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  1. Haha
    Heisenberg reacted to Cam the Ram in Luke Thomas - joined Barnsley permanently   
    It's in the same room as when he signed a new Derby contract last year and he's wearing the same clothes so it's probably just another picture from that day and he's doing it to wind people up 😄
  2. Haha
    Heisenberg reacted to reverendo de duivel in RamsTV - Best in Sports Media?   
    Not to mention the boost its given East Midlands Airport, with all those fans nipping abroad for a match.
  3. Clap
    Heisenberg reacted to VulcanRam in Keogh's Derby promotion crusade   
    Garbage. Every word of it.
  4. Clap
    Heisenberg reacted to LittleEatonRam in Chris Martin to Replace David Nugent?   
    I've said this before but here I go again - the way some of our fans talk about Chris Martin you'd think he never did anything for us.
    He's not asking if we should give Sammon another go, he's talking about a player who scored 20 goals for 2 seasons running when we hadn't had a 20 goal a season striker in 19 years. And he got 16 in the season after that.
    We spent those 19 years moaning on "we need a 20 goal striker!" (trust me, I was there for those years, I remember), and now our fans talk about him like he's been nothing but a failure. 
    Seems to me lots of our fans are spoilt.
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    Heisenberg reacted to DcFc Dyycheee in 19/20 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    Aribo is fantastic. Watched him in the play off final. Such quick feet. On a free as well. Sure they'll be plenty of interest.
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    Heisenberg reacted to Andicis in Hang Your Heads In Shame   
    Jog on with this utter nonsense scapegoating our fans for our tactics being horrific for 60 minutes. Fans are nervous. When nervous, people generally tend to not chant. If our players could have settled our nerves, I'm sure it'd have been louder. Maybe if Roos could punch a ball and Bogle defend back post, our fans would have been louder. 
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    Heisenberg reacted to Nuwtfly in Fingers crossed   
    Did we exist before Frank came along?
    I get that people like him but come on, if he goes to Chelsea, the sky won't fall in.
    Not having a go - just don't think today or this season was "all about Frank." No one is bigger than the club.
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from Inverurie Ram in Play Off Final - what are we wearing 😂   
    This beauty, courtesy of Art of Football!
  9. Clap
    Heisenberg reacted to Alpha in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Why can't they just fook off and hang around Stamford Bridge.
    It's not about Chelsea. Its Derby v Villa in a huge game for Lampard, Smith and all their players never mind the finances of both clubs. 
    They turn up with a list of questions that they know 100% wont get answered conclusively because half of the poo is theoretical. 
    "If Chelsea offered you the job"... ffs
    Rob, if your missus was getting nailed by the postman would you leave her? 
    Not relevant? Neither are Chelsea you big club bum sniffing parasites. 
    "I just ask the questions people are talking about"... the classic journalist response to justify why they're being dick heads. You go around with your daggers looking to get a reaction and then report the reaction but forget to announce you're also a provocative dildo. 
    Let Derby and Villa have their day. Let Frank enjoy where he is. Show Sarri some respect. 
    I mean ffs. Do they really think Frank is focusing on the Chelsea job right now? No. They just want a good poo stir to fill that colourful toilet paper. 
    Stick to sucking off Paul Pogba. Giving Sanchez and handjob. Finger blasting Salah and sniffing De Bruyne's pants. Maybe carry on being vile to Sterling and he'll make you all look right mugs again and again and again and again. Remember you all cried because he said you might be racist? Lol. Don't like it back do they. Pooooond liiiiiife! 
  10. Clap
    Heisenberg got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Play Off Final - what are we wearing 😂   
    This beauty, courtesy of Art of Football!
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in Play Off Final - what are we wearing 😂   
    This beauty, courtesy of Art of Football!
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from OohMartWright in Play Off Final - what are we wearing 😂   
    This beauty, courtesy of Art of Football!
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    Heisenberg reacted to TibshelfRam in Never been more proud   
    So, the time is nearly upon us. And I can honestly say that I've never been more proud (and even, forgive me, slightly emotional) to be a Rams fan.
    In all the years I have supported Derby, I struggle to think of a time that I have seen the club, the players, the staff and the fans so united, so together and so passionate. What a time it is to be a Ram - what a season it has been and, win or lose, what a journey we have been on.
    Having spent most of my week procrastinating at work as a result of being unable to concentrate ahead of Monday, I've taken to browsing social media and these pages more than ever. And, whilst I've seen a fair amount of petty squabbling and anger/frustration about the controversial ticketing system, I just wanted to highlight why all of this, strangely, makes me even more proud to be a Derby fan at the moment. Forgive me for rambling but I wanted to just share a story...
