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  1. 10 hours ago, Coconut said:

    To be fair Dowell & Evans do look remarkably similar from a distance. Height, build, hair, movement style etc, I've got them mixed up on occasion and although probably not even realising it and not willing to admit it I bet so have a few others.

    If only there was some unambiguous marking to tell them apart.....

    perhaps an 18inch high number on the backs of their shirts which is unique to them and you can cross reference to a list....?

    nah, never catch on 😂

  2. We were first match on tonight.

    snakey was analysing in the studio and it was a bizarre performance.

    firstly, calling out stoke for “playing so poorly last season just after they’d come down”. Er - you mean under you Gaz?

    secondly for faintly praising Cocu “seems to be trying to build a philosophy at Derby. I was speaking to Mel Morris and some of the staff recently and they’ve been trying to play the same way throughout the club”. You mean he’s doing what Mel has been talking about for yonks and which you completely failed to do.

    honestly does he live in some parallel universe? 😂

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