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  1. Roll Eyes
    dabber reacted to Srg in Academy Thread 2018/19   
    Clough?! Whittaker was about 12 when he left.
  2. Clap
    dabber reacted to BOB BIGGS in If you could pick 2 ex-Rams   
    McFarland and Gemmill would add a bit......
  3. Clap
    dabber reacted to ilkleyram in Has Lampard been as excellent as many people suggest?   
    I wonder - and this is deliberately overstating my point - whether there are/were many other available managers capable of achieving what Frank (and Jody and Chris and Shay) have achieved so far this season.  And I say that expecting us not to finish in the top 6 at the end of the season.
    Just consider, for a minute, the size of the task when he came in.  A club with a dominant figure, with a reputation (deserved or not), as an owner; a club with a large and largely old first team squad with an unhealthy proportion of experienced players reaching the end of their careers; a club that needed to sell to buy; a club with an unachieved strategy of bringing young players through from their (expensive) academy; a club that had an unfulfilled ambition to get promoted; a club with a succession of short term managerial appointments; a club in the public eye;  and a club with a large but starting to become disaffected, fan base.
    What he has achieved so far this season, in his first ever managerial job, has, in my opinion, been remarkably good.  He's made tough decisions (about the futures of some players, for example); he's changed the playing style; brought in younger players, some from the academy but he has very clearly given academy staff and players the belief that there's a route through to the first team; he appears to manage upwards extremely well and he certainly deals with the media side of his job fantastically well; he has moved himself, wife and new daughter into the area; he has got the team to 6th having delivered some (positive) performances that will live long in the memory - I won't ever forget the first 40 minutes at Middlesborough or 90+ minutes at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge - and because he's changing things there's been inconsistencies too; and he's got the fanbase largely positive.  And he's done all that - and in my view this is his single biggest achievement - without one single word of disaffection coming out of the dressing room, even from those not playing or not playing well or whose contracts are up at the end of the season.  It seems to me that he has had a hugely positive impact throughout the club.
    Thank God that social media and fora weren't around in Sir Brian's day when in his first full season (without transfer windows), we finished 18th or something; Arthur struggled to get us out of Division 3 while he was making changes; Jim was (after 15 games or so) successful in his first season but was highly experienced and with a contacts list as long as your arm plus a wealthy chairman, no FFP and Igor.
    Both Frank and Mel talk about being involved in a long term project.  I hope they both mean it.  It takes time this managerial lark.
  4. Like
    dabber reacted to froggg in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    Peregrine attacking a Marsh Harrier over Stanpit Marsh.

  5. Like
    dabber got a reaction from Ramarena in The Loanee Update Thread 18/19   
    Lowe came off injured for Aberdeen today, not sure with what
    Elsnik played 87 mins for Mansfield in their 3-1 win
  6. Haha
    dabber got a reaction from coneheadjohn in Sellebrity Soccer   
    "We got a weather man from Anglia TV. He said it was going to rain!"
  7. Haha
    dabber got a reaction from coneheadjohn in Sellebrity Soccer   
    "We got a weather man from Anglia TV. He said it was going to rain!"
  8. Clap
    dabber reacted to coneheadjohn in Sellebrity Soccer   
    Well done to the club for putting it on,good cause.
    Reminds me of the Porridge movie when the team of celebrities arrive to play HMP Slade.
    ”I don’t recognise any of them”!
  9. Cheers
    dabber reacted to uttoxram75 in Favourite TV Commercials.   
  10. Clap
    dabber reacted to bigbadbob in v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread   
    You didn't get where you are today by being a glory supporter
  11. COYR
    dabber got a reaction from RamNut in Fans Forum 9/8/18, 7.30pm @ Showcase Intu   
    Just watched the "full length" version and I must say it was wonderful!
    Do other clubs do this sort of thing?
    The insight and transparency and moreover the clear group willingness to try and do right by this club was palpable
    Congrats to @Mafiabob and @RamNut for your great questions / comments at the end
  12. Clap
    dabber got a reaction from Carl Sagan in v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread   
    Apparently someone called Debbie was responsible...
  13. Clap
    dabber got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Fans Forum 9/8/18, 7.30pm @ Showcase Intu   
    Has a murmur gone around the Intu with the news that Blackman has gone??
  14. Clap
    dabber reacted to Birdyabroad in A common theme   
    Anyone notice a common theme in the players that we have signed?
    The Peterborough chairman tweeted to say how Marriot was the first on, and last off, the training ground.
