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  1. Maybe Steve Gibson might go for him?
  2. Interesting one this. WIll want to play games so a big club and their bench most often may not appeal as much as a 2nd tier club with potential to step up. Did really well by all acounts at a Div 1 outfit so can handle a rough and tumble leadue and shone at international level at the U21s Euros. Critically, he was relatively cheaply bought by Arsenal who are apparently looking to recoup their outlay so he might be affordable too compared to some outlandish fees being bandied about for young English defenders. Hard to be definitve but worth close consideration all the same.
  3. Yep. Another season over before a ball is kicked in anger. 🙄
  4. No debate for me and no ned to rate him against other past loans either. Would he improve the current squad and can he win us games? I think we all know the answers to both those questions. The only doubt for me is whether or not Liverpool might prefer him to play in the Prem this year assuming there's a club who fancy him and can guarantee a fair few starts.
  5. Dunno why folk are worried. There's been no transfer info since Rush left the club and I'd rather that than the type of approach we saw from Chelsea for Lampard. Discreet, efficient and calculated the preferred way forward.
  6. @NorfolkRam Get in there son! Just checked and you won the vote!! 👍You were a fair way back when I voted so that's a comeback even mightier than us at Norwich last season. Huge big up to the DCFC Fans crew who have clearly been smashing in the votes. Absolutely made up for you mate. Next step USA. Hope all goes well for Harper and you guys. Keep us informed mate as it'd be lovely to hear things worked out.
  7. Done bud. All the best to you and the lovely Harper.
  8. Hi all, what is, I hope, a final bump on this thread! The old boy has finally been give the all-clear. His PSA readings have dropped from 29 to 2.7 over the course of his radiotherapy sessions so it's pretty much the best result we could have hoped for. He'll have to undergo checks for a few years yet and will continue hormone treatments until they get his PSA down to comfortably below the 2.0 mark, but the side efffects from radiotherapy are already receding and he's in great spirits and already back on the golf course! A massive, massive thank you to you lot for all the positive posts and support given. I have really struggled at times with the whole thing and as such, the kindness shown to me was a big help and greatly appreciated. There are a few topics on here dealing with uncomfortable subjects and they clearly illustrate what a wonderful core of folk there is at the heart of this forum. It's something I won't forget.
  9. Harsh mate. he man's the absolute zen master of the 5 yard lateral pass 🤣
  10. Done mate - good luck with the thesis
  11. And one can hardly assess the damage done until any appeals are dealt with anyway, not that such small matters as any defendants going free are part of his devotees' thought processes. I doubt any real material damage has been done in all truth but more by luck than judgement. EVen more hilariously, they've now taken to pretesting outside Bellmarsh as if a 100 50 year old beer guzzlers trying (and failing) to chant in time is going to force the prison service's hand. They even said a prayer for him which was a nice if somewhat surreal touch what with Tommeh being such a devout and god-fearing Christian sort of fella!
  12. Tommeh's quite big on attempting chemistry by all accounts. Some very well funded research too!
  13. I actually like the fact that we're not getting much infor prior to transfers. It's the way we should do business and defintely the new trend since Rush was shown the door. Folk will point ot the Marriott deal and say there was plent of noice around that deal but I'd counter that it all came from Peteboro's atte ntion-freak, gobshite owner rather than from the club itself. Stay calm, relax and enjoy the weather, take a holiday, go on a road trip, our business will be concluded soon and I'll wager there will be a nice surprise or two to get us buzzing for the new season. COYR
  14. Some really lame attempts at disinformation regarding Yaxley-Lennon's contempt of court charges, so let's examine a few facts, shall we? At the time of his livestream, Yaxley-Lennon was already under a suspended sentence for a contempt charge relating to a rape trial in Canterbury. He has freely admitted that he knew reporting bans were in place at the time of his livestream and repeats this in the livestrream itself Yaxley-Lennon confronted several defendants entering court and filmed them in direct contravention of the ban he knew to be in place - sentencing had not taken place and in so much this was another clear breach of the Contempt of Court Act and the specific reporting restrictions put in place for the three trials in question Yaxley-Lennon also incited viewers to harass the defendants: “Harass him, find him, go knock on his door, follow him, see where he works, see what he’s doing” All this prior to guilty verdicts being handed down and again in breach of reporting and contempt of court rulings for any case, not just the cases in question On the basis of the above and the many inconsistencies contained in the evidence provided by Yaxley-Lennon during his trial, the judges quite rightly handed down a guilty verdict concluding that, “The rule of law demands that those who act in such a way as to subvert due process should be held to account, whether or not they actually threaten the fairness of the end result,” Given the above facts and the fact that Yaxley-Lennon was already carrying a suspended sentence for the same offence, a custodial sentence was not only fair and appropriate, but also inevitable. Given the maximum sentence is 2 years for this offence, I'd venture that Yaxley-Lennon was rather lucky to escape with a sentence that means that in all likelihood, he will only serve around 9 weeks. By all means witter on about state controlled media and infer that those who agree with the sentence are too simple to understand the case or are being wilfully hoodwinked by a media intent on precipitating Yaxley-Lennon's downfall, but please do not bandy about crass comments about the irony of this stance when the real irony in play here is that which surrounds the defendants right to appeal as a direct result of Yaxley-Lennon's actions, appeals which may well result in some or all of the scumbags jailed walking free. If they do, I think the rest of us will know exactly who we should be looking at should even one more child fall prey to these animals.
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