally, I'd rather you didn't, but that's just me!
  2. Living in Newcastle, being Geordies, foggy weather conditions? They'll definitely think of something.
  3. I've been taken to task for referring to a pal as a blouse or saying something is gay. I'm not being intentionally bigoted but I concede that I really ought to know better. Is it fair or warranted? Maybe, maybe not but it's never once made me think I should continue to use the offending terms or use them more often. That'd just be downright childish. Folk from all sorts of causes can overstep the mark. We see it all the time. But just because some folk want to be dicks about things doesn't necessarily mean the point they are making is invalid, only that perhaps they could be making it in a more educational manner or at least in a way that's less confrontational.
  4. TBF at the time of buying Johnson and Buterfield, most on here were more than happy. It's only after the event when folk started on about us having wasted millions. The extended contracts were weird but not what I was referring to.
  5. Blimey. Might open a stall outside the ground offering winegum suppositories. Do a roaring trade I reckon.
  6. Poor old Mel really can't win can he? If our targets are made public we are accused of naivety and paying over the odds. If we keep our own counsel and try to do things professionally only buying at the right price and players we know will improve the squad, then folk get upset because we seem inactive or skint! The one loan signing made thus far looks spot on to me and we'd only need a couple more permanents or further loans to look seriously strong on paper. I think folk should remain calm as over two weeks remain and Cocu will know much more after the next couple of friendlies.
  7. I'm not leaping to his defence, what I tried and obviously failed to convey was that his opinions are effectively irrelevant IMO, which is quite different. I respect your opinion too but it saddens me to read that you would allow your opinion of Bellerin to colour your assessment of more important issues. I'm surprsied that you woud admit as much but I respect the fact that you are honest enough to admit as much. I fear I'm rather labouring the point now so I shall leave this for others to discuss now.
  8. Or maybe the manager just wants to have a good look at what he's already got before leaping lemming like into the transfer market abyss? Revolutionary I know, but a stance not entirely without merit.
  9. This thread gets more surreal by the minute
  10. Really? You wrote: 'Hector Bellenderin will tweet something insufferably woke' Insufferable huh! Sounds pretty put upon to me. McLovin followed up with: I think most people are just fed up , like Anon said, about Bellerin thinking he’s “woke” And why refer to him as Mr Bellerin when you've already called him a 'sanctimonious git' and a *******? What are you trying to prove there? Fact is, we can argue about syntax all day if you like, but I don't think many will be in much doubt really, do you? And before you start harping on about me being offended by your views on Bellerin, I've never read any of his stuff and have no opinion on the guy, good or bad, so your views on him don't matter to me one iota. Maybe if you re-read the post youi'll understand that the point I made was not whether or not you should like 'Mr Bellerin' but something else altogether. Never mind eh!
  11. If Hector Bellerin's tweets are a little 'too woke' for your taste then the simple and obvious solution for those who feel put upon is to stay off his feeds! One suspects the issues facing gay footballers and members of the LGBTQ community in general might just be a tad more challenging than simply deciding whose Twitter accounts to view or not. Whether Bellerin is sincere or not does not diminish the message conveyed, unless of course, you choose to let it do so.
  12. Had a peep at some of the responses to this on the Owls forum. Came across this absolute pearler..... Hirstys Salopettes: Compromise you say ... you fat red faced bent nosed geordie lady bit 🤣🤣🤣
  13. What's a 'few' extra million between pals eh! 🤣
  14. So Hilary Clinton moved too far to the left? And it was therefore the fault of the left that Trump won first the Republican nomination and ultimately the presidency? Couldn't agree less I'm afraid. Enjoy your time out.
  15. Never played FM so just out of curiosity, how long does a season take to play out on FM?
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