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  1. Battle of Hastings was not far off 1,000 years before any of us were born but most know about it
  2. Maybe if they perfect the virtual fan experiment they can do without us real fans altogether and football becomes a couch potato experience for all. PS I can see it now.....Mel charging us £25.00 per match to watch live wherever we are...….beer in the fridge (or room temperature) scraves being twirled in the lounge...….I can see it I tell thee!!!
  3. The whole football structure within the Uk needs talented people to bring in new ideas. Sadly the people running the show seem inept.
  4. Football is a spectator sport. Last season the Premier League attracted 14,508,981 fans who physically attended. The EFL by contrast attracted 18,300,000 bums on seats. TV audiences is where the major difference is. I only looked this up as Steve Parish claimed being able to watch PL games asap on telly would give the nation a boost. Maybe they should show EFL games to appeal to a larger committed audience?
  5. Social distancing could be in place until either a vaccine is found or a treatment is found that dramatically reduces the symptoms for the worst case sufferers. That being the case football as a live spectator based sport is finished for the foreseeable future.
  6. Not been here for a while. Have we been given a points deduction?
  7. So are all the players on statutory sick pay now? That will save Mel a bob or two
  8. Not surprising as this is potentially a devastating virus. The UK governments worst case scenario is an 80% infection rate with a 1% fatality rate. If that worst case scenario was to happen throughout the world we are looking at 64 million fatalities worldwide. Hopefully the figures are drastically over stated and the end result isn't nearly as bad. Makes you think though!
  9. Am I being dense? What have Arteta and Hudson -Odoi got to do with the EFL?
  10. The squad will be looked at in training plus in relation to any specific tactic or individuals the management think will be a particular threat. Its a squad game from Phillip Cocus point of view. Don't be disappointed if Rooney & Lawrence come in for this.
  11. Born at home in Stanley Common. Moved to Breadsall Village. Dad supported the Rams as did Grandad. Went to a few games when old enough to be let into the boys enclosure then lifted up by Dad and others to join him on the terraces. Still a boy but started taking football seriously in 1968. Cloughy came along and Ive been in love with DCFC ever since.
  12. I think seniors may be needed at Millwall to protect the young boys but what do I know.
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