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  1. I'd go one step further and say if the government feels it necessary to kick quadriplegics off benefits then perhaps HS2 needs scrapping altogether.
  2. 10 folk ranked us 6/10 against Boro! Tough crowd! Gumps 1 Derby 2 FRGS Super Chrissie Martin
  3. Then why not just say, 'I don't think people should be given a second chance' and be done with it, because that's effectively what you are saying. I still don't get why other folks' timetable for forgiveness matters to you to be quite honest. This is a football forum and as I've already said, questioning people's character because they don't appear to to meet your rather exacting moral standards is a fair old stretch IMO.
  4. Who is writing it off FFS? Proper straw man mate. You're just making poo up in your head I'm afraid.
  5. Agree completely. I think Eddie values his kicking game but as you've pointed out, that searing pace of his seems to have vanished so the huge attacking threat he once brought has mysteriously vanished. I suspect too much gym work might be the issue. Nowell on the wing and Watson at fullback for me, though that option was unfortunately removed with Jack having struggled with a series of injuries in recent times.
  6. I understand perfectly thanks. Clearly you do not, so allow me to clarify; how I do or don't feel about Lawrence has absolutely nothing to do with you. By all means, speak for yourself, but don't cross the line and start trying to act as my moral compass. When you try and set yourself above others the way you have by inferring they should feel the same way you do, it really doesn't go down well. That's all there is to it I'm afraid.
  7. When you say 'we' who are you referring to? Last time I checked I didn't require a moral arbiter. I'm quite happy to forgive and forget if Tom continues to go about his work with the relish and commitment he is currently showing. He's looked a changed man in recent games and I'm not sure what else you expect. Sackcloth and ashes perhaps? 🤷‍♀️
  8. I was agreeing with you buddy I just didn't phrase it very well 😂
  9. Think you've answered your own question right there buddy. After an absence, it always seems to take players a few games at least to hit peak form again and confidence only returns through match practice. I suppose it's fair comment to say he improved as the game went on, but it's great to have him back to something like his best nonetheless. As for him getting poached, I think it's inevitable unless we get promoted this season or next at very latest. If anyone comes asking though, they'll need to be bringing £20 to £30 million with them as I hope the days of us unloading top talent for buttons are well and truly over. As of this summer, our finances and FFP status will be really healthy again for the first time in yonks. No need to flog off players as such, so any potential suitors should expect to pay top dollar if they expect us to let him go. Hughes has proven what we all knew, that is that he could easily cut it in the top division. Bogle however, would make it in any side outside the top t3 or four given time and that needs to be factored into any sale price we agree. He's only just turned 19 and his best days are very much in front of him. COYR
  10. Not to mention young Bogle who is now looking match fit again. I actually felt sorry for their FB. Jayden had him on toast the whole game. Loved it when towards the end of the game, he literally passed it one side of the FB then ran round the other to collect his own pass. Ouch! 🤣 If Chris keeps playing the way he is, Cocu ain't gonna be going anywhere and there's no way Cocu will unload Martin while he's playing the way he is. We're different gravy with a fit and firing Chris Martin in the side. Duh! Tammy Abrahams is available mate!!! For £75 million 🤷‍♀️
  11. That in particular annoyed the piss out of me. Je did the same midway through the seonf half when he finally pinged SA for going offside. A certain try called back for a penalty? I mean, really? We had at least 2 or 3 men over there and a converted try gives us the lead and a different game. An absolutely awful day's work from Garces. Shocking. As @LeedsCityRam has already pointed out though, if we'd shown our real form, all of this would still have been safely negotiated. I never want to see Youngs in an England shirt again. Imagine us with the likes of Aaron Smith, de Klerk, Genia or Murray sipping passes off the back and sniping. We'd really be a handful. Heyho! I'll get over it!
