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  1. 5 minutes ago, HiltonoRama said:

    I've been diagnosed with two personality disorders. I remember Millwall away in the eighties. Sheffield Weds away like a cavern with nobody there. We had passion. Southend away - pitch invasion. Brilliant- apart from being bound over to keep the peace. Ahem. Bouncing round the pop side singing Roy McFarland's barmy army.. Stimac, Tommy Johnson,  everything cheer. 

    I'm ashamed of this forum. WE ARE Derby! 

    We are here to support the team. The vitriolic atmosphere leading to players reacting to the crowd is why we're still in this league. 

    You should all be very ashamed of yourselves. 


    Always considered passion a two way street. If the team on the pitch show any modicum of passion. Then that passion will be returned ten fold by the fans.

    A passionate fan will ignore a player's failings more readily if they see the team playing with desire, commitment and of cause passion.

    At times against Bristol, I didn't see much passion. Meaning I watched the players performance more critically than I would have done normally if my passion was raised.

  2. 2 hours ago, G STAR RAM said:

    No, that's a silly idea. Much better to get other people to contribute towards raising other peoples children, or in many cases, towards their beer and fags.

    Great idea. How should we raise the extra cash needed?  What about a surcharge of five percent on all items  purchased on Amazon. Wait we shouldn't be singling out just one company thats devoid of any morals, let put it on everything bought via the internet. A percentage of the resultant revenue can go on beer and fags or what is more likely to feed and clothe children, while the rest can go to subsidising high street businesses.

  3. 5 hours ago, G STAR RAM said:

    I genuinely dont know the answer here but how many of these children are born into poverty and how many go from living normal lives to a situation if poverty?

    I can think of anything more selfish than having children when you cannot afford to bring them up and I think some of this goes back to a generation who saw having children as a career rather than as a lifestyle choice.

    I'd love to have more kids but know that I could not afford to give them the lifestyle I would want my children to have, so I didnt have any more,well that plus the fact my wife hated me 🤣

    Realise the above will not be a popular statement but think it is a question that should be asked.


    4 hours ago, G STAR RAM said:

    No of course not.

    I'm astounded that despite the state that the country is in, the government have still failed to tackle the real issues with the benefits system.

    I mean what is Child Benefit all about? What sane system gives people money for having children without any sort of control over what the money is spent on?

    Benefits should be limited to 1 child too in my opinion, that way you are still giving everyone the chance of being a parent without giving them the chance to try and turn into a career.

    Obviously there is much more to the benefit system but these are 2 things that really annoy me.

    Maybe the government should make it compulsory that all claimants of any benefit payment, male and female, be fitted with a chastity belt. While we're about it, all expectant mothers who attend prenatal clinics should be means tested. If they can't prove they are financially able to have and raise the child, then should their pregnancy be terminated.

  4. 2 hours ago, maxjam said:

    Just as a (hopefully interesting) side note to the Amazon conversation going on my wife and I run our own business from home, we used to have a website but the amount of money you needed to invest in it to get noticed was astronomical so we now sell 100% through eBay and Amazon. 

    Whilst Amazon is not perfect it does allow small independent companies such as our own to promote our goods and access the global market for a tiny fraction of the cost it would do otherwise.  As we sell a lot through Amazon now, we ship everything to one of their warehouses, they store it, pack it and post it out via Amazon Prime which has enabled us to do a lot more business than we ever could have working out of our garage - and whilst I doubt Amazon pay any tax on our profits we certainly do.

    In short, support independent sellers on Amazon!

    Fully agree that we should all support independent traders. It's the Amazon bit I've no time for. Same reason I won't buy a coffee from Starbucks. Any company that avoids paying it's fair and appropriate tax on their profits, while not being illegal, is morally broken.

  5. 23 minutes ago, jono said:

    Oooooo we are all getting a bit personal aren’t we !

    mind you, while I wouldn’t send him straight back he has been pretty underwhelming. Has some ball skills, but decision making is lousy, slow to react and a distinct lack of fire and aggression. Misplaced passes, dropped Clarke in it once nearly fatally , positioning poor. He will probably improve - but budding premier league player ? I don’t see any sign of it 

    hurry back Duane, twice the player. 

    One sentence that nicely summed up all our midfield players in tonight's game, not just Dowell.

  6. I was told forty odd years ago when I started my working life, that the age of retirement would be down to sixty if not lower when I was due to retire. Instead the age of retirement went up, for me to sixty-six.

    If our government follow the advice of a right-wing think tank, a group that also helped in the introduction of the unpopular universal credit system, then in a few years time the age you will be able to claim your state pension will have risen to seventy-five.

    Maybe all MPs should be made to retire from Parliament and take up jobs that requires manual work. Allowing people who have have grafted for the passed forty years to be able to sit on a comfy green seat, wave a piece of paper about while making a noise like a distressed donkey for the rest of their working life.

    Oh and the name of this wonderful think tank? The centre for social justice. If this group is really concerned about injustices in our society. Perhaps their chairperson, Iain Duncan Smith can get them to come up with a solution that will stop the increase in child poverty and the rise in the cases of malnutrition being treated by the NHS.  Why is there in the last ten years, a fifty percent increase in the disease kwashiorkor. A disease that causes the stomachs of children to swell. A site we only usually see on the tv during a charity appeal, to help feed the starving of Africa.


  7. 16 minutes ago, Alpha said:

    I'm not ruling him not good enough but I don't think Dowell is going to patch up much of the hole left by Mount or Wilson. 

