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  1. Right and righter.......or maybe righteous? 🀣
  2. Oh I don't think any of them were on the left were they? 🀣
  3. We were particularly poo that day tho. Think mount was out , we gave Ashley Cole his 1st start (and he scored) and we played Nugent as our main striker. Despite that, and the fact that palace are managed by ancient roy Hodgson I think you're right and it'll be one to forget πŸ˜‚
  4. Wouldn't deal at that price. Let our commercial guys loose on the deal and we'll soon have that to £7m + add-ons........🀣
  5. It'll be just like Brighton last season and well get outclassed by an also-ran premier league outfit. And we won't even have the seaside to look forward to but stinky sarf lahndan πŸ˜‚
  6. I went to the Liverpool game the half fan that I am. Was a classic Derby performance. Holding our own until keogh side footed an attempted clearance from a corner straight to a Liverpool player 6 yards out.....🀣
  7. Keogh injured in "Joiners gate". Not expected back. Ever.
  8. So when are we signing Jan Targets - you know, the little known psv backup midfield playmaker who's a box to box goalscoring maestro? 🀣
  9. Been widespread in my industry for about 10 years and I normally do so once a week depending on meeting commitments. HSBC head office in canary wharf had a desk allocation of 0.4 per fte at one stage so you were expected to wfh 3 days per week. I think one impediment is rail fare structure. Most people have invested in annual season tickets that are driven by calendar rather than the number of journeys that you make. There are smart cards on our line but you can only load 10 journeys and you get a whopping 5% off the full daily fare. Annual gold cards, if used every day , give you about 60% off. Ideally you need to be able to buy say 100 journeys at once at something like half price and then use at your leisure.
  10. Selhurst is worse than Croydon. And don't get me started on Thornton heath......🀣
  11. Back to more serious matters. I haven't followed in detail which politicians said what in reaction to the tragic deaths on London bridge, but the father of one of the victims has been lambasting Johnson and Patel - completely distancing his family from their remarks. Good on him. And labour seems to have found some more extra cash with which to run railways so they don't have to bother with fares anymore it seems.....
  12. That was amusing in fairness πŸ˜‚
  13. Time to wheel out everybody's favourite Tory.....🀣
  14. What, has Messi threatened himself with legal action for plagiarizing a goal he once scored? 🀣
  15. Wasn't this guy wanted by some of our fans as manager to replace frank? Or maybe snakey?
  16. Technically, and pedantically, because we do not have a funded state pension system no money was actually removed. Instead a previously understood future commitment was simply rubbed out and the debt de-recognised. Bit of accounting trickery....
  17. Who are in the playoffs? Is one of then the Europa nations cup winners?
  18. You old rascal. You knew that I meant players who had run out of puff 🀣
  19. Bit late really - unless players are blown/injured.
  20. Thank you for sharing some positive information Bob πŸ‘ Perhaps it's just me but maybe Cocu has now tried so many formations and combinations that he's actually forgotten which ones have worked better than others. Weimann just scored his 7th of the season which is probably more than he managed in all his time here.
  21. Come on lads..... The game stats look unfavourable, we need a bit of the blitz spirit with all these injuries. Don't need to worry about the quality as brum v millwall at 0-0 is being described as the worst half of football ever witnessed by that particular reporter 🀣
  22. People tend to be too one dimensional when thinking about tax. Looked at possible work in Bermuda a couple of years ago. No direct personal income tax at all. Small rate of NI. But that ignores massive import cost that makes the cost of basic items 3 or 4 times that of here. And property rental was 8 or 9,000 US per month. Luxembourg.....indirect taxes are very high again making cost of living multiples of uk. So really it's not about high or low taxes but how they're levied and how that bears down on different segments of society.
  23. If its American investors then they're probably holding out for Brexit hoping for a crash in the Β£.....πŸ˜‚
  24. Probably true around 1918, as most of them had been shot. Still, they wouldn't have known any better of course at voting in the politicians who marched us off to war all those years ago, as it was property owning blokes only. Like @Angry Ram the elder (and younger) πŸ˜‚ Common sense is certainly not the preserve of the older person.
  25. Football assumes varying levels of importance in each of our lives and I wouldn't presume to impose my world view of it on anyone else. The bipolar nature of our performances this season has been very frustrating tho....which dcfc are we going to get in any game? I can well imagine the upset caused if you have given up significant time and cost only to see a limp effort from the team. We only seem to be able to be competitive for about 10 mins.....πŸ˜‚
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