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  1. brutamuk

    Craig Bryson

    That would leave us with 8 midfielders. Huddlestone Thorne/Ledley Bryson Hanson Elsnik Guy ??? ??? Seems a lot for 3 positions. 3 of them are holding midfielders. The other 5 (depending on who we'd sign) being the attacking two. It's a problem area. Too many slow players. Personally I'd quite happily see them all go apart from Elsnick, Guy and two experienced heads (Huddlestone and Bryson maybe). Then sign one or two quality loans maybe.
  2. Thorney currently in Kansas with his missus staying with Johnny Russell. Video on Instagram of them playing catch in the garden. Thorney sat in a chair like a grandad playing with his grandkids. Russel threw the ball over the fence. Nothing changes.

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