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  1. That's their funding plan - a 44 page document that shows the workings behind the 83bn. It's all taxes - business, personal, financial transaction tax etc etc. They've at least put something up to be shot at. Obviously it's a forecast so will be inaccurate. Well, out by 58bn for a start. But to be absolutely fair, the workings are drawn from all sorts of published papers from various bodies. It's not just the labour party making up numbers.
  2. Pat on the shoulder for example. Know what you mean I think Roy. Sometimes if you're someone of few words, just a gesture can work.
  3. You're talkin fanny......😂
  4. I thought that it was Chris van der weerden or Twan who speak to the lads coming on, whilst Cocu busies himself giving out the Paddington hard stares..... .🤣
  5. Pffft. Clean air since 1956. Now admittedly there's a whiff of winkles and jellies eels............🤣
  6. I'm uplifted by the sight of the 600lb woman in Texas being able to go fishing with her son.... ....a beautiful moment......😂 How are we doing?
  7. And our team nickname isn't based on a homosexual pastime......🤣
  8. Such a frustrating season. A good performance, hopes rise, a decent result. Then the first little thing goes wrong and we collapse in a heap. Weird and irritating......we know that they CAN do better. But why they seem to be so brittle is a difficult question to answer.
  9. I'm looking for positives. @angieram.....you're off the hook. The Fulham hoodoo is not you 😘
  10. It's a shame but waghorn sounds like he's having a poor second season. Bought after his purple patch season with Ipswich. Just like Lawrence. What a poo recruitment strategy we've had.....
  11. Our fans are our only defenders who can put a decent tackle in.....😂
  12. Spot on there. It's pure gambling. Now if Labour really wanted to fix a "rigged" market, investment banking would be a place to start. Far too many people extracting cash out of a system that builds and delivers very little of lasting value. Not easy but worthwhile.
  13. Now you're on my turf and I need to point out a couple of factual inaccuracies in this. Labour did set up the Financial Services Authority but did not "slash" banking regulations. Gordon Brown admitted later that the real regulatory failure was not to fully understand the systemic risk building throughout the system. Neither did any other regulator. The genesis of the 2007-2009 financial crash was City deregulation under Margaret Thatcher in 1985. Nigel Lawson analysed3it as an unintended consequence of investment banks merging with retail banks. Labour was not to blame for the financial crash. The impact on tax receipts was sudden, unprecedented and very material. The deficit which is still with us even after so many years austerity is not fully recovered
  14. Ah well....still closer to a functioning replacement than our scouting team could manage 😂
  15. I've scouted extensively to consider who might share keoghs main attributes and I've found this feller.......🤣
  16. Oh well there goes another prediction. Still, well done waggers 🤣
  17. That's Cocus cognitive training methods in tatters.....🤣
  18. Alasdair darling had already started to make cuts when the 2010 election came round
  19. You're Jacob Rees-Mogg and when you're not tearing up the pop side or salting away your millions offshore you're a part time member. I claim my £5....🤣
  20. NZ were 144-4 earlier today I saw. But that's the only update or score that I've seen....
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