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  1. Stop watching it then ya madhead! As for Saunders, I'm not Canelo's biggest fan but I don't see Saunders giving him any problems at all. Canelo will hunt him down and end him pretty swiftly. I don't buy into the whole, BJS will give him problems stuff at all. BJS is going sleepy night-nights IMO.
  2. Sorry, but he's absolutely not. In terms of playing style, effort, defensive coverage and willingness to try and beat his man, they are absolutely poles apart, pun intended. Let's not make him the latest in a long line of unwarranted scapegoats please, especially when the reasoning behind such thinking is so completely devoid of substance. With a season to acclimatise and hopefully a more settled club in general to look forward to, I can see him doing well next year, especially if we can keep his Polish buddy fit. I think folk fail to take into account how hard it can be for foreign playe
  3. Astounded really. By the England penalty count, by the terrible officiating and by Jones' stubbornness. Bear in mind, this is essentially the same team that absolutely dismantled the All Blacks in the RWC semi-final. In fairness, the cracks were appearing before the World Cup but since then they have turned into chasms. That said, Jones will apparently retain the coaching role until after the next World Cup so I don't see anything changing anytime soon.
  4. Don't know how many play the free to play Skybet Super 6 where you can win £250,000 for correctly predicting the scores of 6 selected games... Well how unlucky must this poor bugger feel? You'll note that the only one wrong was the Bristol City game where he predicted Swansea 1 Bristol City 2. Now look at the timing of Bristol's third goal... Ouch!!!
  5. We sure do matey 😆 And great to see you're still lurking. Put some cream on it pal, it'll be fine in a day or two.
  6. From yours... First the Smuggy Mc Smugface types... Yeah, I bet Blackett will absolutely kill off this game... Moving on, while we gloat, let's slag of the King... Immediately after which comes the karma 😆 A little bit of class from one of your fans.. Followed by a lot of really classy stuff like this... Probably why you're always on here, eh? 😆
  7. By reporting the abuse to the police, which they have done. No one is suggesting they were Derby fans 🤷‍♂️
  8. I'm trying to work out whether this is a classic bit of fishing or not. Certainly secured a few bites if so... 😷
  9. Roos 6 Byrne 7 Wisdom 5 Clarke 7 Buchanan 6 Knight 6 Shinnie 6 Bird 6 Waghorn 6 CKR 8 Jozwiak 6
  10. Need to calm down and get our heads back in the game. Gumps looking so much more composed now they've nicked a goal.
  11. Got to concentrate here. Forest will sit deep and wait for a mistake. First goal could be crucial.
  12. Yes Colin, my man. Nothing less than you deserve mate.
  13. I meant us fans living in the moment not the club buddy. You'd hope that management would always be making contingency plans but I was saying us fans should enjoy this mini-revival given what a crap 12 months we've had.
  14. Some will, others won't. Some will simply resent having been deprived of such things in the first place and that's all they will carry forward. Best not to worry too much, I think.
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