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    Keepyuppy got a reaction from Purpleram in Johnny Russell   
    As much as I love JR's effort, he doesn't off much in the way of end product, either, crossing, shooting, scoring. 
    If we get any offer above £2m we should sell him imho - controversial, but we are massively oversubscribed in midfield players and any transfer fee could be better spent. 
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    Keepyuppy got a reaction from DarkFruitsRam7 in Wingers !!   
    I really think we need to get at least one out and out winger in on loan. Someone who can add to the squad, that can either start or come on to use pass and specialist  skills in being able to cross balls from wide positions and/or get to the byline and pull crossed back across the goalmouth. Also have we got anyone who can actually take a decent corner. We don't seem to be able to utilise the avantage that a corner kick should do. Too often corners are too long or go straight towards the keeper who either catches or punches clear. 
    If we can get a decent out and out winger who is able to take a player on and beat him on the outside, it gives the midfield more time to get forward and support our striker, who is often isolated. 
    We seem to be very predictable in cutting in from wide positions and running in to defenders or having no options for a shot or decent final ball. 
    Am I on my own in thinking this ?. 
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