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  1. What - the next time we’re on TV on Sky in the SKYBET Championship?
  2. Did the ref sleep on it overnight and disallow their goal for off side?
  3. Boo. Didn’t Rosenior brief Cocu on City?
  4. I think Cocu has decided that Marriotts the man to start games for us, and in light of the fact we play Bristol City early in the season doesn’t want to give them too much time to figure him out. I say this because in an interview after the last game Cocu was waxing lyrical about Marriotts eye for goal. Or he could just be injured.
  5. My mates got a parrot - repeats itself over and over again- saying ‘ Like I said’. Named it after one of the players. Can’t recall which player.
  6. Though Gary Neville at Valencia and Shearer at Newcastle showed it can be done.
  7. ‘No Flo. I did not bring any smokes from Amsterdam’
  8. I have had it up my sleeve for years on the off chance Cocu became manager. #prepared
  9. To Agadoo... Phil-lip Co Co cu push Billy Davies shake Notts tree Phil-lip Co Co cu push Billy Davies love Derby To the left to the right bounce up and down and to the knees Come and dance every night sing with Derby County
  10. I’m guessing:- 1) Angry Birds 2) Sky View 3) Tinder
  11. Well, Schteve McClaren took us to the playoff final. That was ok, no?
  12. To the tune of Waterloo by ABBA. You’re welcome. My, my Phillip Co-cu made Forest surrender Oh yeah And I have met my destiny in quite a similar way The history book on the shelf Is always repeating itself Phil Cocu Forest was defeated, We won the war Phil Cocu Promise to love you for ever more Phil Cocu Couldn't escape if I wanted to Phil Cocu Knowing my fate is to be with you Wow wow wow wow Phillip Cocu Finally facing my Phillip Cocu
  13. I think you’ll find there are not too many Dutch people in Derby. So, Cocu is surely a Minority Ethnic.
  14. Cocu In. That’s more satisfying. For more than one reason. Possibly.
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