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  1. Crikey, Frank's let himself go in 4 weeks.....不
  2. Pffft. He's a near neighbour. That sorts out where I'll walk the dog to drop her guts later.....不
  3. 20 point deduction for the lilywhites incoming......不
  4. hanging off the bottom of a lorry, according to some bloke on Twitter. He's hiring a transit van, according to the girl who works in Enterprise Van Rental Eastleigh, to take Frank, Jody and the gang back with him.....it's all legit.......guv........不
  5. If Roman's in France then he can pop into the UK. Might be queuing with all the hundreds of thousand of other migrants tho..... Open EU borders mate innit..............不
  6. Ahh, you're a humanitarian Ramit. The good folk of Iceland don't possess the occasional spontaneous malevolence of us Brits....不
  7. What did Derek, Derek, Derek and Derek have to say? 不
  8. And @Davids special award for "Rhetorical Thread of the Year" goes to.....不
  9. Frank to unveil 4 new signings, a new 2nd strip, huge windfall profits from the sale of our unwanted players and to sign a new 4 year deal. By the end of this week. Oh, and Sky Sports to be placed into administration and sports journalists struck down by a highly selective form of Ebola. If carlsberg did weeks...........不
  10. Don't forget Rio - he's been sticking his beak in. Not to quite the same extent as the Redknapp's admittedly. And old 'arry is a mate of mel's....you'd think he would just keep his observations private.....
  11. I haven't listened to him since about 2013......does my head trying to follow his expression.....
  12. That's a 10+ years ago Frank...... A closer fit, thinking about a highly regarded England midfielder, regarded as a bit of a legend at his club who is a complete managerial novice would be... Paul Scho......oh, you're right this is too tough...
  13. I've just watched an interview with Rees mogg on Ch4 news in which he said that the House of Lords in 2017 apparently established that there was no legal basis for the payment of 39bn. Therefore, by some extrapolation, the payment- as it wasn't an "obligation " - was some sort of trade premium in return for which we would receive a good deal. Does anyone know whether this is a) true or b) utter drivel or c) a disputed interpretation of the withdrawal settlement? Have to say Jon snow didn't seem well prepared for the line of attack proffered by Rees-mogg.
  14. Transfer Market website has 303 pages of out of work football managers. And for most of them you can see why..... What's more difficult to find out is whether there are any more Frank's around....may not have managed yet, but have been in the game and are looking for an initial appointment....
  15. but was probably the only basis on which we could get him to sign for us.......its Franks insurance policy assuming he was shrewd enough to have insisted on it.
  16. I heard it commented on that he's the only one of them that is trying to appeal to actual voters beyond the boundaries of the Tory party. Which is why he has no chance. despite the fact that hes an Etonian and Oxbridge I quite warm to the guy. He is, at least, trying to talk straight. The one point at which he has not been convincing was when he was asked why, having suggested he would back it, he eventually voted against the Labour motion to try to avoid no-deal. He was less impressive on that (although he did muster some sort of argument).
  17. Franks an amateur if he's satisfied with a cake. Yaya Toure slapped in a transfer request for not getting a 250k car didn't he.......
  18. really? I fell into a coma about a third of the way down......
  19. I think his underlying fancy was that it doing everything you need to away from the border means no actual barriers at the actual border, but there has not been any questioning of this position. Could be as much bull-plop as the "Malthouse compromise"......which was nothing more than a hypothetical flight of fancy.
  20. Well, Boris seems to be suggesting that all the checks can be applied, but away from the border. So HIS big idea seems to be that instead of a hard border, there will be a couple of hard lorry-parks, one each side. I think the finer details might just remain to be worked through.........不
  21. Aaahhhhh.......the Rosie factor......
  22. He might have known yesterday, but he's forgotten by today..........
  23. Best not mention Red Lines......you'll only provoke B4........
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