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  1. Nah. Be a cakewalk. Brizzle won't know what hit 'em. COYR
  2. Said in an earlier post that I've lost all respect for Gibson. This just reinforces that sense. Keeping Boro out of the playoff slots would be such sweet 'revenge' for his shameless and empty accusations. For him to propose that he be able to view rival clubs' accounts and then decline to offer from DCFC whom he's accused of effectively cheating the system, just shows him up for what he really is, all mouth and no trousers.
  3. There's always one and it's very often you.
  4. Living in Birmingham you'd think they'd have better things to worry about. Only city I can think of where you can pay a fiver to circumnavigate the dump at 100 MPH plus. Says it all really.
  5. Thanks @eddie but whilst a 'light blond' would doubtless be a decent work-out, I think I'm after a different type of regime right now 🤣
  6. Was going to say exactly the same thing! 😂
  7. Honestly? Yes, fat as a house. In my defence though I've been laid up for 3 weeks with a back issue as I've managed to damage my sciatic nerve. It's making me even grumpier than I normally am so the moment I'm back on my feet I'm getting on it like a mad thing. When I say that I actually mean I'll be starting off with a few brisk walks and building from there. It's bloody hateful and all the more reason to be doing something about it asap. Good luck with the gym thing!
  8. A face that begs to be punched...
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