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  1. Heart says top 2 head says avoid relegation.
  2. Dont worry jono, the good old EFL will have a cunning plan to help out valued members. They will be releasing it.....erm...soon?
  3. We will no doubt get a final decision at the most inconvienient time for us, just before transfer deadline.
  4. Whoever we sign will need to be a free transfer plus happy to be within our wage structure. Times are very hard!
  5. Yes, I read that as well. Not sure there is a legal case to answer in this though? If the governance of the EFL is by the EFL can the courts intervene?
  6. Reminds me of school days years ago with a crowd circled around chanting "fight fight fight"
  7. Look mate... This is just a silly Internet forum. I have however obviously offended you so for that I am sorry.
  8. If any sanctions come our way, which I'm pretty sure they won't surely the answer will be that he was trying to do the best for the club within the rules but the rules unfairly changed.
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