    He's not looking very good so far

    Unless he's a world class player, I think no one player is capable of filling the gap left by the loss of two good pl from our midfield.

    Mount and Wilson had the benefit of having each other for support in an other wise average midfield.

    Until Dowell gets more support from other midfield players when we are attacking, then I don't think we will see the best of his abilities.

  8. Never took any interest in who the Ramstrust are, why they were formed or what their objectives are.

    But anyone who calls themselve's their spokesperson shouldn't be saying anything about the club that is in any way detrimental to the club.




  9. 2 hours ago, G STAR RAM said:

    Doesn't the evidence show he is achieving what he set out to do and is trying to deliver on what he told the electorate he would do.

    In what way is he making the world less safe? 

    No. The evidence shows that the number of  Mexicans entering the USA had started declining ten years before Trump entered office. So Trump and his build the wall chant as no bearing on the number of Mexicans crossing the border.


    As for making the world a less save place. I could go to the effort of of giving you facts on what he's said and the action he as taken that is not only affecting the lives of individuals but also the environment. But as you have clearly stated your opinions are bias and you appear to not want to or can't understand facts that are contrary to them when they are presented to you, there no point in doing so.

  10. 4 hours ago, G STAR RAM said:

    I thought the official line was its nothing to do with Islam?

    I'm aware of the holy book promoting killing (although I will be honest and say I've never actually read this but have heard various quotes) but I'm not aware of any leading figures promoting murder...I guess it will come out in the media when they are charged with inciting murder?

    Oh you meant the quran, the book that god sent the archangel Gabrial to give to Muhammad the same Gabrial who told Mary she was preggers with Jesus and was also described as the guardian angel of Israel.

    With you mentioning a holy book that promotes murder I wrongly assumed you were referring to the bible. The one that as the second man on earth killing the third man on earth. But god didn't seem to perturbed by this as there is a number of other  murderers throughout the bible.

    Never read either book , in fact I've never read any religious book, unless Dan Brown's Angels and Demons counts. Just going on what I was force feed at school.

    Isn't religion a wonderful invention, the biggest cause of death around the world.



  11. 1 hour ago, maxjam said:

    IMHO the difference between Islamic terrorists and white supremacists are the the former are organised around their interpretation of religion whilst the latter are generally lost lonely individuals looking for someone to blame for their crappy lives. 

    Good article in yesterdays Guardian; https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/aug/08/el-paso-dayton-left-men-jordan-peterson

    There's no difference between either group of indoctrinated murderers. No matter how some people try to portray them.


  12. 12 minutes ago, G STAR RAM said:

    I thought the official line was its nothing to do with Islam?

    I'm aware of the holy book promoting killing (although I will be honest and say I've never actually read this but have heard various quotes) but I'm not aware of any leading figures promoting murder...I guess it will come out in the media when they are charged with inciting murder?

    If the President of the USA openly tells his own people that Mexicans are flooding into America to cheat, rob and rape. He may not have said the words kill them but the vile hate he spouted was certainly enough of an incitement, as shown by the El Paso massacre.

    What he said may not be classified by law as an incitement to murder. But he like many others who preach hatred to others know how to incite their supporters to commit violence, while not committing a crime themselves.

  13. 1 hour ago, G STAR RAM said:

    Yes I'm getting at the fact that people are falling over themselves to distance Islamic Jihadists from muslims but cant wait to link white supremacists to Donald Trump, it's really quite ridiculous.

    FWIW both are heinous crimes and the reasons behind what is driving the perpetrators to do it needs to be fully investigated. 

    Isn't one of the main reasons given as to why certain followers of Islam commit these heinous crimes, is that they have been radicalized by the hate preached by various imams. So one can only sumise that any white supremacist, if not likewise fully radicalized, will have at the very least have a feeling of empowerment to commit their crimes, by the rhetoric of  numerous leading figures. With Trump being one of the main protagonists

  14. 7 hours ago, G STAR RAM said:

    Being lazy here and not really researching the facts here but how many white supremacists attacks have there been over them 10 years and how many deaths have they led to?

    I can think of 3 or 4 high profile attacks but are there many that are going unreported?

    Every time there are Islamic terrorist attacks the media cant be quick enough to point out that these are isolated incidents and dont represent the views held by the majority of muslims, is the same line given following white supremacist attacks?

    Not sure what you're getting at? Are you complaining that the media aren't reporting the amount of mass shootings committed by white supremacists, or that they're not being identified as white supremacist attacks in the first place. Also if every white supremacist attack isn't reported as such, then the media don't need to point out the attacks are an isolated incident and doesn't represent the views of all white people or is it more specifically other white supremacists.

    It may help if many politicians, especially in the USA, stopped claiming the perpetrators were suffering from mental health problems instead of calling them out to what they are, white supremacists. Don't recall that many politicians labelling people with mental issues after Islamic attacks.

  15. 35 minutes ago, ramit said:

    i much prefer Trump to Obama.  He is the unabashed ugly face of American exceptional imperialism.  He is too vulgar to be suave and altogether much more honest than Obama ever was.  He is detested mainly for this, because his presidency holds a mirror up to the ever loyal, but now slightly embarrassed supporters of the USA.

    How can you say Trump is honest. After all the 'alternative facts' he has spouted. The mans a congenital liar.

  16. 4 minutes ago, ramsbottom said:

    I'm assuming that if he doesn't sign officially til Jan he can't be allocated a squad number??  Shame, as a lot of shirts can be sold between now and then...

    That will be a lot of Christmas presents easily sorted this year.

    Also the marketing of half season tickets should be fairly easy for the  Derby County sales team this year.

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