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  1. The first few days are about catching up, doing tests as to where the players are fitness wise and then starting to build fitness itself. Steve Haines can do a lot of that with the medical team. The key time is the trip to America when you would expect the manager to be getting systems and style into place
  2. Are you suggesting Mel Morris made Frank leave, Curtains?
  3. In many ways CS I think your theory is correct. Frank has had an increased offer from us which would, I would guess, have tempted him and he's a bright guy and he will know the risks as well as we do. He probably has enjoyed the last season and the genuine connection he has made within the club and with the fans. It probably took him by surprise. But. He will not have got to his current position by lacking self confidence. He will believe he can be the manager to break the hiring and firing trend at Chelsea. Secondly, he has a 9 month old daughter and two other teenage daughters that live in the south east with their mum. This last 12 months can't have been easy for him at times and to be going home after work rather than to a rented house will be a big draw for him I would guess. And thirdly, the suspicion remains that this isn't the beginning of discussions but the end of them - contract ts crossing and Is dotting, press conference organising. The rules about being given permission to talk to players or managers are impossible to maintain and police in the days of third party representatives. Clubs have agents, players and managers do, agents probably have agents. All Frank will have had to do would be to have a series of conversations with his agent and let them do the rest. This is a multi-million £ deal for Chelsea and there's no way that they will have got to this stage with that at risk without having a good knowledge and agreement of Frank's demands. I would, still, like him to stay. I think it would be better for him and his career. I think we will hear lots of platitudes about how good we have been for him and how much he loves our club; how Chelsea is the only job he would have moved for and how unexpected the offer was, all of which will probably be true. But I would put the chances of him staying at less than 1%, unless of course Mel is giving them permission to talk without being asked in order to hurry it up because he knows Chelsea are really after someone else. But that really would be Machiavellian.
  4. Well, whether he goes or whether the talks break down at the last stage and he stays, at least we know who we'll be getting in the third round of the FA Cup
  5. Who knows who the source of our alleged interest in Gerrard is? Perhaps it's a bookie wanting to encourage bets; maybe a journo in one of more than 150 different media outlets making up a story that they can then run further with; could be someone on Ranger's board (notoriously leaky) that doesn't like the cut of Stevie G's jib; perhaps an agent wanting a better contract for Mr G; are Chelsea wanting to distract attention from Lampard or their interest in AN Other? who knows. Who cares, until Mel says something
  6. ilkleyram

    Farewell Brys

    I think ramstv/Colin Gibson have done two current players- Tom Huddlestone and Curtis Davis. Those interviews tend to be a run through their whole career rather than just the Derby bit It will be hard for them, especially younger players, to talk about their current employer/teammates with any real objectivity or balance or honesty, but it would be good to understand some of the off field pressure and challenges. What’s it really like having a long term injury or two, or moving around the country, or challenges for the family, for example. What’s it like to go to a new club? Perhaps Rams TV could follow a player this season with all the ups and downs, for a longer special programme this time next year. If it were an academy player on the edge of the first team it might be really interesting to see what challenges they face.
  7. I can hear b4 shaking his head from West Yorkshire
  8. Is the bit about Will Hughes your opinion Ramnut or a quote from Bergkamp himself? Either way I agree entirely. I've only watched bits of our William's performances last season though all of the Cup Final and although there have been glimpses of what he can do largely his performances have been underwhelming, mostly because, it seems to me, of what he has been asked to do. At times he's looked lost and I never thought I would write that about him of all players. He's becoming ordinary. It's interesting that his name now is never/very rarely linked with England squads even though he's playing regularly in the EPL. I know football is littered with players that get U21 caps and then no more but I've always thought that he was better than that. Perhaps he needs to move to Everton.
  9. Who's this Duncan Holmes chap? 🤣
  10. Mrs Hants not a forum member then 😀
  11. The season kicks off in 6 weeks which is a lucky number in Chinese and extra lucky for us because it is 6 weeks and 3 sleeps and 3 divides into 6 exactly, so that's extra lucky. We're playing Huddersfield first up on a Monday night. Monday has 6 letters unlike Saturday, but that won't stop us from losing. We probably will. But that's lucky because when we start a season badly it's often a good season by the end And we will have a manager who will be positive and committed to the cause of getting us up; we will have new players who may, or may not, be good and we will see Mr Shinnie in action as well as new youngsters from the Academy and maybe a new loanee or two; it will be hot, the pitch will look wonderful, the fans will be tanned and full of the joys of a new season and that lot will be champions by August 10th. The angst and strife of the last few weeks will be a distant memory, we'll be keeping half an eye on Aberdeen's results and perhaps we'll even have a bounce Roll on. Can't wait.
  12. Boro's legal bills are on the rise........
  13. Don't bring religion into this discussion Sparkle - it'll be at 500 pages by tomorrow and David will have to close the site down
  14. Hopefully that's not the Eclipse's tender 😱 Mind, if it is he's very casually dressed for an interview
  15. Try Moscow and/or St Petersburg - different alphabet never mind language, not too long flight times, fantastic things to see. And football teams if you go in season. Wrap up very warm though and don't think of hiring a car.
  16. And good luck Brys. Thanks for all the great memories. Come back and see us sometime.
  17. It might be Roman's yacht's garden
  18. I think that the EFL have agreed that every manager appointment process must include the interview of at least one BAME candidate - Sol Campbell, Hughton and probably Darren Moore plus, maybe, Michael Johnson, would match both the BAME and (varying) experience qualifications. Can't think of anyone else in the UK.
  19. Only for one season though. Hopefully.
  20. Twitter writers' and agents' dream - Mel meets chairman of club x (perm any one of many) to ask permission to approach manager y (perm anyone they want to make up)
  21. I wonder if Mel asked them to switch SSN off while he was waiting?
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