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  1. So many crocks.....have we lent them our fitness and conditioning team or something?
  2. Hasn't woodgate stopped playing the lumps and cloggers and turned to the kids?
  3. Pfft need some of old VdM's marketing skills here........ In ascending order, its the Pro, Elite, Super Elite and Global divisions..........🤣
  4. Lets face it, neither us nor the US have any experience of being exploited by superior powers for their own ends, in the name of civilization or democracy or whatever. Well, the Native Americans probably do but nobody asks them much........
  5. Fundamentally, the game cannot resolve the step change from PL to EFL while there are 2 completely separate bodies in charge, with differing priorities. The PL should be re-nationalised under the FA......where was that idea in Jezza's manifesto?🤣
  6. It was the 1920's that really saw our challenge falter........😥
  7. Central defenders have generally greater longevity than eg box to box midfielders and we currently lack depth in this particular position in terms of young uns coming through so it's likely to work out ok for both parties in this case......
  8. So one way or another we're going to be using up some of our spare cash on George for the rest of the season - is that the January transfer budget blown?😂
  9. think we may have signed that person too..........🤣
  10. now that the Derby Roovolution is in full swing, I am going big on this one (Boro have had a good run of results but have injury issues I think). 0-3 to the Rams and I reckon Waggers will be the frgs
  11. Next player coach once we've set Wazza on his way.....🤣
  12. when you look at the state of some our fans at away games, I think we can rightly claim to have a staggering presence anorl......🤣
  13. Not too bad a trip from Derby down the m1. Bid more fiddly from me, but I might make the effort depending on exactly when the game is 👍
  14. Was hoping there would be a few more tickets than that tbh......🤣
  15. Why aren't we ball 32 to rinse a bit more sponsorship cash? Come on Mel.....you're missing a trick....🤣
  16. Using the words "Peterborough" and "ace " in the same sentence has shredded the credibility of this article...🤣
  17. well I had the good fortune of a replay at Southampton last year, sooo.....not being greedy either Bournemouth or Portsmuff away may have me stirring from my laz-e-boy.......🤣
  18. He certainly did do at least 2 or 3 "Rooneys" whilst he was lying on his arse 😂 but i think when Oliver was talking to him just before he reached for the red card, he pointed to his head which suggests that it was the head movement that had tipped him over the edge.
  19. Now despite my handle, I don't want to be a TOTAL mood hoover, but......... ........I seem to recall around the time of Preston (I think) that similar sentiments were being expressed. The players were finally "getting it" etc etc Only for us to launch into another woeful run of abject performances......🤣 Are our players all goldfish, so that once they have "got it" they then instantly forget it and have to relearn from scratch????
  20. you could have added a burger and rounded it up to £50, you cheapskate.......🤣
  21. Pfft.......you'll never make our RoyMac happy. The best you can hope for is to make him less unhappy...........🤣
  22. I'll see you all when I'm about 90 for some more moaning and p-taking then lads if that's the case. Assuming that the forum is still going. Maybe David is doing it as a retirement hobby 🤣
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