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  1. Sooo....what des Cocu do now? we haven't exactly drawn Stokes sting and frustrated them, quite the reverse in fact having got the bonus of a lead. Should we put Bielik in instead of Hudds to try and get some control? knight instead of dowell who sounds disappointing? lets be bold.....
  2. Looks like Cocu prefers 2 dms away from home- at least to start. some sense in that to draw stokes sting. hope he changes it up if we’ve worn them down and have them there for the taking....👍
  3. This is what was on the card. But the arguments and options were - or should have been - formed by the campaigns, the equivalent of a general election "manifesto". I have no doubt that there will be a possibly significant proportion of voters who didn't bother digesting any of the arguments as their minds were already made up. The equivalent of the died in the wool Labour or Tory voter. But there were many others who wanted to engage, listen and consider the arguments as they were put to them. Reflecting back on it now, this decision was arguably far more momentous than a General Election in terms of its implications for the country. Therefore it should have received far more careful attention in terms of how each side was allowed to pitch its arguments than it got. That the whole thing was dreadfully organised and run now merely fuels the massive discord and division. But we are where we are and the irony of the attempts to re-run the campaign to leave what was pitched as a fundamentally undemocratic institution are not lost on me.
  4. Is that a photo of the tattoo that the lads have popped on your arse whilst you were, er, “fully refreshed “? 😂
  5. Anybody else watching out for posts from anybody else watching Bilbao v Barca live on itv4 this evening (Fri 16th August)? 😂
  6. Anybody else watching Bilbao v Barca live on itv 4 this evening? (Fri 16th August)
  7. Stop talking down our win.......they’re potential division champs I tell you. and that was a hugely significant marker we put down that won’t be bettered this season.....😂
  8. Don’t think that no deal was positioned as an option, more of a possible consequence by the Remain side. you need the context......was this put out to counter the leave messaging of how “easy” a good deal would be to strike? I don’t know the answer btw - but the context is helpful to understand the arguments.
  9. I hope he was grateful!!! What was it - first dibs on the Friday afternoon custard creams? 😂
  10. Best way mate. You’ll have forgotten our 11 years of promotion disappointments soon 😂
  11. Blooming eck they’ve cleaned up the beach at Weymouth a treat. looks like they’ve re-routed the Portland sewage outfall as well...... all together now...... ”when the brown brown noggin goes bob-bob-bobbin along....” 😂 (don’t mind me-delighted you’re having a well deserved and enjoyable family holiday Cones)😘
  12. The real key was education education education, as tony blair stated before he got sidetracked by WMD, legacy, third terms etc
  13. I should make myself more clear.....😂 by “realpolitik” I really mean that they are centre-left by nature which I think is more towards the electorate position. Youre right of course about the membership. But even so we’re talking something like 500,000 out of an electorate of something like 40m? It’s quite small beer really. What we have to crack somehow is the generational transfer issues that lead to our young people feeling disenfranchised and the older generations wanting to pull up the drawbridge. Can there be a political party for all the people?
  14. My point was really about the contention between the Parliamentary Labour Party and the wider movement - the MPs cannot on their own kick Jeremy Corbyn out because of the constitution of the Labour Party. Very similar to the early 80's that I read about in Tony Benn's diaries - the MPs that the public quite like and elect are the ones usually loathed by the Labour Party machine. Tom Watson is the current day example. It does fetter him from taking a clear position though - Momentum (who put him there) are generally pro-remain I understand.
  15. Remember when me and a mate decided to treat ourselves to a hospitality package through Lastminute.com back on the 2001 ashes at the Oval. Cost us over £130 quid each (nont inc wine and travel) Got 35 minutes play, 5 more than the threshold for an abandonment and refund, then it p*****d down from 11.35. So the fall back was to start the hospitality early and run the meals together. By 3pm we'd had lunch, tea and a farewell sandwich and were completely torched and skint from the massively overpriced wine.......🤣
  16. Would much prefer to see our youngsters being deployed this season than be crossing fingers waiting for the likes of Anya to regain fitness. Nothing personal Ikechi, but these lads are the future and you're, well......😂
  17. Seen a few Aussie fans in their green and gold regalia just now in London heading back to Waterloo so I guess that's it for the day?
  18. The issue Labour has is that Momentum has created JC as leader, but the parliamentary party - who are closer to the "realpolitik" of the nation - view him at best with antipathy and mainly with hostility. So he has no command in Parliament, but cannot be unseated within the party. Stalemate......
  19. Not any more judging by those recent pictures of Kinky....😂
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