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  1. dude said bielik no existent , i naffed up the reply.... point still stands surely
  2. i urge you to rethink that position, he has been our best player both in terms of attitude and ability
  3. whittaker energy is spreading.. best 4 minutes of the match
  4. i thought the ball ended up in his hands not that he knew it was coming he looked shocked
  5. what's very apparent from watching this is that there is very little confidence in the players, they are unable to do basic things because they are afraid of making a mistake, they don't commit to chasing down passes even if there is a small chance of getting an intercept, they end up watching the ball get stroked around and allow Fulham to dominate by default. It's self fullfulling, it wont change if the manager does, only slow path to getting results and seeing confidence build
  6. Agree can’t keep the ball worth Martin over Waghorn in this performance
  7. We were lucky v wb, on the cards to get a beating at some point
  8. Cocu already lost the dressing room on this evidence
  9. Kids don’t have 32Red but now they will know all about 32Red with their 32 shirts and I personally would have done the right thing and avoided it , if it broke the deal then even more reason to avoid it if not great change the number , not too late to change
  10. Anyone else feeling that the betting sponsorship a little too far with the number 32 gag , it must be part of the contract didn’t do it for free.
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