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  1. It's a term frequently used in a pejorative sense to describe anyone who cares about anything other than themselves and is used most often by those who care about nothing but themselves. Note - see also 'SJWs' and 'virtue signallers'...
  2. You were flying until you mentioned Ray Donovan 😜
  3. Yeah, she looks like she's exploding out of hers.
  4. Under Mel, the academy and its facilities have improved no end. We've gone from Cat 2 to Cat 1, invested heavily in securing young, talented players. We've won the U18's league and secured European football in the process. Our U23's are challenging this season. This is not a fluke or the result of some strange stellar alignment. This is the product of significant investment, top quality facilities and some of the best youth coaches around. This is the result of a considered strategy. Mel's plan. We've already seen Bogle and Lowe progress to the first team. This season alone we have 4 new kids getting game time with a clutch of other lads looking equally likely to make the step up over the next year or two. Archie Brown, Festy Ebosele, Jack Stretton, Tyree Wilson, Jordan Brown and Trialist all spring to mind as serious prospects. Doubtless there are others I've overlooked. If you need to bitch about Mel, as is your prerogative, then the academy is the last place to go scratching round for ammo. This is the one area where far from mistakes being made, Mel has worked wonders and trying to pretend otherwise just makes folk look petty, disingenuous and a tad desperate.
  5. Yep, with just the likes of Matip, Salah, Lovren, Fabinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Firmino and Origi involved they were far less likely to get a result than our line-up on Friday. Jeez!
  6. Yeah, because nobody was expecting them to win that game with a weakened side, were they? What's good for the goose...
  7. So the best team in the world drew with Shrewsbury and by their standards that's an acceptable performance in your opinion, but our lot drawing with Northampton isn't. Well that seems perfectly reasonable! Let's be honest here, if we'd drawn with Shrewsbury half the forum would be losing their poo just the same way they have over the Northampton performance.
  8. Congratulations. Only half a dozen posts and you made my ignore list already. That's a record I doubt anyone will ever match.
  9. Well you kept that quiet. Can you play at CB and do you still have boots?
  10. Loving the fact that some Crazy bloke has 3 times as many points as me. Splendid 😑
  11. Yeah. Should have had a few years at Mickleover or Matlock before taking over Derby. Makes perfect sense.
  12. Yeh. Bet his life's poo compared to yours 😜
  13. Depends though mate. People can fall out over silly stuff and then time passes and it becomes harder and harder to find a way back to one another. In those cases the void can be like a cancer growing inside you. Parents do make mistakes, least I know mine did and I know I have too. Question is are said mistakes forgivable? Obviously some parents are just awful so I get that it's not a one-size-fits-all thing but where that's not the case, I'd err towards forgiveness. Me and my old boy had proper physical tear-ups back in the day because of stuff I'd been told that turned out to be almost completely untrue. Stubborn old sod just told me to respect him rather than point out my old dear had told a bunch of lies. Didn't exactly go down well with me and on things went in their shouty, often violent way. My sis eventually put me straight, I reached out and over time came a see a very different man to the one I'd fashioned in my mind. Love him to bits now. He's been like a rock for me through some awful stuff and I've tried to return the favour more recently, as he's had his own fair share of troubles. Every story is different though, I get that, but I think folk need to understand whether even for selfish reasons, being the one to mend things is the lesser of two evils. We only get one shot at this after all.
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