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  1. Possibly people's attitude towards anything you post is down to your record of being 'right' on previous occasions?
  2. Might I remind you that the party concerned are still called "The Conservative and Unionist Party", therefore the members' wishes are akin to turkeys voting for Christmas. Whilst I agree that The Independent are clearly 'left-oriented', it's hardly an inflammatory article - it's quite faithfully representing the results of a YouGov poll, and the associated follow-up article written by Matt Smith of YouGov (yes, the Matt Smith who was a leading light in the very right-of-centre think tank 'Policy Exchange' before moving to YouGov). The YouGov article... https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2019/06/18/most-conservative-members-would-see-party-destroye The data... https://d25d2506sfb94s.cloudfront.net/cumulus_uploads/document/mxtlaay6zu/YouGov - Conservative members poll 190614.pdf
  3. It could take another 5 years for all I care. The hysterical hand-wringing is simply pathetic.
  4. Given that Man Utd have the largest fanbase by some distance, I would be genuinely amazed if they didn't have the highest number of individual racist incidents.
  5. You did read it - and you do agree? Christ on a bike. These were direct blooming questions which received direct blooming answers. Being incredulous in the face of such utter hatred isn't condescention - it's genuine bafflement. Thank goodness I'll be dead in a few years. I cannot stand the society we have become..
  6. These people, these ridiculous people, are prepared to see the entire United Kingdom and even their own party sacrificed upon the alter of what has become little more than a cult. These aren't your common-or-garden Brexiteers being discussed here - these are fully-fledged, signed-up members of the Conservative Party. Did you read the article? Did you look at the results of the poll? If you did, and you actually agree with them (i.e. you would be prepared to destroy the country, see the UK break up, see your own political party die, just to be able to leave the EU), then you really need to invest in rubber wallpaper because you are part of the problem.
  7. The utter insanity of the Senile Blue Rinse Brigade... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-poll-tory-members-uk-economy-scotland-northern-ireland-yougov-a8963391.html
  8. Regarding the selection process, Boris Johnson is demonstrating tonight that he is totally unfit to run a bring-and-buy sale, let alone a country. Unfortunately, the Tory membership (aka the Senile Blue Rinse Brigade) will be too utterly stupid to see it.
  9. This kid's been on here all day...
  10. Swedish meatballs tonight, to take the sting out of Graham Onions and Jimmy Anderson destroying Derbyshire again.
  11. Nothing's changed. Football fans are still hysterical, over-sensitive babies.
  12. Where did you poach that gag from?
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