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  1. Is this tongue in cheek? If not its extremely arrogant. If it is....carry on...nothing to see here!
  2. How about a Rooney for the second half of the season?
  3. I am 200 miles away and would love to listen live but I just cant. Its either moan moan moan or else they make it sound like the opposition are just about to score every time they attack.. I just refresh latest scores and only tune in if we are winning. If we are losing or drawing Radio Derby are dreadful.
  4. Exactly my take as well. 32Red may well incress their sponsorship but how Derby spend it is up to the club.
  5. Trust me Jamie Paterson is a player. He has good movement, a good first touch and a good footballing brain. He will do well. Hope he starts tomorrow.
  6. Don't know why some get so worked up. This lad can play and is much better than Mason and Flo. I suggest some need to get past their prejudice.
  7. Ive only seen him when he's played against us. Imo he is one of the more dangerous players we come up against.
  8. I think you may be a little bit prone to dramatic exaggeration.
  9. I suppose 32 Red could remedy this by withdrawing their sponsorship to the moaning clubs so as not to offend.
  10. The truth is neither Mason or Flo are in reality not good enough wingers for a top end championship side with hopes of top two.
  11. 120 caps for his country, Man Utd & England top goal scorer ever...………...Nah, your right...…….not worth bringing to Derby in case we get excited!
  12. There are a few who seem concerned he will cost too much. That is pure conjecture. If Rooney wishes to learn a coaching role I would imagine his agreement with Derby will be mutually beneficial. Rooney imo is a humble guy who would be absolutely inspirational to the whole squad no matter who. This makes sense football wise & commercially. Bring it on I say.
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