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  1. Kids don’t have 32Red but now they will know all about 32Red with their 32 shirts and I personally would have done the right thing and avoided it , if it broke the deal then even more reason to avoid it if not great change the number , not too late to change
  2. Anyone else feeling that the betting sponsorship a little too far with the number 32 gag , it must be part of the contract didn’t do it for free.
  3. sitting at home cus tickets werent allocated fairly enough for fans who've watched for 40yrs and live too far away to own a season ticket
  4. Thank you for reading my post I don’t work for a roofing company Do you agree a roof is a good idea and could support a better atmosphere which could support our team getting better results ?
  5. I come at this from the view that as a small club we have always needed uniqueness in achieving anything. We used to say the pitch was a factor we also said the proximity of he crowd to the pitch was a factor. We had non repeatable factors such as BC which we can forget. We should look at ways to make us different again and get an edge. We have an academy this could yet be an edge but we really need the environment at the stadium to be unique. We need to get the crowd closer to the players and influence matches, since PP came (overall good) I have not once felt the same ability to influence the game from the stand that I did at BG. Please can the club set up a fan and club group to come up with ideas. I would like to see a lot more stadium deco such as player murals on the back walls, black and white everywhere, inside stadium bars and walkways, a marching band on before and mid match, give it a cup feel. The kind of thing theatre production staff can come up. I would also put a roof on so the noise becomes a factor, this is truly unique and oppo teams would always come fearing the derby roar again.
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