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  1. Don't be ridiculous. The two cant be compared.
  2. Anyone who conducts himself in his foul mouthed disgusting manner when berating officials or anyone else he sees fit to berate won't get any plaudits from me. Each to their own though.
  3. Loved hearing Cocu speak during his press conference. Very considered, detailed and professional.
  4. Just a couple of points. At Brentford two loud mouths ( in there late 40's/50's) arrived 15 mins late in the seats. They sat and swore for 5 mins at the players then started shouting over repeatedly to Cocu and telling him to F off (Cocu wouldn't have heard but half our stand could). They persisted with this for about 15 mins before announcing they couldn't sit and watch this poo and then (thankfully) got up and left and never came back. My question is what the heck do you do with people like that? They couldn't care less who they offended or who was listening....Scum of the earth basically! Interestingly Mel and family were sitting in with the crowd not too far from us and no doubt heard. Not sure if anyone else noticed Mel as he filed out the ground with everyone else.
  5. This is the EFL trying to down value our stadium to the extent of forcing us into retrospective non compliance of FFP. This will then mean they can slap a transfer ban on us and thus save face with the Rooney deal.
  6. Probably had to after they mistook him for the gardener!
  7. I reluctantly agree. We are always looking toward top 6 if not top 2. Knight is a decent prospect but that's all.
  8. In that debacle on Saturday Richard Keogh is the least, the absolute least of our worries in any way shape or form!
  9. I like to think of myself as pretty level headed and fair. Not prone to exaggeration or histrionics therefore when I say that was the worst I have seen us play in years I am being serious. The performance was simply dire. We couldn’t pass the ball, had no movement, were ponderous, lacklustre and amateurish. I can also say for the first time EVER I was embarrassed to be a Derby fan .....not because of the fans but because of the team. UTR as always but not happy!
  10. Sold out unless you can get in the Home crowd.
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