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  1. Thanks for the reply. It’s a good one and interesting. I know what you mean about consistency....but there’s evolution of opinion too 😁. I know it was about Chris Martin, that’s why I was surprised at the needless dig at Cocu. I don’t buy this consistent line up insistence. Cocu is managing certain situations and, for this season at least, is working with a squad not a first 11. He has reasons that aren’t always broadcast for some selection variations. I’m not led to believe he’s given up on this season, but he’s building for next. It’s reasonable to ask for improved away form, but the
  2. ......beggars belief.. After the performance of the season, where we played without key players and replaced them with young lads from the academy, you have to start off with that anti Cocu comments? An opinion is one thing, but this seems like an agenda. Since Mac, Cocu is the only manager to revitalise the amazing Chris Martin and incorporate him back into the team. He’s coaching the players to be better. Bogle’s performance levels have dipped but he’s not playing with our no 1 centre half for the last few years and we need CH reinforcements. So seriously, what has he go
  3. I’m confused. Someone explain the line up/formation....2 left backs, two centre halves and 1 right back..... oops my mistake I mis-read
  4. Brilliant post - Both you and Dave are saying how I see it. Wish I could have said it! 🙄😤😄👍🏻👍🏻
  5. Wonder if they’d consider Marriott in part exchange? 😬 (I just haven’t seen Toney play!)
  6. I’m optimistic because when you look at everything that’s gone wrong since the end of last season..... we lost the play off final losing a charismatic manager who got us to the play off final losing the loanees last minute scramble to get a manager 3 new loanees...... joinersgate the behaviour of some of the players during the investigation losing your captain and in that manner losing your best CH for the season losing big signing for the season being charged by EFL threat of points deduction all this whilst being new to the
  7. You leave Chris Martin alone, you! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 (Just joking!)
  8. Surely that’s more understandable? People want to offer encouragement and be a little excited. supporting Derby is part of our escape. Something we are, and want to be, proud of. I haven’t seen anyone claiming he’s the next messiah but asking people to be patient and give him time because he’s earned that at least.
  9. I’m thinking we won’t have much money to play with. I’d rather have a couple of quality additions. I don’t believe we’re that far off. I think we all mostly agree we need a winger, Gk, CH and forward? Some have mentioned midfield but if Rooney can do another year there I think we’re ok. There might be solutions within the squad. Cocu has twice(?) played Bogle further forward...could he be converted into the winger we require? More crosses like the one against Crystal Palace? More runs like the one v Bristol City (without clattering into Waghorn!)? It’s an interesting option... Re Cen
  10. I’m not sure this is true Ellafella. Don’t you think it all started at Charlton? Also, can you really take credit away from a manager because he’s been given a good player to play, and he plays him and gets the best out of him?
  11. Good post. My impression though is that in setting up to counter what others do, rather playing our own identity is because essentially Cocu does not have any of his own players. He’s managing what he has. Trying to get the best out of what he’s been handed. There is not one single Cocu player in the team so it’s hard for him to play his ideal way. He’s had more trials and tribulations to put up with than any manager since Arthur Cox. And he’s had it all in 6 months. Despite that there are green shoots. It’s taken a while to come but he’s coaching players and having compromise his own plans be
  12. Mate I don’t even know what the forum line is. If you feel like you’ve been pounced on, doesn’t mean you’re right! 🤣🤣 Just joking! If you feel that way though, it might just be because you went on quite a bit about his treatment of Bogle - but based purely on speculation on your own head. That’s not balanced and I think it’s legitimate that people challenge that. Don’t you? You can challenge Cocu...but can’t be challenged yourself? I can see that there are potential parallels between Nigel and then Mac 1 coming in and (massively) maximising the players we had. But I can’t see w
  13. I would love to see Martin and Marriott supported by Rooney. The more intelligent footballers on the pitch (for the Rams!) the better!
  14. So do great posters! 🤣🤣🤣In response to TommyPowell
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