    Ipswich fans speak about how hard working Waghorn is and what a gentleman he is off the pitch.
    Now Scunthorpe fans on Twitter talk about how we’ve got a ‘goodun’ and again refer to him as a gentleman off the pitch.
    I’m also certain that Malone is being referred to in high regard by Fulham fans (Although admittedly not Huddersfield fans who didn’t see much of him). Again, Fulham fans describing him as a tireless worker.
    It’s unusual for fans of selling clubs to be so gracious. I wonder if Lampard is building a team of players in his mould; hard workers for who the game doesn’t come easy.
    Before anyone tells me that our Lamps was so gifted, I was brought up in the East end and remember his early years at the Hammers; it was far from inspiring and many felt that he was given so much room to develop in the first team due to his uncle being manager and dad assistant coach.
    Lampard got where he was through hard work and training, not necessarily natural ability. I’m certain he would be the first to second this.
    These players remind me of the kind of signing made by Nigel Clough (who, himself, wanted Waghorn). Clough has to look to the lower leagues and Scottish leagues to find hard working players who did not have a sense of entitlement.
    Somewhere we lost our way, but I am happy that we seem to be back on track.
    It will hopefully make a nice change from watching a player like Butterfield looking thoroughly miserable.
  15. Clap
    dabber reacted to Highgate in The boring Man City discussion   
    Harlem Globe Trotters 0  Harlem Globe Trotters 2,
  16. Clap
    dabber reacted to RamNut in The boring Man City discussion   
    Chelsea 0 harlem globe trotters 2
  17. Like
    dabber reacted to BobbyTheReadingFan in Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues   
    I agree with this.  I've read @David's view and I think it's overly simplistic as it's not quite as straight forward as you make it seem.  
    I've been a Police Officer for 12 years and throughout my adult life I've always been a more anxious person.  I've struggled to sleep at times.  
    People think anxiety = nerves and worry.  It doesn't just mean that.  It also means being unable to relax, having a brain that won't shut off, over thinking things and of course it does include nerves and worry that you mention.  Particularly with things like social situations, family events, meetings, big occasions, etc...
    The best way I can put it is, Anxiety doesn't have a reason to be there.  E.g. you may be chilled out, you may be off work, no issues, but you're still tightly wound, you still can't quite relax.  
    I'm not always anxious, but there is a reason that Depression and Anxiety goes together.  They feed off one another really well (unfortunately).
    In regards to Depression, it's a really weird beast.  For me it is a feeling of low energy, a zombie state, like I'm floating along without experiencing anything.  It feels like I have a massive weight on my shoulders.  I get more paranoid too about things that happen, like a comment a colleague makes, and I also want to just be alone.  
    I'm not even sad, really.  I'm just nothing really... just in an emotionless state.
    Depression is a massive spectrum.  It's not just someone being really sad, crying and all that.  I'm not like that at all.  
  18. Like
    dabber got a reaction from philmycock in Marriott song   
    Swing low, Jack Marriott
    Scoring goals for Derby at home
    Swing low, Jack Marriott
    Scoring goals for Derby on't road
    or simply use home version at home and road version away?
  19. Haha
    dabber reacted to reveldevil in Marriott song   
    Der Der Der Der Der Der 
    Der Der Der Der Der 
    Der Der Der Der Der Der 
    Der Der Der Der Der
    Der Der Der Der Der Der Der Der Der 
    Der Der Der Der Der 
    Der Der Der Der Der Der Der Der Der
    Der Der Der Der der.
    Marriott's of Fire, Vangelis.😀
  20. Clap
    dabber reacted to loweman2 in The Forgotten Man !   
    Jim Walker the forgotten man
    As many of you know I have been for the last 18 months meeting up with the old brigade, the proper DCFC legends, the ones that put us on the map in footballing terms, the ones that made us the best team in England and got us to the European Cup semi finals, the teams of 71/72 and 74/75.
    It started off as way to spend time with my Dad who was a bit lost after the loss of my mum, he is a season ticket holder now and was back in the day so I started off out on a journey that has lead us to meet most of them, one of them remains elusive and one didn’t wish to participate.
    All of them have been fantastic, eager to tell stories of the great Brian Clough and the amazing fortunes of Derby County who in those bleak years of three day weeks, power blackouts, strikes and Rolls Royce nearly going under taking thousands of local jobs with it gave the people of Derby something to be proud of.
