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  1. The 5k will be your lot, can't segregate it easily to offer more.
  2. We've had five plus years of Keiren Westwood, the bloke is chuffing brilliant. Best in the league for me.
  3. Ah, hard to pick up that, he's right though, we do moan very very quickly if it's poo. Big old stadium half full doesn't help and that chuffing band, killers them lot.
  4. I wouldn't say we are shocking for home support, two team City and as you know prices that make men weep, it certainly could and should be better but it's 20 years since PL football, 2 stints in League One and 1 trophy since before WW2. Football fans are inherently fickle, they'll turn out in droves if the team are flying or in a final but often the same folks make half dozen home games.
  5. As an outsider, hope you don't mind my two pennorth... I suspect in society, amongst fanbases that plenty have replicated Messrs Bennett and Lawrence, some to devastating effects others fortunate to get home safe and undetected. In no way am I excusing their behaviour, as a younger man I've been a passenger in a car with a drunk driver, i and he should have known better and I'm currently in the process of taking lessons so won't touch a drop 48 hours before a lesson, that is the thoughts of a man in his 30s with life to pay for by putting hours in not 20 odd year olds who lack common sense and live in a self created bubble and don't really worry about owt cos their agent or entourage sort most of their issues. I remember Pennant and Adams being jailed for DUIs so custodials are on fhe cards and Keogh's choice has ended his career at this level IMHO, so what can County do, pending the case, make an example or offer support? Mel has to choose between protecting his investment or protecting the clubs image, it's a tough tough and very thin line, sacking them would be a finance hit but keeping them is a pr nightmare which may cost too. Got to feel for Mel, and Cocu. 21 years ago this week we had our "sliding door" moment with the Di Canio push, this seems, to me, like it's County's under Mel.
  6. How is FFP ethical? It's a restriction of trade in it's purest form. Since 2016 when Villa and Newcastle came down the transfer market down here has truly exploded, we are seeing relegated teams chucking ridiculous amounts in one window to get straight back, using monies intended to ward off financial implosion by offering 8 figure fees and high 5 figure wages for what were standard to decent tier 2 players. So clubs who don't have the same type of external income either roll over so we would see the same clubs up and down and the PL almost a closed shop, barring a meltdown or they try to match fees and wages but then fall foul of FFP. Do I agree us and Derby were right to flog the stadium, no but we had little choice. Owners, providing they offer assurances should be allowed to match parachute payments or the PPs are removed from calculations. But the actual point is, the games fuxked.
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