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  1. Oh bottoms - that doesn't help........🙄 But yeah - trying to get anywhere by rail on a Sunday is more or less impossible. Let's face it - more than half your journey is likely to be on a 1960's double decker bus..........🤣
  2. is he trying to wake up that little clump of spectators in the BC stand last night? 😂
  3. if they moved it out of that week then i could get to it - one of my local matches but away on holiday that week........👍
  4. I don't know - and i may be guilty of reacting to complete hearsay so feel free to call me out on it - but if i put the bits of tittle tattle together i get.... ...unspecified injury ...weight issues? ...failed medical at Oxford ...buying bielik, evans form improving, youngsters getting time It just feels as though he is fading even further out of the picture? Great shame as I loved that 2014 season but sometimes the football gods conspire against you.....
  5. well the only definition of "fair" that i have ever understood is "fair". Cos old Ma Hants used to say to me as a kid "fair's fair!" 😂
  6. Well that's that for George in a Derby shirt then. Far more players ahead of him in the pecking order for that CDM position than we have in CM's position. Even an injury crisis like the 2014-2015 one wouldn't get him into the team or even matchday squad now.........shame for him and for us, but I admit that its time to move on.
  7. is this the last year of George Thorne's contract?
  8. Seems to have potential to be one of our most value for money signings of recent years. Always enjoy seeing one of our players "getting it" and finding a niche in which they excel - and a manager who has the wherewithal to make those seemingly minor tactical adjustments that make it look like we have 3 or 4 different teams where in reality we have one and a half teams who sometimes stand in different positions 😂
  9. 0-0. Our set up is solid and this should be enhanced with Bielik but at present our strikers are needing too many chances to convert - neither Waghorn nor Marriott are at their peak. Even so, improvement on last year.
  10. They used to turn up at Brizzle City and do the pre-match entertainment before the 1st home game of the season according to my old mate. Throw their wellies into the crowd after and everything..........😂
  11. Need to plan for the long term over the season - what on earth would be the point of overplaying the so-called "first" team in this match and risking burn-out/injury for league matches.........even if we won we'll probably lose in the next round away at someone like Watford..........
  12. Lots in midfield it seems. Not so many up front. Only Whittaker isn't it?
  13. Forest presumably will be under similar pressure - they too have a massive squad of players they can rotate in and out for this cup. And you'd think there may be some hint of priority given by Mel to Phillip Cocu via his objectives. £170m for reaching the EPL vs a Bright House voucher and couple of gallons of fizzy pop for winning the Caribou Cup?
  14. So any reason why some of these lads can't get some minutes with the first team? There seems to be a deal of promise in the midfield....
  15. And an assist for George Evans too, which is also good for him....👏
  16. 13 shots, 5 on target - positive stuff but no killer instinct yet
  17. They playing for Scunny? 😂 Sorry - I just realised this is starting to look like i'm persecuting you with a load of smart ass comments.....😘
  18. was he trying to shepherd it out? not a wise man.........😂
  19. good to see some of the young lads stepping up and not looking out of their depth!
  20. The scunny lad is off - crocked by Bielik, the filthy animal...... 😂
  21. pretty much typical Arsenal defensive style.....😂
  22. Jack's off with a foul.............. Theres a Perch playing for Scunthorpe - that isn't James Perch ex-Forest and Newcastle is it?
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