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  1. Losing Away From Home: The Club will pay a fine equivalent to twice your win bonus to you.
  2. If Bogle hadn’t made the mistake today and we’d drawn, I suspect this thread wouldn’t exist or would have been about the progress we’re making.
  3. The measure of a man is not by his public deeds. No, the measure of a man is what he does when there’s no one looking.
  4. Sorry- mistook you for @Owd miner.
  5. Would have helped thee in t’mines though.
  6. Liverpool’s owners seemed to be doing ok, last time I checked.
  7. You could be right. On the other hand, maybe he’ll be a bit more interactive and will do the bounce and so on when he thinks our league position warrants it.
  8. This guy is class. Clearly intelligent, he demonstrates humility and dignity in his interviews and generally how he conducts himself. I believe we are lucky to have him, and given time, he will transform the playing side of things. I also think he is really starting to ‘get’ the Championship and the English game. Great appointment by Mel. Anyone disagree?
  9. Rooney in starting line up- on Sky this evening.
  10. I agree. A little more time for it all to gel. It’s only 7 games - there’s 39 left, and we have had an extremely tough group of fixtures. I think we’ll be in the mix come May.
  11. Keogh, Rammie and the Steve Bloomer bust?
  12. If he does, would he be a Knight in Shinnie armour?
  13. Yes- but when he finds it, if he lays down some string, or bits of cheese this shouldn’t happen again.
  14. Makes me think about last seasons loan signings. All 3 started today for Chelsea and Bournemouth. They were great to have at Derby and contributed hugely to us making the Play Off final... ...BUT having lost them at the end of the season -especially Mount and Wilson’s creativity & goals- it has created a major problem that was NEVER going to be resolved whoever the manager was. I don’t think we can blame Cocu totally for our sudden demise. This was Lampards legacy- and he knew what would happen, if he had stayed. I was hoping that we would be in touching distance of the playoffs when Rooney joins, but I think this is going to be a very long hard season unless we once again get from somewhere (not sure where) creativity and guile in midfield. Huddlestone is too pedestrian for the Championship and Dowell is not a Wilson or a Mount. Defensively we will improve when players are fit.
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