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  1. I read a piece by fintan o'toole who was attempting to analyse why boris Johnson keeps repeating the line that goods from the uk mainland to northern Ireland will not be subject to any form of customs checks. The conclusion he reached was that either.... Bojo didn't understand what he had signed. Bojo knew full well the implications of his deal on Ireland but gambled that England simply wouldn't care. Tbh i don't know which is worse.....
  2. Reading is my local match but alas fate has conspired against me as am in US at moment and will miss the game. Reading used to be a club that decked out the away end to remind us of PP by putting on local beer and grub, plus play rams tv. Are they going to be playing loud booing on a loop over the pa system this season - just to make it authentic like at PP 不
  3. Curtains - have you actually read anything since 2015? 不
  4. He'll fit right in with us then! 不
  5. Come on lads....stick a couple of our recent second half performances together and I reckon we stand a chance of getting a 3-0 out of this one......不
  6. Were you in the Derby dugout Angie? Anyhow, completely missed the game as me and my lad were on our way to Orlando for a cheeky week of white knuckle rides before xmas. Caught up on here and it sounds like my prediction league 2-2 was a tad optimistic. Feel for Cocu. He doesn't seem to have had any stable platform to build off. It's not looking great though is it....what on earth is Rooney learning while watching us struggle??
  7. Since it all went tits up for him at stoke he's more a figure of fun than hate. 不
  8. Karl Robinson used to rate Kyle McFadzean highly.............. just saying like....不
  9. 63% turnout. Worryingly low for a ge where we're used to seeing 70-80% as a normal range.... Disenfranchised voters, not good for representative democracy.
  10. Would never be overt of course. How would you know if eg NICE were presented with choices of drugs from us pharma companies at several times the price of current? This sort of thing is well hidden from view and only usually gets surfaced in places like private eye - which has a tiny circulation.
  11. Not tory policy for 50 years or something so that's ok....... Difficult to see that ending well.
  12. Actually, Juncker was reported as saying that the EU would not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement but would examine proposals as long as they were compatible with it. Which is exactly what happened. So Boris achieved nothing if you were looking at this from the eu lens. They gave nothing. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/25/michel-barnier-boris-johnsons-combative-rhetoric-targets-eu-unity
  13. He didn't. What he got was an earlier draft of May's deal that she deemed wasn't palatable to the country. Nothing was new.
  14. Indeed so. The leaving of the EU has to work through fully. I expect it to yield no benefit for places like Mansfield etc, but until that is actually experienced people will still believe that the Johnson line will come true.
  15. Hmm. SNP also with big gains. Division in the UK won't be over as England and Scotland will be more polarised. Short odds on Corbyn resigning?
  16. Yeah...they're never THAT far out. A handful of seats variance tops.
  17. Well looks like Boris had won big. Startling.....says the BBC.
  18. You mean you missed that photo of Curtains twirling his Boris Johnson nipple pasties? Mods moved in pretty quick mind......不
  19. Been an interesting cross section I'd say. Much like our society. Which is why we are where we are.....
  20. My media influences have been very interesting this time. The FT have refused to endorse either labour or conservative - highly unusual. And doesn't endorse the lib dems despite claiming that they are in theory closer to liberal free market principles. The economist is very similar in truth. Unprecedented times....
  21. Good question. We're in a con-libdem marginal so really its hobsons choice if you identify with something centrist or even soft left as I believe myself to be. But the sitting Tory is towards the moderate wing so I appreciate that I could be accused of flip flopping between local and national issues. I much prefer the European elections pr system which removes a lot of that contention.
  22. Now that IS bad luck. Cast my vote. Would've gone green but there isn't one here. I cannot support Boris. Despite Curtains' entreaties I find him a dislikeable narcissist who is possibly the most self absorbed politician I can recall. He has no conviction whatsoever. Hence I went libdem. The local candidate is new but local. If he loses to the sitting Tory, well she isn't the worst. Been a decent constituency mp in truth. But there are truly some horrors out there. Fabricant is at the more repellent end. Will stay up for the exit poll and maybe later if it looks uncertain and hence interesting. Stay safe all and stay tolerant!
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