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  1. Further update: Finished 3rd on 90pts after a tricky second half of the season, the AI seemed to know what to do against my tactics so I had to switch up a bit to a 4-1-2-1-2. Forest finished a couple of points behind in 4th. Got through to Playoff final vs Forest (obviously), thrashed them 4-0. We're promoted, boys! Mel has given me 38m to spend over the summer and a wage budget of ~580k pw. I don't know why I'm sharing this here, I was just quite excited last night. UTR!
  2. Seems to be something wrong with these bookies... I can’t see Mac3 anywhere!
  3. Part of me wonders whether a lot of this is a master PR exercise in action. Mel, remembering the days when clubs knew we had money and bent us over on transfer fees, sees the news coming out about how rich we’re about to come. He warns the Sheikh that the same will happen and so the PR wheels spin to mitigate that effect. I could just be being very optimistic though.
  4. A couple of loans out seemed to bring in a little, getting a senior affiliate gave a bit more than 100k and it somehow allowed me to go over the wage budget. He also agreed to sign with no sign on bonus or agent bonus. This was the day after the window closed and I guess he was desperate. We’re losing money hand over fist though! Still hasn’t scored yet and is now on the bench behind CKR so it might not be the smartest decision... knew I should’ve gone for Wilshere who only wanted 8k a week.
  5. Update: After 11 games I'm sitting pretty 1 point clear at the top of the table. Why is Phil finding this so hard in real life? We're playing a 4-3-3 Gegenpress occasionally rotating to a 4-2-3-1. It's high intensity, Rooney is knackered but rotation is key. Bielik just back from injury and bossing it at CB alongside Matt Clarke. We're scoring loads but we were conceding a few too until Bielik came back. It's like watching Derby under McClaren all over again. I have the same players as the real life team, however I got Balogun in on loan from Arsenal with no wage contribution th
  6. If anything it's even more interaction based this year. Tonnes of team talks, meetings, new press conferences, quick chats with players. Might get boring after a few seasons but that's what you've got an assistant manager for. I personally love that side of the game, trying to impress video game characters is my jam.
  7. Anyone got it yet? Beta went live yesterday. I put a couple of hours in last night, managing Derby obviously. Have to admit I'm finding Mel's generous £0 transfer and £0 wage budgets quite challenging. Bergkamp is available as a free agent coach though so that was a plus.
  8. They mentioned it on East Midlands Tonight yesterday
  9. Whilst I understand that we need the money, I don't think anyone can dispute that lower league clubs need it just as much, if not more at the moment. I sincerely hope that DCFC haven't structured the deal in a way that stiffs Swindon. Think it sets a dangerous precendent and would make other clubs reluctant to deal with us for young talent in the future. In an environment where we're all complaining that the Prem money doesn't trickle down as much as it should, we should be setting an example of how to do business here.
  10. This may be as much of a smile as a Scotsman can muster
  11. Only taken me 9 years to have something interesting to contribute...
  12. And another - to prove I'm not photoshopping!
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