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  1. Does this mean a return to the bench for Colin??
  2. Random question, after tonight’s news I want to show my support tomorrow (in person) and bring me young lads with me. Tried to book online and it’s will only allow one ticket? Is that normal?
  3. You know what they say… quality over…
  4. Surely this means Marshall or Roos is on his way out?
  5. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/08/rams-add-trio-to-their-squad-ahead-of-new-season
  6. Well this chap has just looked around my mates house in Derby, ie potential buyer. Can’t see how we would afford him, but stranger things have happened…
  7. Or did the efl not appeal because they know that are accounts are f**ked. Part of me think they did this so that we hurry up and reveal the accounts… the comes the penalty points = relegation and another year of bad press… which sadly, seems to be what efl want
  8. The hope I have, is that Rooney won’t keep his mouth shut if he doesn’t want a player, that the recruitment team bring in. Therefore, the positive should be that the new additions will be Rooney choice..
  9. How many other championship teams have more than 4 internationals? Eg, we have 4…
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