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  1. Would like to see; Hamer Bogle Wisdom Clarke Lowe Holmes Huddlestone Waghorn Rooney Knight Marriott Roos, Davies, Shinnie, Lawrence, Bird, Martin, Forsyth Lawrence will play though! 😔
  2. Possible team tonight? Roos Bogle Davies Clarke Malone Shinnie Sibley Whittaker Rooney Lawrence Marriott
  3. Hamer Wisdom Davies Clarke Lowe Waghorn Holmes Rooney Knight Marriott Martin Roos, Bogle, Bielik, Huddlestone, Sibley, Bird, Lawrence
  4. The same team that played on Monday should play. Fatigue shouldn’t be too much of a problem as Wisdom, Lowe, Marriott have been in and out of the team, Bird hasn't played much and Clarke is just back from injury. Only ones having played a lot are Davies, Holmes, Knight and Waghorn?
  5. Same team for me but obviously Rooney for Bielik! In terms of formation, Hopefully; Hamer. Wisdom. Davies. Clarke. Lowe. Bird. Waghorn. Holmes. Knight. Rooney. Marriott. probably; Hamer. Wisdom. Davies. Clarke. Lowe. Waghorn. Holmes. Bird. Knight. Rooney. Marriott.
  6. He’s only had half a transfer window, sacking him would be harsh as much as I think he could have done better. Let’s see who he brings in and how that effects the way we play before deciding he’s not good enough.
  7. I would love for us to just go for it..... unfortunately its just something Cocu won’t do?!
  8. Hamer. Bogle. Davies. Wisdom. Lowe. Bielik. Sibley. Waghorn. Holmes. Knight. Marriott. Roos, Forsyth, Martin, Bird, Whittaker, Dowell, Clarke
  9. Just get a life size cardboard cut out of him and place it in the centre circle would be as influential as Lawrence and might even get in the way?!
  10. Lawrence suspended for the next game... Cocu will probably still pick him though!!
  11. Take it you’ve been in one then?! 🙈
  12. What I would like, Hamer. Wisdom. Davies. Forsyth. Bogle. Knight. Bielik. Sibley. Lowe. Martin. Marriott. What I think he’ll do, Hamer. Bogle. Davies. Forsyth. Lowe. Bielik. Knight. Waghorn. Lawrence. Holmes. Martin.
  13. Hamer Bogle Davies Forsyth Lowe Holmes Bielik Knight Lawrence Marriott Martin Roos, Malone, Waghorn, Evans, Wisdom, Sibley, Morgan-Whittaker
  14. Hamer Bogle Davies Forsyth Lowe Evans Holmes Knight Lawrence* Marriott Martin Beilik for Evans if fit.... * Lawrence to play if he can be arsed, if not play Martin there and put Waghorn up front with Marriott?!
  15. They seemed fine at half time messing about on the pitch passing the ball?!
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