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  1. A much better programme without Ramage.
  2. Whatever the actual truth of this, the world of football agents is murky at best and quite why the governance rules that legally apply to every business and organisation in the UK can't be made to work in football, God only knows. If the Mail is correct then Monk's agent also represented Derby in the sale of Cyrus to Boro and earned himself £100k in the deal from Derby. He was also Cyrus' agent so presumably got paid for advising the player (probably by Boro). There are no normal business transactions involving this kind of money outside football where it would be acceptable practice for one person to represent 3 parties in a deal, but not the club paying the final fee, which is no doubt what irritates Gibson - not unreasonably. Gibson probably isn't bothered about Derby's part - we told him what was happening - but you can't blame him for thinking that the whole deal potentially stinks. I'm sure there are good, honest agents who work for the best interests of the clubs and players they represent but until football's governance rules change, and are applied, so that a different agent works for each of the parties involved in any and every deal and each agent is only paid by the party they represent, then these problems will continue to arise. We've had, allegedly, our own fiduciary problems. Perhaps it's Boro's turn now.
  3. But from the article: '....over the course of the season PSV seemed more likely to win by attacking rather than protecting'
  4. Perhaps he's popped in to tell Marina that he's decided to stay at Derby
  5. The rams having an assistant manager called Scheepers is highly appropriate.
  6. Oi! Roman you multi billionaire oligarch and all round hard case with dodgy contacts, don't think you're going to announce me as new coach of my dream club before I've had the chance to say ta ta to Keysey and the boys
  7. Could be that Chelsea aren’t convinced it’s the right time or are speaking to Benítez or Cocu however unlikely that may be.
  8. I'm enjoying both World Cups - cricket and Women's football. Taking my mind off Frankie! The footie I have been surprised at. It's showing VAR up to be a complete mess (which is good because it's a nonsense), some of the hype is irritating especially from BBC commentators (Lucy Bronze is the best footballer in the world, a nutmeg is outrageous skill) and some of the defending, goalkeeping and passing is ridiculously poor, although some of it has also been very good - Steph Hughton's recovery and clearance in the last match for example. But the games have generally been entertaining, you can't fault the effort and hard work as well as the skill and some of the goals have been very good. I've also really enjoyed the players' general approach - not much gesticulating, posing, diving, kicking the ball away etc - and the refereeing - not because they've always got it right, but then who does? - but because it has been old fashioned. They've let hard tackles go, they've generally avoided booking people, they play on when someone falls over because a hand has landed on their shoulder or when players run into each other. And the players usually (Cameroon excepted) get on with the game. It has been refreshing. Fifa will change it of course because they won't like it but then since when have Fifa ever wanted what what fans want
  9. Probably worth remembering that as of this moment we don't actually have a vacancy so can't have offered the job to anyone, that we are (I think) required to interview at least one BAME candidate and Darren Moore would clearly be on that list should the conditions of his departure from WBA allow (ditto Hughton) and that on Talksport Mel very clearly said that they would not be speaking to any candidates currently in work until there is a vacancy. It wouldn't be surprising if Darren Moore had been interviewed already. Mel's trying to get ahead of the game if Frank leaves. But he'll also be considering candidates in work once he knows what Frank is doing.
  10. It's the Rooney rule. Wazza has to be interviewed for every managerial vacancy
  11. One is master of the universe, the other one isn't
  12. Mel said similar on the wireless yesterday. I'm not sure if he's ever said as much but I wonder if he sees our Academy specifically as another income stream as well as a source of first team players. In practice we are always going to be a selling club in the sense that all our players will have a price - like the vast majority of clubs. If you can earn say £10m from Bogle that helps FFP no end. And allows you to avoid having to sell another player, possibly for a couple of seasons, unless you want to. Southampton are a club that do that. The trick is not to over do it.
  13. Redknapp that is, not Wilson 😀
  14. To be fair he couldn't do any worse with the fan catering
  15. Odd way to go to Derby from Lincoln via the M25
  16. It's not ideal but there is 39 days until the season proper kicks off. That's a fair old amount of time still. In the meantime Mel and Stephen Pearce are, clearly, reviewing and maybe interviewing out of work prospective candidates. So they will be getting on with that part of the process if they haven't already been doing so anyway. They will also be deciding if/whether there are any managers currently in work who they might want to approach should Frank leave. Monday is the key day because if he hasn't left by then Frank and co will have to report to Moor Farm and he won't want to do that if he's intending to leave The next important date will be America on Thursday/Friday, if they're still going. The time before that is all tests and a bit of running - not so important. Unless our choice is out of work or an internal candidate then it will be really hard for them to be in post by a week today given the interviews and negotiations and contracts that will need to happen. They will have to put some contingency arrangements in place if they're going and find some alternatives - friendlies and facilities - if not. At least they could stay at Moor Farm. They're meant to be in Florida for 10 days so a new manager and team could fly out after 3 days or so - next weekend - and still make it worthwhile. Transfers I wouldn't be so worried about at this stage, not for another 10/15 days at least. EPL clubs won't make loan decisions before then; EFL/foreign clubs will be hanging on trying to drive prices up. Mel will want any new manager to have a part in choosing new players and outgoings, other than those already agreed. Most of the transfers will happen in the last week of the window as they always do. Martin, Thorne and co will all think that this will be an opportunity to play for Derby again unless they've organised loans already, which I would doubt. They will wait and see because a new manager might have different views about them from Frank and his team. You feel a bit for Shinnie. He will have been persuaded to come by Frank and knows that a new manager might not want him. At least he's experienced though, so hopefully will cope and be a good addition. Let's say nothing much happens on the player front because the manager appointment is delayed - it's still a squad with a balance of experience and youth and some good players. It won't be the worst squad in the league. What's most important is to get the manager appointment right, to get the person that matches Mel's criteria. Even if it takes 20 or 30 days and they miss most of pre-season. You can play catch up - it's not ideal but you can.
  17. It will be cos they're not going until later next week!
  18. I wouldn't. But then I retired 5 years ago and Mrs Ilkley wouldn't let me. What's that dear? I'm on it.
  19. But that's my point. You are lumping him in with all the others when you say that in 40 years you have never experienced anyone with the inability to manage and the (ability) to divide fans. I've been watching only a little longer than you and there's been many worse and more divisive managers than DW over that time
  20. You could equally argue that to have longer gives a manager more opportunity to get things right, to develop a style and relationships with players. I went to the Rotherham game, like many others did, and we were absolutely cruising the match. There were good reasons why he made the changes and he, not unreasonably, thought that such was our dominance against a side that was almost relegated that we would go on to win. It was partly Shackell's fault (and the rest of the defence) that we didn't. If Mel decides he gets the job then fine; if he doesn't then that's fine too but to lump him in with some of the numpties we have had managing the club over the last 40 years is unfair on the basis of a couple of results
  21. I would suggest that maybe Colin Addison, John Newman, Colin Todd, John Gregory, Phil Brown, Terry Westley, Jewell, Clement, Pearson (and that list doesn't include several caretaker mangers over the last 40 years nor Tommy Docherty who left in 1979) would, or perhaps should, challenge your assertion that you've never experienced a manager unable to manage a team but able to divide fans as much as Darren Wassall. And if you limited the list to those managers able to divide fans only, then it becomes much longer.
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