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  1. And how much should we read into that comment I wonder 😉
  2. Why do the youth teams of the CL qualifiers at 1st team level get into the UEFA youth league automatically? Presumably yet another way of UEFA trying to keep the 'big' clubs from setting up their own league, or am I misunderstanding the reference?
  3. I think it has been an emotional day all round SDSR but we've got to the point in this country where we don't believe anything anyone says any more, where we do take what some ex Chelsea reporter says on Talksport as having enough substance as to mean that Frank is about to go. The same Frank that says there has been no contact with Chelsea, that says he understands the links being made and why and that he can't do anything about them, that says he loves being here and talks about next season. And yet we prefer to believe a Talksport 'journo'. Frank WILL go at some stage. You and I both know that. The parting may be painful and it may even be next week but absolutely nothing in any of Frank or Jody's or Mel's public statements suggest that parting is imminent. Of course that could change but there's been nothing from them to suggest otherwise just a load of lazy links with him and the club he played for successfully for many years. Tabloids routinely, in my personal experience, create stories and 'truth' often from their own imagination and for all kinds of reasons including clickbait. Tabloid fans pick up those stories, repeating them and reinforcing the 'truths' in which there is no truth at all. That's not me being naive. That's the truth.
  4. And a special mention to the We Are Derby poem. Always moves me every time I hear it. My city even though I haven't lived in it for 40 years. Young Ilkley's city even though he's never lived there. And no one else has anything like it.
  5. Then don't speculate. We've known about the meeting between Frank and Mel for a while and that it has been planned for a long time - perfectly normal considering the very different outcomes from today that would have needed to be planned for and addressed And to make anything of Jody Morris' tweet is silly. He's saying thank you to the fans and that it has been a privilege to be in the dugout this season - the past tense is because it was, as of the final whistle, last season Frank and Jody will go at some stage either of their volition or the club's and maybe to Chelsea and maybe some other club, but to read that they're going into the public pronouncements made so far is tabloid fandom.
  6. Matches - Bristol City away, WBA home and away, Man U and Chelsea in the cup and the first half of Boro away, Leeds away for all the obvious reasons plus I live there Players - Keogh and Tomori, Mount at his best, Wilson free kicks, Bogle, some of Marrot's goals, understanding why Cole was such a good player Others - Frank starting various bounces, especially away and in front of the SS, Mel finding a way of getting us through FFP, Mel for being on the pitch at Leeds enjoying himself like a fan, Frank dealing with the media, going to Wembley (coming back was not so good)
  7. As everyone's allowed an opinion, wrong or not, mine is that Frank got selection spot on today. Not only does he know more than anyone on here whether players are actually fully fit or not (rather than just appearing to be 'hungry' in their 20 minutes on the pitch) but he also appears to appreciate that a football match is played over 90+ minutes and you can win through the efforts of those that start but not necessarily finish the game. I thought Mason Bennett as a lone striker gave their centre halves a difficult time. He ran in behind, muscled them, won headers and generally gave them an uncomfortable afternoon. Marriott and Waghorn benefitted from that work later on. Huddlestone had an effective first half, less so in the second and was taken off; Bradley consistently effective throughout; Bogle a nervous first 15/20 and settled into the game; Cole steady throughout despite carrying a knock of some sort; Mount excellent; Roos made a mistake for the second and Bogle for the first - two young, inexperienced players in the biggest game of their careers so far. If you're going to knock young players for making mistakes then next season won't be much fun for you when Bird, Thomas, Sibley and co start to make more appearances. Frank's a young manager too. Yet he made some effective decisions and changes in personnel and system through the match. The players clearly responded and for the last 20 minutes there was only one team in it. This against a side full of experienced players who have scored 7 goals against us this season without reply. Today we pushed them. And all this from a club that a year ago was knocked out in the play off semi final with fans and team and management in internal strife playing a brand of football that was, at best, workmanlike. The transformation in a single season has been significant. That side would not have beaten Leeds in the second leg. So, if you're cheesed off tonight go away and have a summer off. Keep your negativity to yourself and be quietly proud instead of how far we've come, because in about 10 short weeks it starts all over again.
  8. Back from Sibiu in Romania late last night. Now with young Ilkley in north London until we make our way later this morning
  9. Markeaton Park lake. You’re on your way
  10. I know you know this but you can’t just rock up to see him. The home he’s in won’t let you in. It’s Jim’s family you really need to get hold of to ask their permission.
  11. Probably more accurate to say that 'some of the players/agents who have linked themselves with us.............'
  12. As SRG says you have to ask permission in advance - there's a link to the relevant Wembley website on the DCFC website
  13. In the instructions they specifically ask you to check the address on your account and charging postage per ticket so I suspect that they will post the ticket to the address for each ID number
  14. Try this Mucker http://www.wembleystadium.com/plan-your-visit/stadium-guide/view-from-your-seat Me and young Ilkley block 112. COYR
  15. Isn't the new stadium at right angles to the old one?
  16. Bar one And maybe two
  17. Forgery. You go, tomorrow morning so that she doesn't make any link to tonight's match, to the secret drawer where you keep her birth certificate. In short the certificate needs to be taken somewhere to make her 49 in 2019 and there are bound to be decent chaps in Derby that can make the appropriate alteration for you, for less than the price of a Wembley ticket. You then make all the right noises. Darling, I know you/we enjoyed the opera last night and I'm planning a major celebration for your 50th in June next year (produce the certificate). I've also arranged a special bank holiday weekend away with the girls/family/dogs (fill in as appropriate) so that you can celebrate your last year in your 40s because you are special. Foolproof.
  18. I see Rowett's sneaked his name in twice. And still got no takers
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