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  1. I wouldn't call what Malone did a mistake. It was pure stupidity. Sunday league stuff. Thought he was playing ok up to then too. Then he completely lost his head.
  2. I spoke too soon. I can think of a thousand things i wasn't content with last night.
  3. For a bit more balance, i have no real issue with any of them. They evidently love the football club & give us the game from their perspective. Can't ask for much more.
  4. Not been on the forum for a while. This coincides with me being pretty content at the moment. I feel Cocu is doing all the right things and we will only get better.
  5. Also heartbreaking. War Doctor is also brilliant of the same genre.
  6. My babysitter @David took Billy to meet Rooney at PP yesterday (he's got a lot of time on his hands). As you can see Billy hasn't changed in the slightest since he had a picture with Frank Lampard last year.
  7. As far as i'm aware Heanor is the closest supporters bus, unless you get the Two into Derby.
  8. Got mine today. Spoke to the woman at the ticket office earlier and she said if you haven't received it by now, then you won't be able to watch any games this season. 😕
  9. These days you could photoshop a picture of Bin Laden holding a Derby shirt and i'd probably believe it. Would get a 'good PR for the club, let's give it a go' response from me, no real shock.
  10. I'm hoping Scott Carson and Rammie come knocking on my door with it for one of them emotional video things. I've put a football net up in the back garden ready for the kickabout section. You'll see me on the big screen on Saturday!
  11. Haven't read any of the thread but.. Overrated - @David Thanks, bye.
  12. We've had blood tests etc to check for coeliac as my Mum is a sufferer. Nothing seemed to show up on this. I think a lot of it could be diet related though as he is a very fussy eater and only drinks milk no matter what we try!
  13. Really don't get why people ask other sets of fans what they think of a potential signing. Why don't you just wait and see how they fit into your team? That's even if they are signed. If somebody tells you they are crap, you just think, 'let's wait and see'.
  14. It's weird. My life revolves around football and Derby County but when i consult my brain for an instant memory... absolutely nothing.
  15. My 2 year old has been suffering with severe constipation for over a year now. He has been on Movicol in his milk the whole time but it changes nothing. We're told his bowel has stretched and he is just building up and up until it's unbearable. When he does eventually go he is pushing so hard and screaming, it's absolutely heartbreaking to watch. We go back to the paediatrician, they tell us the same thing, and the cycle goes on. We talk about going private but we don't really have the money to do so. How has it come to this? Our NHS can't fix a 2 year old in absolute agony? He can only be fixed if i start earning more money?
  16. He's already said he doesn't want to block the path for the pupils in the academy.
  17. We said that about Nugent in 2007 but look what happened. We also said it about Waghorn in 2010, 2011 and 2012 look what happened. The thread has at least another 10 years left in it yet.
  18. Smyth_18

    DCFC tattoos

    Not sure if @lukeyb07 from Twitter is on here but his tattoos are absolutely amazing.
  19. I'm going to take the plunge and say that i am honestly a little bit worried for the season ahead. Dowell is in no way a replacement for Mount or Wilson and would have been a good addition if we already had 2 players of their calibre. We made a lot of basic defensive errors last season and we have lost our player of the year from that defensive unit. Cocu has had 2 weeks? To get the players back up to fitness. It will be very hard to also put across his philosophy had have everybody singing from the same hymn sheet in that time. At this moment in time i am expecting a very slow start and a 10th to 14th finish, which i suppose isn't all that much of a disaster. We are well and truly back to square one (Nigel Clough days) which is exciting and worrying in equal measure. Sorry if this comes across as negative. I just hope fans aren't expecting us to be flying from the off because we have a very good foreign coach. It will take time. As long as we set out on a path and stick to it, i will be content.
  20. Mine was to prove a point on the first one being a wind up. Don't believe idiots on forums people, only a few hours to wait.
  21. Just seen the third strip... Bland.
  22. Definitely a bit of eye detected.
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