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    Heisenberg reacted to YorkshireRam in Ian Holloway Article   
    I really don't get this argument, his job is our manager and chief coach, he's not here to appease or entertain the supporters, isn't that what Rammie and Ewie are for?
    Also, I bet the 'bounce' to him is cringeworthy and embarrassing, and it is to be honest, Lampard got away with it based on his character and youthful naivety perhaps? Cocu is clearly a different character with different managerial ideals which directly affects how he approaches the role. His focus at the minute will be on performances and getting results, i'd rather him prioritise that at the minute, rather than trying to entertain fans...
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    Heisenberg reacted to Needlesh in Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues   
    Doggo update....he's fully mended.
    First time at the beach yesterday, wonderful.

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    Heisenberg reacted to Alpha in Tonight's moan in   
    Adding to the Eric Steele love in.
    Didn't he stay when Mac was sacked and then Clement wanted his own people?
    I reckon he's one of those football men you play for/used to play for that you just want to please. One that if he shakes his head in disappointment at you it hurts more than some coach screaming at you. 
    Proper bloke is Eric. Bet he makes a good cuppa, his garden will look spot on, washes his own car and his wife struggles to find him jobs to do 'round the house. 
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    Heisenberg reacted to i-Ram in If Kieran Dowell is the answer, what is the question?   
    Three league games. Bit harsh to already judge a new player, particularly in a team that is getting used to a new Manager’s tactical requirements.  Tough crowd.
  5. Clap
    Heisenberg reacted to Alpha in v Scunthorpe (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread   
    They're called Derby fans. 
    And the reason they like him is because he's scored about 60 - 70 goals for the club. 
    Some people appreciate that.
    Others have pathetic comments born from bitterness. Not often I call anyone's comments pathetic but imo if you can't appreciate a player that's done well for the club or respect that others held him in high regard then that nastiness. The kind of spite shown in your post above is pathetic. The kind of stuff Ninos the clown would post. 
    Chris Martin goals have given Derby fans some great days out. 
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from Rampage in George Thorne - joined Oxford on loan   
    No thanks.
    I can understand when there is injuries and suspensions and the U23’s are low on numbers, but why block the pathway for our most promising youngsters who deserve the game time?
  7. Clap
    Heisenberg got a reaction from Srg in George Thorne - joined Oxford on loan   
    No thanks.
    I can understand when there is injuries and suspensions and the U23’s are low on numbers, but why block the pathway for our most promising youngsters who deserve the game time?
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    Heisenberg reacted to Animal is a Ram in Martyn Waghorn on depression whilst at Rangers   
    Good read this, and while he doesn't reference fans as one of the contributors to his depression, it certainly speaks to me that we have some slight duty of care to make sure we show our players the backing they need.
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from ramit in Jamie Paterson - Signed on season long loan   
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from Carnero in Jamie Paterson - Signed on season long loan   
  12. COYR
  13. Clap
    Heisenberg got a reaction from Dec_Uns in Jamie Paterson - Signed on season long loan   
  14. Haha
    Heisenberg got a reaction from ThePrisoner in Jamie Paterson - Signed on season long loan   
  15. Sad
    Heisenberg got a reaction from Bob Gnarly in Jordon Ibe   
  16. Haha
    Heisenberg reacted to Mafiabob in Genki Haraguchi   
    Can’t wait for us to be accused of increasing our carbon footprint and for climate change because Toyota are funding the deal
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    Heisenberg reacted to Alpha in Wayne Rooney - Signed on a 18 month deal   
    I was happy with what Shefki Kuqi brought to the team.
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    Heisenberg reacted to Ambitious in George Thorne - joined Oxford on loan   
    Word for word, my thoughts too. I'd go as far as saying he's the best player we've had since our relegation in 2002. 
    I spent most of his loan move just watching him in awe - most touches, most passes, most tackles... every single game. The whole pitch revolved around him. Good coaching by McClaren, coupled with his fitness levels being through the roof. Special, special player. 
    I've given up on him now, but I'd love to see him get back to a respectable level again. 
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    Heisenberg reacted to Nuwtfly in So what do we expect this season   
    PC: "The ambition has to be playing in the play-offs again. So this is what we're going to work hard for but, like we said in the presentation, it's not only this one goal we're setting. We want to develop the style of play we have in the team, develop the young players who join the team: this is as important as the objective we have with the first team."
    Please remember this quote, ladies and gents. This season is not just about points and a league finish. It's about our progression and evolution as a football club. It's about developing our own brand of football and getting bloody good at it. Building a team that won't get promotion off the back of a good run, but will at some point dominate the league. This is, for me, the right attitude to approach this division with and is something to get really excited about. 

