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  1. Chin up B4. We'll be back next season with a stronger side. By and large, you and the team have done us proud this year. No reason to feel sorry mate 👍
  2. Franks actual words post-game: "I haven't had any discussions with any other clubs," said Lampard. "I'll be having talks with Mel on how we can compete next year. "The talks are important in terms of where we go. I want to move forward." He added that the Chelsea "noise was irrelevant" and that he had "loved working here and I want to continue that and continue progressing with the club". Does it really sound like he's wanting to leave?
  3. A pretty even game but on the balance of the season, a fair outcome. Desperately disappointed but thinking back just a few weeks, promotion for Derby would have been a minor miracle. Best of luck.
  4. Result sucks and it'll sting a while but I too am massively proud of the lads and the club in general. Glad I'm not alone.
  5. None of ours are lone strikers. We don't have a target man in the squad. I think Frank was looking to soften up Mingus and co before unleashing Waggers and Jack. Had we not conceded two daft goals it might have worked too. If I had to second guess Lamps I'd argue we might have played the diamond from the start but I honestly don't think he got a lot wrong. Were it not for Roos it'd have gone to extra time. We have no divine right to beat Villa in any case. They are a strong side for the division. We just weren't quite as clinical as we have been of late whereas Villa, albeit fortuitously, were.
  6. Think I went with the 'you're deluded' thing, or at least you did. My point was that because someone has a differing opinion doesn't necessarily make them deluded. Will I need to explain it again or have you got it now?
  7. Oh here we go with the you don't agree so you're deluded BS. Shrivel up mate, you're chatting ****. As I recall we started with Mason against Leeds did we not. Never mind, another armchair punter who knows more than Lamps.
  8. Care to quote some? I don't recall any. I do recall a lot of us saying Ashley was a decent replacement but not a single post after his red card saying that Coke was the preference.
  9. @rammieib predicts we'll lose when we're 2-0 down then quotes himself doing it. The reason you got the angry face was because you've no faith and only turn up when we're losing. Utterly pathetic.
  10. You've been predicting doom and gloom all season you utter buffoon. Even a broken clock is right twice a day you faithless fool.
  11. Frank got it right. Save Jack and Waggy for final 30 to cause havoc against tired legs. It wasn't the team selection that cost us it was two soft goals. A young team that have played their hearts out these last few weeks but in the end they've come up short. Criticise all you like but I'm as proud of this season as any in recent memory. COYR
  12. We lost today because Roos had a brainfart and out midfield were overawed. Some of the comments on here make me embarrassed to be a Derby fan. Utterly pathetic. Man the duck up, wipe your mouths and show some duckin pride. We go again next year.
  13. Not last night fella but the mood she's in I'll be on my knees for weeks now 🤣
  14. Loves Frank maybe, but he seems pretty taken with Mel too. Quite rightly too if you ask me.
  15. Tried to go to bed early. Complete waste of time. Got up as driving GF nuts. Not a tough brief tbh. 'I don't see what all the fuss is about' she keeps bleating, 'it's only a game of football'. Sadly, no beer in the house. No liquor either. Been trying to keep it real in the run up to the game. Might just make a start on her two bottles of white wine though. When she finds I've drunk them and starts whining I'll just tell her I don't see what all the fuss is about as it was only Pino ducking Grigio! COYR
  16. Sincere condolences @DcfcJB and you too @ossieram Hope you and yours are holding up as best you can and that the boys give you some cheer tomorrow.
  17. Oh duck, I'm off again!
  18. www.hot-russian-women.com is the place to look.... according to my mate at least *cough Where's Lindsay Lohan on the list?
  19. The possibilities for new and inventive chants are endless so it's a definite 'yes' from me. Now, what rhymes with Sluga....
  20. Fair do's mate. Have a great day. Hope the lads do you and the rest of us proud 👍
  21. Can you change it to @IUsedToBeAMiserableTwatButImAlrightNow please? *Not forgotten Keogh tattoo and Wembley streak claims either yoof! You will be held accountable!!!
  22. Sorry bud, think I accidentally quoted you not Frogg. Edited now. And yes, that amount of OCD on a plate makes me twitchy 🤣
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