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  1. eddie

    Death Penalty

    Where's Dennis Moore when you need him?
  2. I think it's a sad indictment of some of the scum who attend football matches that we need so many stewards.
  3. I'm not surprised for one minute.
  4. eddie

    Beer Thread

    I don't read beer reviews, because everyone's preferences are different. I used to at one time, but then realised that, for me, it is a pointless exercise. I must stress that is purely a personal viewpoint, and I don't for a moment wish to discourage others from seeking the opinions of others before - or even after - they taste a brew.
  5. eddie

    Beer Thread

    I had 40 different bottles of Belgian beer delivered last week, and I've just put another order in which should arrive in the next couple of days. Some for immediate needs, most for the forthcoming cricket season. Tonight though, something a little different for me anyway - Deutsche bieren. Lidl have a very nice Oktoberfest beer in at the moment - 99p for a half litre can, so I had a couple - naturally, in my stein - to celebrate Derby's win. Prost.
  6. The Memsahib treated me tonight. I've almost been hallucinating about a fry-up for months now (on a diet which has seen me lose 4 stone so far), but I've just had... Baked beans, grilled tomatoes, 2 rashers of bacon, a sausage, a slice of black pudding and a huge pile of grilled mushrooms.
  7. eddie

    Death Penalty

    The death penalty is, in my opinion, state-sponsored barbarism - and mistakes can never be rectified.
  8. As brilliantly entertaining as the first 4 (3) ODIs have been, I still prefer test cricket. However, my preference isn't as definitive as it once was.
  9. It's precisely by doing what you advocate that ran a 19 year old player into the ground. Resting players when they need resting is necessary.
  10. For the first time ever, this year I bought a Valantine's Day gift - for my brother-in-law from my sister. I got him 6 Belgian beers.
  11. I went to Bohemians v Helsingborg a few years ago - there were probably 500 Celtic fans at the game because Henrik Larsen was playing for Helsingborg. A few beers were drunk that night in very good company.
  12. Have a good day, everyone. I wish I was going, but my daughter is running a half-marathon in Blackpool this weekend and I am giving moral support. Also, there's a really nice bar on Albert Street which has about 30 different Belgian beers, so at the moment I am working my way through the menu.
  13. These things happen - and the same people become hysterical every time. Rather pathetic really.
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