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  1. He gets knocked down but he gets up again - Fozzy's never gonna let you down
  2. Derby 1-0 Stoke FRGS Captain Tom
  3. I hope we are trying Buchanan at left mid he has looked good there
  4. No just not good enough to do what they are told I think is nearer the Mark
  5. The 8 most undeserved promotions in football history | FourFourTwo 2 out of the 8 are Leicester 1 against us - one goal should have been disallowed and the other assisted by someone who should not have been on the pitch grrr 1 extracting the Urine out of EFL rules as they now stand
  6. I would still have him - with squad numbers ltd would probably have him over Stearman as he can cover RB and CB
  7. Bit harsh expecting there to be any chance of a repeat to be fair - he is 70 and it will be at least two years until we are in Europe - I know Real are on a bit of a lean patch at the moment, but us managing to set up a 72 year old three times is a bit of a stretch 😜
  8. Now that is an interesting proposition
  9. On that logic that is OK then because we will get a retrospective penalty or two and win the game 😝
  10. I agree I think he led with the arm a bit for the header - maybe a booking
  11. Totally agree with this one πŸ™‚
  12. Malcolm ??? bit of a curve ball
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