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  1. Ramchester

    Elsnik Hoping To Make Most of Opportunity

    In an overcrowded position i think his chances will be limited. If he struggles to break our first team this year then a decent League 1 team should be a minimum for him this year and hopefully he excels again.
  2. Ramchester

    Illegal socks

    This is a complete disgrace. Basically Fifa are under pressure from Nike and Adidas because of a company in the south of England making socks that increase the comfort of a player. Adidas and Nike amongst others want to sink a small company in fear of them ruing their crappy products and brand.
  3. Ramchester

    Conte sacked by/parted company with Chelsea

    Wont affect Frank trying to bring in any Chelsea players. They've had Sarri lined up for weeks.
  4. Ramchester


    Quite right that people living in the UK should be charged. It's not a charity and 20 quid is still cheaper than paying for a match day ticket for most games. Remember RamsTV is for supporters abroad primarily, we still get charged a premium and don't get to see all DCFC games.
  5. Ramchester

    Match Policing Costs

    Unfortunately it's difficult to decipher the cost of policing a football team. London will always be disproportionate representation of cost with more teams than any other police force. Derbyshire have DCFC and Chesterfield (not so much now since their relegation), but it's difficult to police any football match regardless of numbers. They are policed on risk not the amount of fans.
  6. Ramchester

    Another off the wage bill

    Well regarded on the coaching staff was Kevin Poole. Good luck to him. Even better luck to Shay, if you can improve Scotty C then that would be a great effort.
  7. Ramchester


    Honestly @loweman2 you are a bloody legend. How we've not got a DCFC museum with everything you have collected is ridiculous. I reckon you've educated more than any Derby school with your collection. I was infinitely lucky that my dad did alright refereeing as a young man. I have a Dynamo Moscow pendant flag from circa 1975 where ny dad was the linesman, but my proudest moment was my dad being the fourth official (before they were professionally appointed) the day we played Fulham 1983 and the infamous pitch invasion. I can watch YouTube and watch my dad that day.I sincerely hope DCFC do more to recognise our history and the AMAZING collection you've put together.
  8. Ramchester

    18/19 Fixtures

    Shelf Utd away Boxing Day is a great fixture. Expect we'll take about 10,000 to that?
  9. Ramchester

    Alan Sugar

    I think it's a bad joke but like Ricky Gervais says - "just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right".
  10. Ramchester

    18/19 Fixtures

    First Game - Blackburn (h) Boxing Day - W.B.A (a) Last Game - Middlesbrough (a)
  11. Ramchester

    Away Kit 18/19

    That is a thing of beauty.
  12. Ramchester

    Overseas Rams fans - and others in the know

    For anyone in Australia, Bein Sports are showing the playoffs, there's a two week free trial if you sign up and then $19 a month (no contract), or alternative email and phone number and another free two weeks 😉 Hoping to drag my arse out of bed at 2:45am Saturday morning.
  13. Ramchester

    Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Mods please delete if not appropriate. For any Rams fans in Australia who cant watch via Rams TV today, Bein Sports are showing the game, you can subscribe for 2 weeks free then $19 p/month, but cancel after the game and not pay anything.
  14. Ramchester

    v Forest (A) - Predictions

    ******* 1 - 3 Derby County FRGS Keogh
  15. Ramchester

    v Fulham (H) - Predictions

    Derby County 2 - 1 Fulham FRGS - Jerome

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