    Upon meeting one of those legends, Jim Walker I was particularly struck by how at peace he was with the world, very relaxed, very friendly and by far the best story teller of them all.
    Jim had not long ago lost his wife to illness so immediately him and my dad had something in common other than the love of football, he made us very welcome and gave us an open invite to go round when ever to continue with the tales.
    Now most people may remember Jim as the guy who was signed by Clough & Taylor from non league football to play for Derby County and was a major part of the team that won promotion from division two in 1968/69.
    He lost his place in the team to John Mcgovern but captained the reserves and stepped in when required to cover injuries of suspensions, this meant that he played only a few games in the 1971/72 season but it was his goal in a 1-0 win against Crystal Palace in late march that gave Derby both points and if you remember we won the league and finished first above dirty Leeds who were just one point behind and had a greater goal difference, so in effect Jim scored the goal that won us the First Division Championship.
    Aswell as a footballer Jim is probably better known as the Aston Villa physio, he was there for around twenty years and served under many managers including Graham Taylor, Ron Atkinson, Brian Little and John Gregory, he was also the man charged with looking after Paul McGrath for many years both on and off the pitch and is spoken of in very high regard in Pauls autobiography.
    He had a private practice at the Belfry for the golfers and was also the go to man at the NEC when any pop stars suffered an injury or needed attention from a physio, he worked with George Michael, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Michael Hutchence and Kylie to name a few hence him having so many fantastic stories.
    Jim has also had illnesses this however does not dampen his spirit or take a smile from his face.
    One thing that I was amazed to hear that Jim did not receive a medal for winning the league title despite being only one of sixteen players in that 71/72 season to have donned the shirt and scoring such a valuable goal.
    When ever you see the pictures of the team celebrating and holding up their medals jim does not have one.
    I approached Andy Ellis the club historian and the writer of many Derby County books and the fount of all knowledge and he confirmed it.
    So we the approached the club and asked if they would support an application to Gordon Taylor of the PFA to ask if he would inturn support an application to the football league to present Jim with the medal that he should have received 46 years ago.
    The club agreed and they sent the letter to Gordon Taylor who gave it his blessing and the approach was then made to the football league, this was back in February this year after the ball was started rolling in June of 2017 so it took a while.
    I am delighted to say that the agreement was given and Derby County approached the very same jewellers who had made the original ones to make one for Jim, to the exact specifications of the original medals and in the same box and made from 9ct gold with all of the hall marks.
    For some reason the club at this time can not be seen to publicly present Jim with the medal which is a great sadness as I thought that he was going to be able to step out on the pitch at Pride Park on the opening home game against Leeds (quite fitting as he stopped them winning the league with his goal), it is a litigious matter so I will comment no further other than to say that they did everything that they could.
    So to wrap up the story I had the great honour of going to Jims house today with my dad and my son and presenting him with his long overdue medal, he had no idea that it was coming and to say that he was over whelmed is an understatement.
    It was great to see his face and to have the privilege to do something like that, I had the medal at my house for a while but obviously didn’t want to post any pictures until now as it was a secret.
    Not very often that you get to present a league championship winning medal on behalf of Derby County and to one of the few from those great days and can be called the legends.
    We are hoping that Jim will still be able to have amore public presentation at sometime in the season at Pride Park when what ever issues are resolved.
    Up the Rams !!

  21. Like
    dabber got a reaction from philmycock in Marriott song   
    Swing low, Jack Marriott
    Scoring goals for Derby at home
    Swing low, Jack Marriott
    Scoring goals for Derby on't road
    or simply use home version at home and road version away?
  22. Like
    dabber got a reaction from philmycock in Marriott song   
    Swing low, Jack Marriott
    Scoring goals for Derby at home
    Swing low, Jack Marriott
    Scoring goals for Derby on't road
    or simply use home version at home and road version away?
  23. Clap
    dabber reacted to Leicester Ram in Rowett - In or Out?   
    We’ve fallen into the trap of overrating Clement and now Rowett because they’re young and talked well in the press.
    How well someone gets on with Owen Bradley shouldn’t be a barometer of how good a manager is.
    If a Roy Hodgson or Martin O’Neill, basically an older manager who doesn’t have the benefit of youth, had been making the transfer moves and setting the team up the way Rowett has, they wouldn’t have been praised. His youth has painted backwards moves as forwards ones.
    He and a lot of people on here have scoffed at the criticisms of the team, this regime has hardly acknowledged the flaws that were plainly obvious and the contradictions of this rebuild being nothing of the sort.
