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  1. How is FFP ethical? It's a restriction of trade in it's purest form. Since 2016 when Villa and Newcastle came down the transfer market down here has truly exploded, we are seeing relegated teams chucking ridiculous amounts in one window to get straight back, using monies intended to ward off financial implosion by offering 8 figure fees and high 5 figure wages for what were standard to decent tier 2 players. So clubs who don't have the same type of external income either roll over so we would see the same clubs up and down and the PL almost a closed shop, barring a meltdown or they try to match fees and wages but then fall foul of FFP. Do I agree us and Derby were right to flog the stadium, no but we had little choice. Owners, providing they offer assurances should be allowed to match parachute payments or the PPs are removed from calculations. But the actual point is, the games fuxked.
  2. Doesn't Jokanovic want daft money, hence he's not found a new job yet, that said I don't think Lampard will leave, he's a young manager, the Chelsea job will pop up again soon so may as well keep learning his trade.
  3. High demand maybe, just looked the Broomloan Stand (away) holds 7.5k, but with all due respect i can't see more than a couple of thousand for a friendly roughly 300 miles away
  4. Be about 5k behind the goal tops, lucky gets, last time we played up there was 98
  5. Aye, playing at Bramall Lane, The Blades nickname, having a football team, all them first.....
  6. Ha, i will take banter but you're talking poo here.
  7. Blame Hull, or youselves for not beating em
  8. 40 odd k of us in 2016...... Enjoy though.
  9. Belated I know But well done the other night, superb stuff. Shaky start but great ending, bahnce at wembley lads and lasses.
  10. To allez allez allez You spied on us all You were never gonna stop Cheating is the Leeds way From Revie and year dot But Cloughie knew the truth And saw through it all Leeds ufuckingnited The stain on English football
  11. Spy spy wherever you may be It didn't get you to the Premier league Now we look at Leeds to take the piss And Bamfords a diving forest p-rick
  12. Sorry b4 have you never seen this? unfortunately the changing world means that people could go in with something unsavoury or dangerous if it wasn't policed. It may be a bottle of Pepsi etc for you but stewards don't know that.
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