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  1. Finally, a German Centre Half on the Pride Park pitch. In fact two.
  2. He should stick to what he knows about, like the ukelele.
  3. Does he have it in his contract that if we get a points deduction and get relegated, he can change his mind?
  4. How to handle Dirty Leeds...yes I know he’s at Spurs...
  5. What next? I should imagine we lose to Northampton.
  6. I like the way he passes to our own players.
  7. I think he could be Darren Bent.
  8. In protest at the EFLs stupidity, Mel will remove us from the Football League and relocate us into the Swiss League. The Swiss being a nation of proud bankers, will recognise and appreciate Mel’s financial genius. None of this stupid charging us for breaching fair play rules. So, my prediction is- Rams 3-0 Young Boys Rooney, Davies, Carson (last minute header)
  9. Are you suggesting that Billy having lost his point is not as Sharp as he used to be?
  10. Think you’ll see a more consistent harder working Lawrence going forward with Rooney there to, er, coach him. I’d have thought that Rooney would also have some input in squad selection along with the other coaches. Ultimately Cocu’s choice of course.
  11. And how many goals might it have been had he not been sent on his ‘little trips’.
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