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  1. Disagree, as 1st team captain he got drunk, refused the transport laid in by the club, didn’t discourage younger team members from staying on considering it was during the season all of which is unprofessional. The injuries he sustained were self inflicted and stopped him from doing the job he is paid for. The club offered reduced terms and full medical and rehabilitation at the clubs facilities and he would probably be in or around the first team by now. At no point has he apologised (not that I have seen?) or accepted any responsibility. Lawrence and Bennett were fortunate that they did
  2. Buxton was left and right footed... football genius!! đź‘Ś
  3. Hopefully he won’t be!
  4. Obviously expecting a bit of and aerial bombardment.... didn’t Lowe have a big band in Chrissy Martins goal at Leeds playing right back?! 👀
  5. Fair point, I do think Shinnie has more goals in him if he was allowed freedom to make the runs forward. You could play Holmes in the three who is more attack minded maybe but it also depends on the summer recruitment.
  6. I would do this, suggested it on the team for next season thread for when te Wierik is playing. Would suit Bogle and Lowe who aren’t the best defenders?! Midfield three of Shinnie, Rooney and Bird with 2 of Sibley, Lawrence or Martin up front.
  7. Change of system, GK BIELIK TE WIERIK NEW (CLARKE?) BOGLE BIRD ROONEY SHINNIE LOWE SIBLEY/LAWRENCE NEW/MARRIOTT Would potentially sell Bogle if decent offer comes in and play Wisdom at right wing back.
  8. Roos Bogle Evans Clarke Lowe Shinnie Rooney Bird Sibley Martin Lawrence
  9. Hamer Bogle Evans Clarke Lowe Shinnie Bird Sibley Rooney Holmes Martin
  10. Is Rooney injured, didn’t see any photos of him in the Stoke game or recent training photos, not posted on social media lately either?
  11. Hamer Bogle Wisdom Clarke Forsyth Shinnie Rooney Waghorn Lawrence Knight Martin Think Bird would benefit from a rest and bring him back in for Reading? Sibley back on the bench for Lawrence and bring him on for Knight at some point and shift Lawrence out wide.
  12. That would be my team but switch Knight for Lawrence and if Lawrence is not fit then give Sibley a go in the No10 role?!
  13. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Cocu start with Davies and then Wisdom at right back? If not then similar team for me, Hamer Bogle Wisdom Clarke Forsyth Shinnie Bird Waghorn Lawrence Holmes Rooney Still think Waghorn is better coming in off the wing and Lawrence is better centrally. Rooney and Lawrence can even switch positions during play?! subs Roos, Lowe, Martin, Marriott, Davies, Knight, Sibley
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