    At least with McClaren there was a clear template for how he’d like to set up, which we knew could be successful. Has Rowett really shown anything resembling that?
    The defence is/was solid but it’s only because our attack is such an afterthought. He got very lucky in inheriting Vydra because otherwise his attacking set-up really is dismal.
    I don’t think you can really praise his defence anymore (obviously it’s dropped off massively anyway, it’s literally not good) but it’s cost us so much balance as a team. We’re embarrasingly unbalanced, we set up with 6 outfield players dedicated to defending, sometimes 7 if Johnson plays on the wing. No wonder we don’t create any chances.
    It’s obscene that he won’t play Palmer and Vydra together, ******* obscene. It’s not like Lawrence has been playing well, he could probably do with a break, why wouldn’t you put Palmer in? It’s astounding and really worrying.
    His disdain for passing, possession and attacking flair is such an undesirable trait in a manager, it’s not a problem those aren’t his priorities but you can tell from his treatment of Hughes, his comments on former Derby teams and teams like Fulham that he thinks it’s almost juvenile. It’s not that it isn’t an option for him either, he’s had Martin and Palmer at his disposal and not utilised them. If he’d made any sort of effort to properly incorporate Martin into the team then we’d have so much less to do this summer.
    What worries me now and I think the issue that could genuinely ruin him is that he made us worse in a transfer window when we had so much going for us. All his own doing. Jerome for Martin has been a hideous swap that’s put another contract on our books for an aging striker, while still retaining Martin’s contract. We spent reportedly 2 million on Jerome, that’s almost half of what we reportedly sold Hughes for. 
    There’s been no cohesive plan for building the team to host a sustainable promotion push but instead a reliance on experience that has ignored the problems with building around older players. Our style was built around Nugent who was pushing his luck and actually flattered to deceive (6 goals, coming in 4 games; he only scored in 4 games this season). As soon as he dropped off, we were toast.
    I’ll forgive him the Winnall injury because we’d look a hell of a lot better if he was playing but he was the only player outside of Wisdom and Lawrence we signed in their 20’s this summer. And he isn’t even ours.
    I understand the Davies signing but it wasn’t a signing for the future, he creates a massive stumbling block for how we can bring in another CB. We’ve got three on big wages in Pearce, Davies and Keogh. Where’s the room to bring in a young CB?
    Where’s the room to bring in a young striker? Nugent, Jerome and Martin are taking up those spots on big wages. No ones going to want any of them this summer, what are we going to do?
    Midfield. Ledley, Huddlestone, Johnson, Bryson and Butterfield. Who’d want them?
    The real kicker is we didn’t have to sign them. The excuse is we were priced out of young players in an inflated market (where we surprisingly didn’t get much money for our two young stars) but we didn’t need to sign players to make us competitive this year, we knew it was a rebuild and people would have been fine with mid table, as long as we’re improving and working for the long term future of the club.
    The fans expectations had been thoroughly reset after last season but we set it straight back to promotion or bust.
    We’re two points off 10th now, on current form that’s probably about where we’ll finish. If that happens, it will be treated as a disaster and I guarantee Rowett’s excuse will be ‘look at this reaction, that’s why I had to risk so much for a shot at promotion’ but it’s complete ******** because if a young team had finished 10th, the fans would have understood.
    It’s interesting to see the tide turn against this regime since it’s become clear we’re not going up because his excuses have gone. Davies, Ledley and Jerome were only good moves if we went up. If that’s the only way a player can be successful, why have we signed them because that’s precisely what we want to avoid.
    At the point Kieftenbeld didn’t work out, we could have not signed Ledley, easily. We all would have understood if Hanson or Guy had got their chance instead, what’s the point of having investment in the academy if we don’t use its products?
    Signing him to a longer contract in January only made sense, we were doing so well with him but he shouldn’t have ever been signed in the first place. We’re back to square one again.
    This is going to get worse before it gets better, I think we can keep limping on for now but outside of introducing the academy players, I can’t see much to get excited about anymore.
    I’d say at least we’ll get a big fee for Vydra but after Hughes and Ince’s sale, I wonder if we’ll get ripped off again.
    Oh yeah and the football is ******* boring.
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    dabber got a reaction from Paul71 in Live games 2017/18   
    Can still finish though
  25. Like
    dabber got a reaction from Paul71 in Live games 2017/18   
    Can still finish though

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