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  1. OK, our defence was properly Keystone Cops at times but we've been absolutely robbed today. The worst refereeing performance I've seen in yonks. Shocking. Heyho. We wipe our mouths and go again. A win would have been superb today but there'll be further twists and turns to follow. Let's hope Fikayo is not injured though. Losing him and Holmes could be terminal.
  2. Ref is Brum's 12th man here. He's let them get away with murder today.
  3. Ah **** it, I'm going to say it anyway. The officials are dogshizzle
  4. Can we say the officials have been absolute dogshizzle without anyone taking offence?
  5. Rams fans be like.... KEOGH OUT Keogh, always said he was a good player
  6. Civil engineering is a racket in this country. A year to build a footbridge! And what's the betting it ends up taking 18 months and costs 200% of the forecast budget?
  7. Fantasising might be labouring the point somewhat 🤣 More Wilde's bag than mine.
  8. FWIW Excellent - Mount, Tomori Nearly Excellent - Holmes, Wilson Good - Marriott, Waghorn, Fair - Cole, Malone Disappointing - FloJo, Evans Inspired Promotion From Youth - Bogle I think a good few of the above can show better form in the future too so not a B + rating from me. I still think that George Evans can show he is far better than we've seen too. As a side note, I've mentioned before that my lad is still in touch with a couple of the Chelski youth team players and Derby are apparently to be offered first dibs on any Chelsea loans (outside the prem assuming we don't secure promotion) as they are delighted with the way Mount and especially Tomori have been handled in their time at the club which bodes well for next season. Frank was obviously favoured to a large degree in any case but he's more than cemented that relationship this season which has to be a big positive. Back on thread, I'd think Powell is something of a longshot but would be a great signing for sure if Lamps can charm him into joining us.
  9. I'd settle for a super-scrappy 1-0 with Keogh slapping in the winner in off the end of his todger if it gets us 3 points
  10. Our midfield. To be or not to be, that is the congestion.
  11. A nice soothing round of the most infuriating game in the world before the serene experience of watching the Mighty Rams play away from home. Gulp!
  12. Fancy us for a win but then I always do so I have been wrong 24 times already this season.
  13. Voted for Keogh myself but you've made a pretty compelling argument for Jayden right there. When you think how much pressure he was under at times too, it makes his achievements seem all the more impressive. With another season behind him he is going to be some player.
  14. Really thought he'd be the first to step up from the U23's. Not sure what's gone wrong 🤔
  15. All very true. I guess my question was rhetorical really. Perhaps, in a more literal sense, I should have asked, 'how have we allowed this?' The greatest irony is that many of those who will be most negatively impacted are the very same folk who voted for Brexit. Not the blue rinse Daily Fail readership, but younger voters drunk on tales of sovereignty and nationalism and greater employment opportunities. There should be some cynical and rather cruel schadenfreude to be elicited from this fact but there really isn't, is there? If Brexit ever does really manifest I fear it will be a brutal lesson learnt. Any anger I felt towards those who voted for Brexit has long since elapsed but my hatred of the Johnson's and Rees-Mogg's of this world grows daily. They are utterly shameless in their greed and arrogance and need to be brought to heel. Unfortunately, I see no mechanism remotely fit for that purpose and of of infinitely more concern, they evidently do not either. If there is one thing I wish Brexit and Leave voters could arrive at a consensus upon it would be making our bankers, politicians and their paymasters accountable for their actions, but instead, the divide seems to grow daily. It's a sad state of affairs.
  16. Absolutely disgraceful, but no surprise at all. How did we come to this point? It's thoroughly depressing.
  17. Wanted to give this comment a 'like' and a 'laugh' emoji. Almost spat green tea down my front reading it 🤣
  18. OK bud, that's fair enough. It's all about opinions as they say. For a point of reference though, look at his most recent games, those immediately before the current injury . He was (and yes, it's just my opinion) very much getting close to the Fozzy of old and we looked a better team for it. He was defending strongly. linking play well and his assist rate at the time (unless I've imagined it) was the highest in the entire squad. Some of his crossing was blooming laser-guided and how we've missed that since! I'm also not sure about the league having got better. The a fully staffed 13/14 team (including Fozzy) would smash this league IMO. The current team put 4 past the Norwich in their own backyard, after all.
  19. Rewarding someone for failing is clearly pretty silly. Not sure the same can be said for rewarding those who do well, however. It's a basic fundamental of any business that those who deliver results are suitably reimbursed for their trouble. A simple safety-net could be player-performance related bonuses for the scout in question. The deal you've outlined has the opposite effect to that sought given it rewards the scout for failing by delivering him one commission if successful in placing a player who does well and two when he fails. Now that really is daft assuming you are correct. Frankly, it beggars belief. In any case, this has been done to death now and frankly, I wish I'd never suggested it in the first place.
  20. Not sure either of the bolded statements are really factual... https://www.propertyweek.com/news-analysis/who-owns-premier-league-stadiums/5090883.article As for other clubs throwing hissy fits, I wonder how many of the outraged few will be doing likewise in the very near future...
  21. Yeah, was too young to watch it when I did and it gave me proper nightmares 😱
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