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  1. Had a peep at some of the responses to this on the Owls forum. Came across this absolute pearler..... Hirstys Salopettes: Compromise you say ... you fat red faced bent nosed geordie lady bit 🤣🤣🤣
  2. What's a 'few' extra million between pals eh! 🤣
  3. So Hilary Clinton moved too far to the left? And it was therefore the fault of the left that Trump won first the Republican nomination and ultimately the presidency? Couldn't agree less I'm afraid. Enjoy your time out.
  4. Never played FM so just out of curiosity, how long does a season take to play out on FM?
  5. Always found it confusing that a man who is known to love a shower is so hopelessly unable to operate an umbrella.
  6. Been watching this for about half an hour now. It's the Gif that keeps on giving...
  7. Things might be about to get even tougher for Frank. Transfer bans, Hazard nicking off to Real and now Kante crocked. It's not thought to be too serious at this point but they want him fit and firing for the start of the season which may not be feasible. Chelsea boss Frank Lampard handed major N'Golo Kante injury blow ahead of new season NEW Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has been with a major blow after midfielder N’Golo Kante suffered a setback in his recovery from his knee injury. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1155984/Chelsea-Frank-Lampard-N-Golo-Kante-injury-blow-Japan-tour-Premier-League
  8. Isn't it funny how those who claim to have no interest whatsoever in other folk's sexual orientation and how they are treated, often seem to be the ones posting the most on any related threads! It was always quite evident in the old Pub threads too. I suppose to keep them happy we should acknoledge that paunchy, bald, old white chaps need protection too as they can often be subject to the worst kind of bigotry. Many are too fearful to even leave their houses lest the hetero-bashers get hold of them. I for one am sick of reading about middle-aged accountants who have been beaten senseless, just becuase they are straight and good at sums. It boils my blood tbh. Once we have these poor chaps sorted, then we can worry about these pesky minorities with their never-ending demands for equality.
  9. I really like all 3 of them. Eloquent, thoughtful and considered with a unified message and a manner that really breeds confidence. The CVDW interview is very good too. He's more akin to Twan than PC, who is the most thoughtful and reserved of the three, but they seem a tight unit and feel like a breath of fresh air at this point. Long may it last! Oi you! Leave off our Cocu. He's the Dutch professor, a perfectionist and probably super meticulous but he's also the manager and will probably not try to be one of the boys the way Frank did. We certainly won't get the Gary / Frank soundbites and I doubt we'll see him starting the bounce anytime soon but give him a year and we'll be a different team to recent times, of that I feel quite ceertain. Besides, I think as he relaxes over time, we might see a bit more of that dry humour the Dutch are well known for. Much as I loved having Frank at the club, a more business like and reserved atmosphere is fine with me as I'll not miss last season's media circus one iota.
  10. Because he thinks you're having a dig at Bale rather than simply saying the Real fans didn't like him. I think literally everyone else got the point you were making FWIW 😂
  11. Been a staunch supporter of Tom and have never really doubted his talent but you feel this is the season where he needs to really try and kick on. He ended last season in really good form, despite having a very difficult time of things off the pitch, so if he can pick up where he left off that'd be grand. Happily, it seems that PC has quickly worked out he's bext played though the middle, so I'm more than hopeful Tom can do a few teams some serious damage this season.
  12. George Evans for me. Written off far too early by a good few but has all the scope in the world and could have a special season. I'd love to see another of our young'uns prosper too after Jayden's meteoric rise last season. Bird and Knight have already looked more than up to first team duty but could Tyree Wilson or Louis Sibley be bolters to get our hearts racing?
  13. Didn't say Frank hates them I said I didn't think he'd let Tomori go to Leeds over us. Go back and read the posts!
  14. After some questionable early calls, I'd say Mel has really got to grips with the task at hand and is doing a fantastic job. He's clearly a true fan first and foremost and I feel grateful to have him at the helm. I like and buy into his vision fot the club and feel confident he will bring us great success in time. Is he the best? Who knows. I wouldn't swap him for anyone right now that's for sure.
  15. Sensationalist, hyperbolic garbage. Of course Benjamin would target these women with one of his ill-informed rants and the fact that the 4 people he seeks to target are all women of colour of course has no bearing on the direction in which his little diatribe hastens. WIthin 20 seconds he has completely character-assassinated all four of them labelling them an 'ascendant, radical left wing movement' before he even presents any evidence or substance to back his claim, not that anyone would expect more of this basement dweller. Other terms such as 'unashamedly socialist' are then bandied about because we should all be ashamed that we want a fairer siciety, one where education and and healthcare are free and big pharma are not allowed to bankrupt anyone unfortunate enough to have diabetes and not the 3 grand a month it costs to pay for insulin in the US. Really, how do you expect anyone to react to his bigoted and misogynistic, alt-right nonsense? The fact that you pre-empt negative responses tell all that you know exactly how this 'man's' spiel will be received. Perhaps you simply crave attention like Benjamin or do you really buy in to this hopeless inadequae's dogma? Maybe you're just a shill, you rarely post anywhere else in the forum, so perhaps you are just an agitator seeking a reaction? Suffice to say, after the first half dozen lies from Benjamin's smarmy yap I had to stop listening as it was making me feel quite queasy. I suppose we should be grateful that he doesn't offer an opinion on whether or not he would like to rape any of them, least not in the segment I could stomach. Perhaps that is progress of sorts but like so many of the YouTube excerpts you have posted, it's just so poorly thought out and really just a mealy-mouthed regurgitation of other inadequate, alt-right incel types who are frankly, a dime a dozen these days. Perhaps you might be better placed to discuss AOC if you listened to some of the commentaries she has made in congress rather than relying on a rape fantasist for an 'informed world-view'.
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