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  1. @BaaLocks fai play buddy. You called it pretty much as it was 👍
  2. Having amassed a £575 million fortune, he's probably won a few more than you or I and a fair few more than he's lost. Poking a bear to see if it reacts ain't really that smart a move anyway.
  3. I'm just hoping none of your workmates are Derby fans bud 😆
  4. Jordan's an absolute knobber who changes his stance every time the wind blows. He owned a club, yet now finds himself a paid talking head for Talksport, whilst desperately trying to remain relevant. That's a pretty spectacular downturn by anyone's standards.
  5. I would say you and me both brother, but in truth, for all that I despise Gibson, I'd not want to see another club and their fans put though what we've had to endure.
  6. Anyone who refuses to support climate change initiatives because they don't like some idiot fringe group doing stupid stuff, is as short on grey matter as the object of their disdain. They're not cutting their own noses off, they're cutting off those belonging to their kids. Let's be honest here, if you're still not in a place where you can take onboard what's happening to this planet, despite the absolute plethora of peer-reviewed scientific evidence, you absolutely never will be. There will always be conflicting findings, but the weight of evidence surpasses burden of proof by a stretch.
  7. Must be blowing then as I reckon AJ stops him. Folk make much of Usyk's technical ability and rightly so, but let's not forget AJ won gold at the same Olympics. He's not just a banger. Also think an comparison to Ali is a bit irrelevant. Ali was putting away the likes of Foreman and Frazier back when they were terrifying. Usyk has yet to box a HW remotely close to that kind of level. Not dismissing his chance b any means, just think AJ far more likely to win.
  8. Us, Villa, 3 other Championship clubs... Busy little **** isn't he?
  9. So it turns out, the rock on which we're standing is actually Wayne Rooney. He'll still be judged on his results, as any and all managers should be, but then the win at Stoke was a huge result and he's definitely earned every plaudit this week with the way he's conducted himself. I sense a growing siege mentality at the club and I think Mr Rooney himself is as much the architect as anyone. Let's be honest here, it'd be the most Derby thing ever if we somehow conjured up a run that saw us stay up. The dream may have changed but it's still alive.
  10. I suspect this may be the light at the end of the tunnel that for once, is not an oncoming train! Presumably Morris is obliged to meet the agreed terms (even if they involve staged payments) in order for the sale to be completed. What seems incredibly unlikely is that he can take ownership for £20million versus the much publicised £80 million valuation when he has himself put the relevant 'creditor' into administration. Seems to me there are various plausible outcomes: 1) He confirms his intention to complete the sale, in which case the club is owed @£60 million which offsets our current borrowing 2) He relinquishes the stadium ownership and tries to recoup the £20 million already paid - good luck with that! 3) He refuses to make further repayments to the club so ownership defaults back to the club and he forfeits the £20 million already paid I suspect this scenario was a major factor in the dozen plus enquiries from interested parties the club received before the weekend was out. That is to say, a scenario whereby any buyer were to settle our debt book but in return receive an £80 million asset in the process, would surely make the deal of significant interest. The optimist in me wonders whether administration might not be a cute way for Mel to honour his promises whilst at the same time providing an immediate means for him to escape the ongoing financial burdens associated with continued ownership, as well settling accounts with a rightfully unhappy fanbase and simultaneously ending the war with the EFL.
  11. I lasted 2 episodes. Garbage. Gave up on that midway though season 3. Liked the first two though. Too visceral for me right now, but some pals of mine said it's excellent.
  12. At this stage of the contest, I've got @G STAR RAM well ahead. His opponent seems to be in trouble here and it's gonna take something pretty special from @atherstoneram if he's to regain a foothold in the fight...
  13. Just been given a 3 place grid pen for next race LOL My sense was that he was never going to make that overtake where he tried it and he knew it. Toto typically less hysterical than Horner who was noted as quite tight-lipped after the event 🤣
  14. FOR SALE One blue bucket. Has taken a few knocks recently, but one previous owner and remains in fair condition. 50p ONO Buyer to collect
  15. He's a horrible little **** to be honest. All the fuss he made over Hamilton's celebrations while he was getting a once-over from the medics and then he goes and does that. Hypocritical beyond belief. He should watch how Lando twice held off Lewis in a slower car by racing hard but fair and showing incredible skill in the process. There's a lesson in there for him somewhere!
  16. Come on RAW, that was a blinder compared to the most likely outcome. had a bit of everything 😆 so happy to see McLaren on the rise again. They also have two of the nicest lads on the grid driving for them which makes it all the sweeter. Disappointed that Hammy lost an opportunity to wipe out the deficit but that was offset by the hilariousness of Verstappen's bewilderment as he finally realises that other drivers can slam a door too. 'Doesn't he realise I need room!!!' Priceless! Great too to see an unfettered Bottas unleash some of the latent racer in him that secured him a seat at Mercedes in the first place. He'll have some fun at AT next year, I reckon.
  17. On current form they won't even secure 8 points. Let's check in with Dawny and Tigger to see how they feel about that...
  18. So was Ian Evatt which, I think is the point @IslandExile is making. Back on Rooney, most on here will know I didn't want him, but he's here for the foreseeable and there has been modest progress. If we could just iron out the concentration lapses that see us giving away daft goals (or at least reduce the flow!), I think we'll be fine. He's certainly doing better this season than last and the last thing we need right now is more upheaval anyway. A bit of siege mentality and South Stand style encouragement from ALL of us, could go a long way. It would also be the perfect two-finger salute to the the EFL if we manage to avoid the relegation scrap they seem so keen to inflict upon us. COYR
  19. Notts Forest's day today told though the medium of gif. Pre-match... Early lead... Ooops, equaliser... Oh crap, wheels off... Final whistle, somebody help us pleeeeeeeeeze.... Derby fans... The gap...
  20. Love them. I just don't feel obliged to live a life of relentless pessimism between them, is all.
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