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  1. I don't actually see where this goes. If Boro win their action against the EFL what happens? It wouldn't then be just Boro that presumably then claim unfair treatment the whole division could claim the same. Also, if Boro win their claim how does that effect us? If the EFL tried to retrospectively doc points and slap a transfer ban or fine us etc. Mel would rightly peruse them for every penny they had.
  2. Agreed Josh but I was speculating in response to Nick Websters (the rams 69) comment.
  3. So.…… Mel is selling up 100% but wanted to keep some involvement whilst boosting FFP?
  4. I agree with a lot of that Alpha although I do see a slightly longer game than we started out with already. Roos is using his generally excellent long kicking to the wings a lot more than he was. I also agree that the main issue is the personnel we have at centre back. I am perhaps deluding myself that the club understand what is needed and have the wages and buying power to bring in the necessary in January (I have no idea who). IF we can sort the centre backs positions along with the arrival of Rooney I think we could have a very good and entertaining second half of the season. UTR
  5. Cocu has the players he has until January. Does he play to suit the personnel we have or does he continue with his philosophy throughout the club until he can get what he wants. If he and the club are genuinely in this for the long term, which means getting things right for promotion and after, then the first 4 months is not the time to judge him. I like his style and given this season to implement things and hopefully better players to come I think/hope he can prove to be our best manager in years.
  6. Not advocating it but if we spent again to the max how much do we have available in January?
  7. I thought the stadium sale brought us well within FFP?
  8. If someone is guilty of gross misconduct the company has the right to terminate a contract or not. It is their prerogative alone. What follows depends on other factors. For instance if you ran a Plumbing company and three of your plumbers, through their own negligence engaged in conduct that warranted gross misconduct but two were still able to resume work if required but one wasn't you are within your rights to sanction the two but keep them on but let the third one go because he is of no use to you. You could however out of the kindness of your heart offer to keep the third one also but on a new contract with a reduced wage. If he rejected the offer he has rendered himself unemployed.
  9. Correct Roy. All three guilty of gross misconduct. Only one rendered himself unfit for work as a result hence only one sacked after refusing a reduced contract.
  10. I'd rather have had Scott for this, more grit which will be much needed.
  11. Arguing for arguing sake comes to mind, don't know why...……..
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