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  1. Pan's Labyrinth a particular old favourite of mine. It's as wonderfully crafted a film as you could wish to see. I'd recommend it to anyone to be honest.
  2. Desperate inadequates garnering likes from their even more inconsequential band of 'followers'. It's a modern disease and unfortunately, it'll only get worse. The way some folk use social media is partly the reason we can't have nice things.
  3. Some hilarious comments on the game tonight. Some folk just really can't help themselves it seems. Suggesting that the players don't care, aren't up for it, all that bullpoo... We are down to pretty much our U23 team now and through one of the most inept reffing displays I've ever seen, we've even lost one of them now. West Brom are also a very good side, full of seasoned and settled pros, some of who are easily premiership quality. They deserved to win no doubt, but surely it's a measure of the progress we've made recently that we even thought we could get something from this game with
  4. Don't cry petal. Appreciate it was another 'dominant' performance from your lot but you can't win them all 1-0 😂
  5. By the same token, I think most others, myself included, will be able to live with the fact that you don't share their glee at nicking a point against Forest in the 97th minute when it looked certain we would lose. Different folks...
  6. Think this kinda sums up my mood right now quite nicely 😂
  7. You lot need to relax. I'm not remotely nervous. Not even a tiny bit... DISCLAIMER - Poster may have been on the ale since 7.45 this morning
  8. If you call reversing the downward spiral, mitigating the loss of 5 key players, architecting a playing style that is great to watch and hard to play against, unifying the club, developing the younger talent into genuine premiership quality prospects, improving the technique of most of the older players and putting a smile back on the face of some weary fans, 'not achieving anything' then I'm afraid you probably need to re-calibrate your expectations meter. While it's fair and true to say 'he's won nothing yet', you really do have to be pretty one-eyed to suggest he's 'achieved nothing' 🙄
  9. Was never in doubt for me as our grumpy young chum @Andiciswill confirm. At one point, I felt like his therapist 😛 In all seriousness, it always seemed clear to me what he was trying to do. The only question in my mind was whether the players would buy into it as, momentarily, I had doubts on that score. Once they did, the improvement was clear to see and now we see a clear and defined style shaped very much in the manager's own image. At times, it's absolutely joyous to behold. In the midst of the Cocu love-in and at risk of being repetitive, let's not forget Chris and Twan. They are the
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