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  1. but how do you propose to make the outbreak longer but less severe? That is also the intention of the spanish government, hence the complete lockdown i would be reasonably certain that within the next couple of weeks the uk will follow the chinese italian and spanish by having complete lockdown. I just thing a great oppotunity was missed by not taking action as soon as it was obvious what was happening in other countries i peronally think the situation will be worse in the uk because there is little distance between towns and cities. the majority of spains cases are in two areas; madrid and areas around barcelona. there are long distances between large cities and it is comparitivly easy to isolate these areas. how do you isolate birmingham form dudley, walsal, w. brom, wolverhampton etc etc anyway very worrying times whereever we are and i dont think football will be on the agenda for a long time
  2. I dont mean to be rude or dismissive of peoples opion but i seriously doubt we will be watching live football again in the uk for the next 6 months. (unless a miracle vacinne is produced) i think you are being seriously misled by the government into the seriousness of the situation. I have been a Spanish resident for several years and am watching both governments handling of the situation. the spanish government is almost draconion in comparision to the uk. no leaving the house at all other than supermarket or farmacia. (must have receipt or prescription) only one person in a car. unless accompioning non driver to doctors appointment. documents and address are checked to ensure u are going to a supermarket etc nearest home address. on the spot 600 euros fine (court appearance and possible imprisionment for repeat offenders after more than 2 weeks lockdown which is now extended for another 2 weeks the number of cases continues to rise , although now the rate of increase is levelling out. it is expected that the pattern in the uk will follow that of italy spain and now france and uk will proabably have 40k+ cases by this time next week. (hope i am wrong) the uk government is still messing about and asking for the cooperation of the population. never going to work. uk had a great chance to take action 2 weeks ago and failed. it was the time for a strong leader but unfortunately u had Boris.
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