    My Dad was born and brought up in the East end of London. He was a mad Crystal Palace fan. He moved up to Derbyshire with my Mum who is (along with the rest of her family) a F*rest fan. My Dad spent my entire childhood attempting to get me to support 'The Palace'. But, thing is, I didn't much fancy supporting a team where I could only watch them once or twice a year. Being from Wirksworth, I could only really support the Rams. So for years I had a season ticket and went every week.
    However, I went to uni in Kent. Every Saturday at 3pm I missed the buzz of the match. So I started to go to a few games at Selhurst Park with my uncle to make up for it and, due to family loyalty, I have always had a soft spot for Palace. Back in 2013, I was still at uni and still down south. Palace got to the play off final and my uncle, as a season ticket holder, was going to go and my Dad was mad keen on coming down for it.
    In the end, my uncle managed to secure tickets for 8 of us to go. He was the only season ticket holder. Tickets took days to sell out. In the end, he and my Dad were the only two 'true' palace fans of the 8 of us - the rest were, like me, people who had a semi allegiance to the club. I would've felt bad for preventing a 'real fan' from going, but the demand just wasn't there.
    Palace are not a big club. They don't get days out to Wembley very often, in fact they were probably less frequent visitors at the time than ourselves. And yet, constantly, we hear pundits, commentators and reporters telling us that they have 'the best fans in the country'. They took days to sell out a 35,000 Wembley allocation and were allowing ST holders to buy so many tickets at a time.
    There will be thousands of Derby fans who have their gripes with the ticketing process. There will be thousands who are devastated not to be there. But, amid all of the anger and frustration, I take away one thing - we are not a huge club, we do not come from a massive city, we do not have an enormous global fan base. We are a proud, historic, proper football club with a passionate and dedicated following. And we have sold tickets for Monday on a scale that most clubs would be envious of. The frustration and anger comes second to the messages of joy and happiness that I have seen. We are Derby, and we are going to turn Wembley black and white.
    If what has happened over the past 10 days doesn't make you proud and, dare I say it, even emotional, then noting will.
    Just one last point: last night I watched clips from the 2007 final - what stood out to me was this... every time we won the ball back ,every time we broke, even from deep, the noise, the anticipation that something could happen, was deafening. Even in positions where the likelihood was that it would come to nothing. The support we gave the team was unreal and, I truly believe, that it got us over the line.
    Wembley will be packed with Rams - a sea of black and white. But for every single one of us that is there on Monday, there could have been another person in our place such was the demand for tickets. So think about that - remember how lucky we all are to be there.
    And when push comes to shove, make sure that you shout twice as loud, cheer twice as passionately, chant twice as exuberantly and bounce twice as high. Do it for the fan who could have been there in your place. 38,000 of us will be there, but it could have been 68,000 - let's make sure that the atmosphere suggests that that is the case.
    See you all there.
  15. Haha
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    Heisenberg reacted to reverendo de duivel in Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues   
    I have to say, I loved @BurtonRam7 matchday plan too.
    No bravado, no BS, just a lad looking forward to possibly the best day of his life, and sharing it with family and friends.
    Even if it goes tits up, I get the feeling it's a day he'll remember forever regardless of result, because he's shared it with the people who matter, and made the time to make it that way.
  17. Clap
    Heisenberg reacted to Alpha in Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues   
    Ha! I'll take that!! 
    What I love about this forum is that it's not really had any bravado. There isn't people presenting the best version of themselves because its anonymous. The mods and David do such an excellent job that you can't shoot people down and bully them out the door
    So what we end up with is bit by bit, year by year, thanks to shitty football, people reveal themselves. Like the real them. 
    Once people start putting themselves out there and seeing it's not rejected they show a bit more and you end up with beautiful threads like this one. 
    I think I might be one of the many posters that spills nonsense from their brain onto these pages and I think others might see that as relatable even if they don't agree with me. 
    I get that feel from numerous posters. I love reading their absolute rubbish. Your post about your play off match day plans was one of them. No bravado... just you typing words as they come in your head. I can tell as I read it. It was more interesting than looking at Big Dave's amazing night out pictures of balls
    You don't get that on Facebook. Posts are planned mostly. Thought through for how others will read them. Like I am sure new posters do on here
    In time, on here, people talk poo. Protected by anonymity. And it becomes such a comfortable place. 