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    Heisenberg reacted to MACKWORTHRAM in George Thorne - joined Oxford on loan   
    Feel so sorry for this bloke. He was 21 when he came here on loan and was honestly streets ahead of anyone we had in terms of technical ability.
    That pass he made for Johnny Russell's goal at home to Huddersfield was genuinely one of the best passes I've ever seen with my own eyes. Incredible vision and execution to play that ball through. Russell didn't even have to break stride. 3:58 into the video below.
    Signing him on a permanent deal the following summer was probably the most excited I've been with us signing a player.
    I know we'll never know. But I firmly believe had he not got injured in that pre season we would have gone up and he would have been a premier league footballer at 22/23. 
    Plus I think we'd have had him for one or 2 seasons more and he would have moved on to a bigger club. 
    In his position he had the lot. Strength, vision, calmness. 
    Best of luck with everything George. 
  21. Haha
    Heisenberg reacted to SuperDerbySuperRams in Krystian Bielik - Signed 5 year deal   
    On loan or permanent. As opposed to?... 😂
  22. Haha
    Heisenberg reacted to Nuwtfly in Bart Ramselaar - Joined FC Utrecht   
    Made me chuckle. You've tweeted it out and you're the chief football writer for the paper. But yeah, fair enough Steve.

  23. Haha
    Heisenberg reacted to Cam the Ram in 19/20 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    The weekly Q&A from Nicholson is about to start and there's a few transfer stories that'll probably be mentioned judging by his tweet:
    These Q&A's are usually really predictable and we never find out much we didn't already know. Just usually the same old maybe it will, maybe it won't answers to any questions presented. Anyway, here's my guesses to what he'll come up with today:
    Investment latest - Mel has said multiple times he is looking for investment and Cocu's appointment can only improve the chances that he gets his wish.
    Transfer latest - I am told the club are working towards completing a couple of deals, most likely loans. The season starts in two weeks and they will definitely be aiming to have a new signing or two in before then.
    Chris Martin - He has been given a chance in pre-season and it is always good to have different options for each position. He offers something different to Marriott and Waghorn which could be a useful asset for Cocu.
    Wilson - He has played quite a lot during pre-season for Liverpool so it appears Klopp is wanting to take a look at him. Other media outlets have reported he could leave on loan or permanently and I'm sure Derby would be one of a number of clubs interested.
    Tomori - It has been reported that Chelsea are willing to loan him out once again and I'm sure Derby will be one of many clubs interested.
    Carson - He only has a year left on his contract and so may be sold or loaned out if Cocu feels Roos is a capable number one. There's reports Millwall are interested and their manager has stated he is looking to bring in another goalkeeper.
    Marriott - He was injured and missed training. We believe he may be returning to training soon and will hope to feature in the game against Rangers.
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from Will Hughes Hair in 19/20 New Kits Thread   
    Huddersfield's new home kit is.. interesting! 😳
    Who in their right mind would sanction this?!
  25. Cheers
    Heisenberg got a reaction from Bosshogg in Johnny Russell podcast   
    Derby talk starts at around the 42:43 minute mark if you want the skip the beginning.
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