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  1. If I was a defensive midfielder I’d be instructing my agent to ignore all calls from Derby! Cursed 😆
  2. The guy seems like a great pro and a good influence around the place. Something we need after the season we’ve had so far and with so many young lads in the squad he is surely a good influence. I wouldn’t expect him to be first choice next season but I think Cocu wants these kind of leaders on the training ground day in day out. I thought it was telling that Cocu mentioned Curtis was part of the captaincy group when giving Rooney the armband. Obviously respects the guy. He’s also done a good job since being back in the team. I like the him so I’m all for another years contract.
  3. I’d say go for it. It sounds like George has enjoyed the fresh start and fits in well. Always liked him as a player and he spoke well in interviews so it’s nice to hear what impact he has on their squad. Robinson got in to coaching at an early age so he could be a good mentor for perhaps? Such a shame it never worked here, he was so good on his day. I wish him all the luck as it’s about time he got some!
  4. Didn't Manchester United just field an academy graduate for the 4000 (?) game running or something ridiculous? In recent years they've had plenty come through and Solskjaer seems keen to push that further (given time). Its a bit of a long shot to suggest that by plating 20 games next season those players will be worth millions though isn't it? Bogle seems to be worth a hefty fee right now for sure but thats based on his performances over the last year not the amount he's played. I don't see many people dropping millions on Mason Bennett.
  5. I think you’re all missing the glaringly obvious here. His surname is Delaney, not Padster! And yes, he did marry Boaty McBoatface, they are just a thoroughly modern couple and decided to keep their birth names. I have it on good authority they now live happily together with their newborn, Dinghy McDinghy-Delaney.
  6. From the original interview on ramsplayer I got the impression that he felt he was a better CB but preferred DCM as it allowed him more freedom to do what he likes (moving forward with the ball and starting attacks). Saying that it seemed he was happy to do both as they offered separate challenges that would improve him as a player. I thought it was a good interview from a very professional, young, driven player that was keen to improve as a whole. Let’s hope that’s the case as it can only be good for DCFC.
  7. Sorry to bump this thread but can we have diadora next please? And I don’t care if you don’t like collars!
  8. I somehow earned a sewing badge at cubs even though all my badges were secured with double sided tape. I think they just felt sorry for me.
  9. Good points well made but there’s no need to be patting yourself on the back about it at the end. Comes across a little big headed 😂
  10. We could always sign Benoit Assou-Ekotto to replace him. He is a Li-ion after all.
  11. You punners seem to copper load of resistance from folk just looking for transfer activity, they get in a right Staite! At least you’re trying to plug a gap to keep us all entertained. Anyway, it’s late and I need to recharge my batteries for more of the same tomorrow. Feel quite positive we’ll sign someone soon.
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