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  1. I was actually joking though it obviously wasn't terribly funny. The joke being that if as journalists, they don't fulfil the basic requirement of being informative, then they are effectively a total waste of feckin space. I'll take time out to type that next time rather than posting my usual half-arsed glib(ism) 😉
  2. I think prior to Covid-19 there were around 43,000 unfilled posts within the NHS, despite well over 100,000 foreign nationals helping to plug the gaps. After the virus subsides, there'll doubtless be rather more. I think the meagre wages our NHS staff are paid, the grim working conditions and lack of basic PPE during the Covid-19 outbreak, have all been under sharp focus in what are admittedly unusual circumstances but unusual or not, this focus will not elicit a surge in fresh applications. It would seem that currently, Priti Patel is unwilling to do anything to address this. As things stand, foreign nationals working within the NHS will be kept around long enough to see us through the first wave of the virus before being unceremoniously ushered out of the country, with a pithy 'thank you for your service' ringing hollow in their ears. The 12 month extension for those whose visas expire before October is horribly divisive as those workers whose visas expire in November or later will presumably then be expected to get off lively having served their purpose. A greater disincentive is hard to imagine and hardly speaks to a scenario whereby lessons have been learned. At risk of being 'political' on the politics thread, if the Tories are genuinely seeking cross-party collaboration in order to help beat this virus, then they should take the rough with the smooth and cede to the will of other parties and, I believe, the nation as a whole and extend visas indefinitely for any foreign national who has risked their life and those of their own families, in order to keep us Brits safe. Why? Because they've bloody well earned it and in spades IMO. Anything less would simply heap shame on the UK and rightly so, as well as leaving the NHS even further stretched beyond capacity should Covid-19 return in a second or third wave.
  3. So you're basically saying Peston and Kuenssberg are a pair of useless, gobshite Bamfords?
  4. The lockdowns will be drastically reducing flu deaths too I'd have thought. It's not just the transmission of Covid that will be down due to self-isolation measures. Trying to draw conclusions about the virility of Covid from overall death rates right now serves very little purpose, especially given we remain some weeks away from the worst of it, or so we're told.
  5. Same as. Can't stand the man really but the absolute melts wishing him ill on social networks are utterly repugnant. Hopefully he makes a full recovery and soon. The country needs a lift right now and hopefully Johnson's recovery can provide that.
  6. Got a moby number for Jayden's accountant. Maybe he can do my next tax return.
  7. Anyone got any thoughts on why Trump and Navarro are so busy hyping the restorative qualities of hydroxychloroquine when their combined pharma / medical expertise amounts to Navarro having a PhD... in economics? Ignore the fact that Trump already bought 27 millions additional doses though, because that clearly would not colour any advice given. Also, anyone else find it weird that they roll out Dr Anthony Fauci for these briefings, a guy who happens to be the leading infectious diseases expert in the US and has been the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, then muzzle him tighter than a fox in a hen house?
  8. Can I see a picture first? You know, swipe right and all that jazz 😉
  9. I miss lambchop. She was funny, even if she was a Brexiter.
  10. Least he'd not be constantly dropping the ball...
  11. Well you can grab her Windows PC now. Result!
  12. You mad bro? Credit in the bank. Save it for your next rooster up, you might need it! 😂
  13. Most are equipped with SSDs these days buddy - solid state drives. They offer huge speed advantages and lower failure rates as they have no moving parts. Use less electricity too. There are some absolute bargains to be had in the refurbished market these days if you must have the 1TB HDD option. Check eBay - I've seen 1TB Probooks with 8GB RAM and i7 processors (loads of grunt!) and all for around £250 - £350. That's stupidly cheap considering what they cost new and unlike a lot of other notebooks. Mac owners tend to look after their kit so cosmetic damage will be minimal. Good for your wallet and the environment - they go to waste otherwise but could run for years no bother if re-bought.
  14. Can't speak of him as a player really but he does seem to be held in very high regard and he's very likeable. Softly spoken and considered, he always comes across as a proper English gentleman which I kinda like.
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