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  1. Bristol City are the third Club that Lee Johnson has managed. He started his Managerial career at Oldham in League 1, at the age of 31 - Games Managed 103 - Won 36, Drew 32, Lost 35. He was poached by Barnsley, and managed them for 51 Games - Won 20, Drew 13, Lost 18. Bristol City appointed him as their Manager in Feb. 2016 paying Barnsley an undisclosed compensation fee. His Managerial record at Bristol is 167 games - Won 68, Drew 40, Lost 59. This is his third full Season managing Bristol City. I fail to see how you can conclude that the first year of Johnson's and Lampard's respective Managerial careers are in any way comparable.
  2. Talk about rose-tinted spectacles! The idea that Hull's good form coincides with Chris Martin's starts is laughable. The truth is that Hull's shockingly bad run of form began with the introduction of Chris Martin into their team. He made his debut on 15th Sept in a 2-0 win at Home against Ipswich, albeit just in a 3 minute Substitute Cameo at the end of the game. He then started in Hull's next 7 games, which saw a run of 5 defeats and 2 draws. He was dropped to the bench for the next 3 games, which yielded 2 wins and a draw. He then started the next 2 games, yielding a loss and a draw. Not surprisingly, he gets dropped again, for the next 6 games, and hey presto!, the team gets back on track with 5 wins and one draw. Frazier Campbell gets injured, so CM starts the next game at Home to Relegation near-certs Bolton, and Hallelulah!, he finally manages to score a goal - the fourth in a 6 nil romp. In total, Chris Martin's 16 starts for Hull has yielded 4 wins, 4 draws and 8 defeats. In the League, he has 15 starts for 4 wins, 4 draws and 7 defeats - so just 16 points have been gained in the 15 League games that he has started. They've got 34 points when he hasn't started. He has scored just one goal in his 20+ appearances, and that came in a 6 goal Team demolition of Bolton. He's been eligible to play in Hull's last 30 games - this is Hull's Results sequence in the 16 games he's started :- LLDLLDLLDWLWDLWW 4 wins/4 draws/8 losses This is Hull's Results sequence for the 14 games he could have started, but didn't :- WWWDWDWWWWWLDL 9 wins/3 draws/2 losses Are you seriously suggesting that Hull are a better team when he starts?
  3. Keith Havenhand in a 1-1 draw against Rotherham at the BBG in March 1962 - I was 8 years old at the time :- https://www.11v11.com/matches/Derby-county-v-rotherham-united-03-march-1962-110920/ Starting lineup: Goalkeeper Reg Matthews Defender Mick Hopkinson Full back Geoff Barrowcliffe Centre half Les Moore Wing half Glyn Davies Outside right Don Roby Centre forward Bill Curry Forward Bob Stephenson Winger Ray Swallow I had to look up the goalscorer. It was a pretty ropey match - I couldn't believe how long, and how often, the ball seemed to be in the air! I believe it was Bob Stephenson's debut, memorable because he was Derbyshire's Wicketkeeper understudy to Bob Taylor. Ian Buxton was a regular player round those years, so we had two Cricketing footballers on the Books at that time.
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