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  1. Roos 7 Byrne 5 Forsyth 6 Davies 7 Stearman 6 Bird 6 Shinnie 6 Watson 5 Lawrence 6 Jozwiak 6 Kazim 6 Sibley 7 Ebosele. 5
  2. I would start by running 5K, just join your local parkrun, they are free and there will certainly be one near to you. You will probably find it easier running with others than on your own. Then also commit to a couple of runs in the week. You will soon find that 10k will be fairly comfortable. Running clubs are not just for the elite runners. Look at a local running club through Jog Derbyshire, they are free to run with and go out at least twice a week. This time next year you will be thinking hmmmm! I might just sign up for the Derby half. 🙂
  3. Can I rely on you for a positive reference please? That might be worth coming out of retirement for. 🤣🤣
  4. Personally I don’t really care who can or cannot go into a nightclub, but can see the sense in the government bringing in the restrictions. I can also see the sense in bringing in the same rules for Stadiums with packed concourses like Pride Park. At the same time, I understand that some young men are scared of needles in case it hurts. 🤣
  5. I rarely get involved in posting about these things because they tend to go on and on. it is entirely your freedom to not have a jab whether it be medical, political, scared of needles or whatever. It is entirely your freedom to sign whatever you want. It seems that until the virus is reduced significantly, there will be some minor consequences should you want to go to a nightclub or similar. Personally, I think the actions (or inactions ) of those who don’t get vaccinated, but still want to take part in everything that society can offer are selfish, but that is me. Others have a different view and that is their right. ps. it doesn’t hurt honest. 😀😀
  6. That’s ok, you would be denied entry to many countries there. Not entirely different to someone being denied entry to a nightclub because they haven’t been vaccinated. You have the freedom not to be jabbed, but it comes with consequences.
  7. I think the point is more that they can still spread it isn’t it?
  8. Neither (although the beer was surprisingly good), I was working and taking sensible precautions with my health.
  9. I agree, it was scandalous that I wasn’t allowed to travel to Africa unless I had a Number of jabs. What a ridiculous discrimination against me just to save my life. 🤪
  10. Genes are clearly much stronger on his mother’s side then.
  11. Last season is last season, it is history. I don’t care about last season and it’s trials and tribulations. I know it is the close season, but some of the whiners and whingers on here make visiting this forum a real chore. A new season is dawning, the manager will sign seven players and take us to the top three by Pancake Tuesday. Have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit and relax. c’mon County. 😊 x
  12. That never happened either. It was his own decision to sell.
  13. If it upsets you that much you do have another option!!
  14. Shinnie thoroughly deserves it, I couldn’t come up with a viable alternative to vote for.
  15. Nothing to be sorry about. As much as we rely on our brains, sometimes they can be so blooming mischievous if we don’t keep it hem under control. Problem is that they know everything about us, but like a naughty dog you have to show who is the boss. Listen to your amazing mum, what a great starting point. The Power of Love can overcome all. Sometimes something great can be just around the corner, a new partner, a job offer, a frickin’ wonderful takeover by some sensible but very wealthy group willing to splash a few shekels on the team. Personally, despite my advanced (ish) years, I find a run on my own can put things into perspective, there are some fantastic trails in East Staffs, South Derbys and N W Leicestershire. keep smiling x
  16. Well I agree with Davies for sure. Three of the others are wrapped up in their own game. I would go for Shinnie for POS and keep Rooney as manager and hoping that he gets a better hand to play with than he has been dealt this season.
  17. Sorry to butt in on your little tete a tete but it is a bit obvious. with very, very few exceptions when young players come through to the first team, they need managing, as in not being over played. Sadly we had little alternative cos we are very short of senior players. From what I could see, the manager did try to protect and rest them as much as possible. Young players need to come into a team with good senior players with the right mentality, we are definitely not over blessed in that department. Young inexperienced players learn on the pitch by example, an older head adjusting their position, helping them out or giving some encouragement. Derby have some great young talent, we lack the right players to put them on the pitch with. I appreciate that you seem to spend a lot of time wanting a change of manager. I am more interested in us creating the right environment on the pitch, even if it means selling some young talent to finance it. As I said, sorry to butt in. 😊
  18. You could also say that Rooney’s excellent early results gave us enough to rise from the bottom of the table and survive thereby carrying us to safety. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  19. Talking of which, I was concerned that we had been allocated Mike Dean, but thought he had a great game.
  20. You are of course absolutely correct in confessing that yours is the poorest post for a long time. Nigel Clough, who I am a great admirer of, had the luxury of bringing Hughes and Hendricks in to play with seasoned players. In the main, Wayne Rooney has had to select younger players because of what he had available. They were bound to regress after being brought in to the team, that is what most young players do. It is clear that Rooney has tried to rest them when he can, but not always possible. As a manager he was given a duff hand to play. Thank goodness he can have the luxury of picking his own players before next season.
  21. Roos 6 Byrne 5 Forsyth 2 Edmondson 6 Clarke 6 Roberts 6 Knight 4 Shinnie 6 Lawrence 5 Waghorn 6 CKR 6
  22. It isn’t worth getting ‘stressed’ about. It is an overused word. Stress is dealing with a life threatening cancer, or being held up at knife point or not being able to meet mortgage payments through losing a job etc. etc. Keep smiling, have a nice cup of tea and all will be well with the world. keep the faith.
  23. Sometimes it is better to say nothing than feed platitudes because a small self-appointed group think they should.
  24. Seems like a rant to me. I would guess that they are keeping things confidential during a sensitive period.
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