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  1. HantsRam

    Ashley Cole

    Yeah. Seemed to have built up a good understanding with Seaman and Sol....😂
  2. HantsRam

    v Reading (H) - Predictions

    2-0 Mason mount mount mount....
  3. The weather in falkirk can be, well, quite indifferent at this time of year 🤣
  4. HantsRam


    Massive arse. Looked quite difficult to knock off the ball 😂
  5. Like the Brighton fans. Stood with a load at the train station in Brighton back in 2014 and they were knowledgeable folk - even asked whether Jake was the same Jake they had seen a couple of years previously with Mansfield. Good bants.
  6. Good work mate. And we got a result which meant i was able to be superior with the carrot crunchers at work. 👍
  7. HantsRam

    Ashley Cole

    That’s cos Max went off to Aberdeen....see....all ties together. It’s all causal and hence truth😂
  8. HantsRam

    Ashley Cole

    Is this a guessing game? I’ll go with.....Combing David’s chest wig? 😂
  9. HantsRam

    Craig Bryson

    Surprised when we brought Lawrence on for Tom, but Frank does like to go for it. and bryso did a fair enough job dropping deeper in midfield. Maybe a bit of a role for him yet as he morphs into our own Lothar Matthaeus👍
  10. HantsRam


    All I saw on SSN was frank quoted as saying he could leave “if the deal was right”. so saying nothing really.
  11. HantsRam

    Ashley Cole

    At one point I turned to my right and could swear I saw him across the gangway. and I was in row DD...........😂
  12. HantsRam


    Doggy, moggy, boggy, bogey, boygey ......Boycie (wondered where he’d got to 😂) fair play, my grasp of basic spelling seems to have left me lol
  13. HantsRam

    Ashley Cole

    Someone who could help tell the other defenders where to stand would be worth his weight in this team...........I bet we wouldn't see Ashley popping up at inside forward like Scott Malone did a couple of times last night.......😄
  14. Thats the spirit. Will you be going to Accrington mate?
  15. That's what I was watching.......whilst listening to the stream of anglo-saxon invective coming from a gentleman about 2 rows behind me 😄 tbf he didn't seem to have any friends amongst the Saints fans.....

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