    I think people just relate to anyone who leaves a post unedited exactly as it left their brain. I do it all the time so that probably helps me get on with most people. Or I feel like I get on with most people. If I don't then that would be pretty gutting knowing short of seeing my face this is me! 
    Hope we win on Monday, mate. For many reasons but it's a wicked day you have lined up and I hope you can sink dark fruits with your nearest and dearest with a daft grin on your face!
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    Heisenberg reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Play Off Final | Where are we drinking then?   
    Sorted now.
    Getting the train from Manchester to Burton on Saturday afternoon. A bit of revision over the weekend and a rewatch of the 2006/07 Play-Off DVD and 2014 final (for the first time) on Sunday night. On Monday morning, I'll head down to the Wiggy, which is the pub that we usually go to home and away games from at about 7am for a couple, talking about the match with the regulars (the group of about 15 that I travel across the country with). I'm not going from the pub this time as they're running coaches (part-timers😠) instead of a minibus, and no minibus = no Dark Fruits. I'll then get either the 07:54 or 08:56 from Lichfield Trent Valley to Euston (only £18.80 with a railcard), consuming a few Dark Fruits and listening to my Wembley playlist along the way.
    Once in London, I'll head to Covent Garden to meet with @Topram, his mates and my brother. After a few there (might even stray into beer), me and my brother will meet with our mum and sister for lunch, before leaving our sister and heading to Wembley. There, I hope to meet up for a pint with the usuals from the Wiggy. These are the people I've experienced it all with over the last few years and I'd hate not to see them on such a huge day.
    All being well, we'll win the game and this day will become the best of my life. 
    If the above happens, I'll probably cry with joy and seek out the Wiggy lot to share such a special moment with them. Then I'll pick up some cans and get the return train, listening to my promotion playlist. I'll head to the Wiggy, where the Geordie barman (who has developed a soft spot for the Rams) will most likely provide shots galore. I'll celebrate with those who deserve it so much in what will be the greatest night of my life. I might head into Derby town centre for a night out if any of the younger lads fancy it. 
    Here's to what I hope will be the best day of my life.
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    Heisenberg reacted to Alpha in Play off final and the forum buzz   
    I don't remember this much good will and positivity around Derby since the birth of the internet. 
    Even under Mac there were quite a few "are we good enough" threads. You could always rely on Ninos to come up with some nonsense. Martin and Buxton divided opinion.
    No doubt the second leg itself has played a huge role. The fact it was Leeds away, spygate, lost the first leg, beat 3 times already and had the most arrogant/deluded fans in the land celebrating in our faces helped. And the few lads who sat with the fans and the players celebrations at the end made us all feel like one unit. 
    Some would say the players behaved unprofessional. Some managers would say it's not time to celebrate yet. 
    But this is why we feel so positive about the team. It's why there's a massive love in. It's why if we do lose at Wembley you wont see a backlash or anything I don't think. When Mel Morris starts the bounce, Lampard has tears in his eyes, Lawrence plays through a tragedy, the loanees are fully invested, Waghorn is THAT ott fan... etc etc. You know the team want it like we do. 
  20. COYR
    Heisenberg reacted to B4ev6is in Go for glory lads go for it lads   
    We are so close to that fairy tale ending by winning at wrembly this would pefect way for certain to say there goodbyes and leave as heros and legends and legends in the making but we as fans we really need to make wrembly so loud that whole nation take notice and think wow what support lets make whole of london know that Derby county are hear and we are sending our lads onto promation and back were we belong.
  21. Haha
    Heisenberg reacted to David in (a recently naturalized) AMERICAN RAM COMING TO Derby (vs villa in london)!   
    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times and I’m barring all Americans
  22. COYR
    Heisenberg reacted to B4ev6is in Is B4 a Derby legend?   
    Look guys I am just happy I was able to help.
  23. Haha
    Heisenberg reacted to wixman1884 in Play Off Final | Ticket Thread   
    my mate woody flew back from australia to watch norwich in the play off final a couple of years ago. the local paper printed an article about it, but miscaptioned the photo.

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    Heisenberg reacted to SaintRam in Leeds United v Derby County play off semi final second leg   
    Wilson's habit of misplacing a pass and then putting his arms up to say "What are you doing?!" to his target is one of those body language things that really irks me. 
  25. Haha
    Heisenberg reacted to Nuwtfly in Leeds United v Derby County play off semi final second leg   
    Unless he's got his phone in his sock, we should be alright 
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