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  1. I was pleasantly surprised by Whittaker last night. Looked very good. Better than I thought he could be.
  2. Its all about our inability to put the ball in the net. Not much else wrong except Curtis Davies.
  3. You watched a different game to me. We were not woeful at all. We were not hopeless playing out from the back we were quite good at it. We had lots of options in midfield but we did have wasteful strikers. We wont get top 6 this season but imo we will be seriously challenging next.
  4. Bit unlike you to be negative Millenniumram.
  5. There is literally no way of knowing. I assume we will win every game...……..Who knows , we might!
  6. Poor fellah...…….Hope someone sorts out the little gits.
  7. Agree with Ross Fletcher Owen but Big Rog isn't articulate enough imo.
  8. Still just over 3,000 tickets available with general sale starting tomorrow.
  9. Yes, I noticed as well. Makes us look a bit second rate imo.
  10. Certainly not peanuts that's for sure...
  11. Yes, I stopped listening ages ago. Might reconsider if it improves.
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