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  1. 2 hours ago, Anag Ram said:

    Just one who can cross the ruddy ball! 


    1 hour ago, Rampage said:

    Someone who can cross a ball 2 out of 3 times to give a Rams player a 50-50 chance of getting on the end of it .

    That'll be Hinton.

  2. 3 hours ago, SchtivePesley said:

     31st Jan, when nothing tangible changes on that date. We’re still fully aligned with everything. The time of reckoning will be the end of the year when the transition period ends and we get to see how seamless the new world is…

    That wonderful eleven month transition period when all those trade deals are going to be done.

    So will it be the EU or the USA that are the first to offer us a good deal. Importantly will these deals be a good deal for the UK or a better deal for the the EU or USA.

    Just as importantly who ever of the two we do sign a deal with, will mean it will be harder for us to complete a deal with the other, good or bad.

  3. 44 minutes ago, ariotofmyown said:

    Obviously you are glad we are leaving @Angry Ram, but I don't think you are a fundamentalist "leave at all costs" Brexiteer. Do you think this government has the competency to deliver something good for Britain?

    I was more positive when May's cabinet was in charge, but although they mostly all voted for her deal, the ERG managed to block her, force her out then take over.

    I'm worried now we have some very poor politicians in charge relative to previous cabinets and the only plan we seem to have heard about the detail-lite slogan of "get brexit done".

    Can you give me any hope that they might know what they are doing?

    Not read some of the earlier posts, regarding the type of brexit people voted for, then.

  4. I see the government are to release a commemorative fifty pence coin to mark leaving the EU. 

    Why are they only minting three million of the coins? 

    Won't all the fifteen million plus people who voted leave, want to have a coin to keep to remind them of this day.

    As for the inscription on the coin, Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations. as any relvants to brexit.

    Wouldn't we already have been striving for these things

  5. Jezz. I posted a light hearted reply, so I thought, to @SchtivePesley joke about Harry and his Dad and a few people kick off. Sorry if my post caused any misunderstanding on ginger privilege.

    As a long standing member of the ginger community, I've suffered most of the "banter" about my appearance. Though it did lead to an interesting encounter many years ago with a young lady, who wouldn't believe that my hair colour went further than what was on my head. Which turned out to be a fun evening.

  6. 17 hours ago, cstand said:

    Ok no problem but it was the only main concern I had about leaving the EU was the effect on London standing in the world of finance due to the amount of tax they pay and attracting business to this country.

    So you no longer have concerns about London's standing in the world of finance. So what as happen to alleviate your concerns?

  7. 53 minutes ago, Sasha said:

    As Michael Caine said, better to be poor master than a rich servant.   

    I've earned a living by working for someone else all my life, probably as have most of the country's population. Does this by definition make us sevants. If so then yes I'd be happy to be a rich servant.

    As for poor masters. I've never met a poor master, well not financially. Morally poor, well that's a different story

  8. Another defeat for the government in the House of Lords. It appears the unelected house is more caring than Johnson's bunch of elected nobs. With the tories suggesting that the Lords are moved out of London, it looks as if the right-wing are more keen to see the back of the upper chamber than some on the left.

  9. 2 hours ago, Sasha said:

    11 more sleeps until FREEDOM. After 3. 5 long years.  We can't make the London party, anybody going? 

    I'm planning to catch the first available HST. Should get me down there, just as the party starts to get going, as all the cheap booze and food should be coming into the country by then.

  10. The Queen as head of state I can live with, better than having a president, and she does generate money for the country through tourism. But as for the overblown royal family, I don't think they should receive a penny of public money.

    This is one of the few times that I agree with other posters that a nationally funded organisation, would be better, if it was privately run. If the royal family were to become a PLC, I'd have no problem with it. So if Harry and his wife and kid want to go off an do their own thing, great. Just hope it encourages all the other royal hangers on to bugger off and fend for them selves.

  11. I see Johnson as finally found the time to give an interview with the BBC. Who did the Beeb choose to conduct this first interview with the newly elected Prime Minister? Did they give the job to one of their regular political reporters, such as Andrew Neil, Andrew Marr, or maybe Laura Kuenssberg. No they rolled out that heavy weight of political interviewers , the one and only Dan Walker.

    It appears that the BBC's management are taking seriously, Johnson's threat to scrap the licence fee.

    So when do we officially start calling the BBC, the Boris Broadcasting Corporation?

  12. Me Mum always said that when their was any potential bad news or discontent in the country. That the government would get the royal family to announce a new royal baby, a wedding or even a funeral, in an attempt to distract the puplic. The Megan and Harry thing is probably the best they can come up with at short notice.

    I think they're saving  the Duke of Edinburgh just in case the whole brexit thing goes tits-up.

  13. 31 minutes ago, Brummie Steve said:

    I've always been a monarchist and always will be.

    The Queen will not live forever and I would love William to be her immediate successor.

    Not a fan of old jug ears then and no, I don't mean Gary Lineker.

  14. 13 minutes ago, Alpha said:

    Are the Royals not financially independent? 

    Can't be can they. Have you seen how much Universal Credit the head of the royal family is claiming for her and her brood and as for that council house she lives in.

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