  12. Still sulking. We didn't turn up really but intentionally or otherwise, the officials had an absolute mare. I counted at least a dozen infringements at the breakdown that Skeen, Poite and Garces apparently did not. Half of them right under Garces' nose. We know he understands how to ref the breakdown as he didn't miss a trick when Pocock and Hooper were trying it on. It rather leaves a bitter taste after what was a brilliant tournament. The rule book went out the window today it seems to the point that if you're English and the ball goes forward off your thighs, this is now deemed a knock on. The opposition can also shut off the ball, use their hands when they are off their feet, not release, not roll away, enter rucks and mauls from the side, all without any fear of getting pinged. As Dallagio said after the period of English pressure around 10 minutes into the game, Garces could have binned half a dozen players, so many infringements were there over the 25 phases and I'm not even counting players who were stood offside or even directly between our 9 and 10. When Farrell politely enquired of Garces why he'd not even issued a warning, let alone a yellow or two, Garces screeched, 'one penalty, I saw only one penalty'. I knew then we were done and I think the lads did too. Losing Sinckler so early in the game also really hurt us. I've all sorts of respect for Dan Cole who in his prime, was as good a tighthead as anyone in the game, but he was rightly set aside tears back now so quite how he ended up as first replacement in a RWC campaign is beyond me. To be fair to Eddie Jones though, this was not his fault. We showed how we can play against the Kiwis but today we were like rabbits in the headlights. My last whinge concerns Ben Youngs. Matt Dawson wrote in his BBC column that he fancied Youngs to boss de Klerk! Great player that Matt was, he needs to stop bigging up his mates as it just makes him look stupid. Youngs can only really zip a ball off one hand and even then he always puts in a stride or two before he does so. His passing was absolutely atrocious today with twoone of his efforts thrown into touch and another missing Watson by about 5 yards! All game long, when we did have the ball and tried to go wide, he was so worried about getting smashed by the SA back row that he hardly once gave his 10 or centres a ball to run onto instead standing them up static for the SA back row to demolish. It was like watching a car crash in slow-mo. Grrrr. Heyho, fair play to the Saffas. I can't say I'd want our lads to play that way as it's basically anti-rugby but having been robbed against the Kiwis 4 years back, I suppose it's swings and roundabouts. There's a Lions tour to SA in 2021 which I'm going to take my lad to, so we can exact our revenge on them in their own backyard. Despite 4 of my 5 wagers going south today, I have the small mercy that I've banked nearly 8 grand across the tournament so the cost of the trip is already covered. Right now though, I'd gladly give it all back if we could play that game again. Anyway, sorry for the long waffle chaps. Another bottle of wine now required to drown my sorrows, I think! COE
  13. He did indeed but the Kiwis are a very different side to the Bokke. Their forwards are no shrinking violets for sure but the kiwi game is all about quick ball, moving the ball through hands at pace and making their offloads. They are not a smash it up the middle kind of side whereas the Saffas most definitely are. If you watched the Wales - SA game you'll know what I'm referring to. As for the inside channels, it's not pace I'm worried about. It's monsters like Etzebeth, De Jager, Kolisi Du Toit, and Vermeulen. They will definitely target Ford as you'd sooner take the ball into contact with him than Farrell or Manu. Outside the inside channels they do have pace too. Kolbe is pretty swift and has the best sidestep in rugby and Mapimpi is pretty rapid. How much they'll see of the ball is up for debate, though with Kolbe in the side I do expect them to go wide more often than they did against Wales. All of this notwithstanding, I'm really pleased to see Ford in the side. For me he's been our outstanding player thus far and it's a sign of confidence that Eddie has put him in. WIth no further games to play it's a risk worth taking and I'm strangely confident of an England win though still wary of the Saffa's physicality.
  14. Come on @Curtains my man, stop stressing! There's loads of staunch Derby fans like your good self as evidenced by our gates and every club has its fair share of whiny bar stewards anyway. There's very few on here who seem to truly revel in the bad news and drama anyway. I think folk are just a bit weary of it all right now as it's been tough to take since 13/14 even for a happyclapping twit like me. We do seem to have developed a habit of shooting ourselves in the foot in recent years and we've also had some dire luck with injuries and the like. Mostly folk are just expressing opinions anyway and the others are quite easy to ignore. The twatter mob aside, Derby fans are a decent lot, I just think the drink-drive bolarks has upset a lot of people and that's understandable really. The lads owe us a bit of good cheer right now and hopefully we can string a few games together and move on. As for the most hated club, we're not even close to Leeds on that score and never will be.
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