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  2. Quickest is: Covent Garden to Green Park (Piccadilly) Green Park to Finchley Road (Jubilee) Finchley Road to Wembley Park (Met) You could just stay on the Jubilee line from Green Park if you aren’t pressed for time, that has more stops so takes longer, but it does stop at Wembley Park too. I’d recommend downloading Citymapper on your phone, even just for the day. It’ll be really useful in case you do get lost or change your plans.
  3. Can't bloody wait. Getting to London for 8am by car, going to have about 10 scarves out of the windows, Lampard face masks stuck all over the bonnet and roof, beep and drive up next to any other Derby cars we see (so i can high five the people inside), drive up next to villa cars (so we can Jamie Carragher them... jk) and hopefully at Covent garden by 9. UTR, no pressure on winning, if we lose, I will be there singing and applauding the Derby players long after the final whistle either way. Followed by a night out in LDN. I feel drunk just thinking how drunk I will be.
  4. Could someone advise me on the tube travel from Wembley to Covent Garden and back? Never done the tube before and not sure which train and line to take ? Ta
  5. “Holy fornication” .. brilliant, take a bow, love it 🤣
  6. Nah....hes the guy standing in a puddle of his own purple vomit having soiled himself......🤣
  7. Idle sods that can't be bothered returning their supermarket trolley and leave them in the middle of a parking bay. So blocking the bay and causing an inconvenience to other shoppers.
  8. I ain’t got a flight to worry about but I’ve got 2 consecutive exams at the back end of this week so nervous probably isn’t a strong enough word
  9. Sleeping like a baby. On a completely unrelated note, recycling bin is full again. I'll have to take another couple of sacks to Raynesway tip tomorrow on the way to the chemists to pick up this weeks prescription.
  10. David

    Forum Issues

    @bigbadbob I think I’ve found what was causing that to happen, give it half hour or so for the changes to go through, if it’s still happening let me know.
  11. I know this sounds strange Mostyn pal , the timing maybe isn't right but give it some thought. Write him a letter telling him how you feel about him, tell him about the best and the worst memories you shared, write it as if he's still here and you're going to give it to him. Be as honest as you have ever been with anyone or about anything. It will hurt like hell and you might not stop crying for hours but it's a beautiful thing to do and it will really bring you some peace in time. I'm so sorry for you pal. After we had such a rocky start to our forum relationship, you're someone I've come to view as an internet friend, someone I'd love to meet and someone I would always help in any way I could. I'm only a message away pal. Write the letter, get some sleep.
  12. I think QPR there was lots of expectation. The way we finished the season in comparison to them, the way we destroyed Brighton in the home leg with one of the most dazzling rams performances in decades. It was ours surely, we only had to turn up!! This time, no expectations. Villa thumped us twice though we were injury hit both times and this is a different team. The semi final epitomised Derby this season, as equally capable of the slow, nervous insipid performance in the first leg as the confident swashbuckling fearless performance in the second leg. Who knows which way it’s going to go? Im therefore focussing on enjoying the day whatever happens but delighted and overjoyed we have an owner, manager, team and fans all as one and heading in an exciting direction again. I actually agree with Craig Ramage, something special is happening!
  13. You sound bitter. Apologies for being in a more lighthearted mood than you appear to be.
  14. I'd be gutted to lose Sibley for anything other than a really snap-yer-hands-off offer. He's the best academy prospect we've got in a pool of talent that is among the best in the country. No idea where his ceiling is, but I think if we had given him a run out in the first team he would have made an impact already. He's a headcase, with a thirst to win every second ball that's remotely possible. He's like a Seth Johnson regen!
  15. I have barely slept for the last 3 nights. I'm a bag of nerves and going to bed last night was an exercise in futility. If I'm sat next to a yappy or crying kid when I fly out of Orlando on Thursday the parents need to either order me a bottle of Jack Daniels or call protective services because I'm not going to be in the mood. And don't get me started on the flight home. I'll be either sweetness and light ordering champagne for all, or in a 'murder all things' mindset.
  16. Exactly this!! And you know what, none of my mates can get their head round my perspective when I talk like this. I've got really close friends who support Sheffield United and Villa and they can't understand it, just by what is at stake. The play off second leg was my play off final, I'm just delighted to experience the actual final with this team. The weekend is going to special, whatever the result and if we don't succeed, you know what next season I will be more optimistic than ever. The only downside, it's gonna be a long ol' summer whichever league we start the 19/20 season in!
  17. David

    Forum Issues

    No that shouldn’t be happening and not sure why it would. Will look into it now
  18. He has a fantastic connection with the fans her at Derby, and has done all season, and it is at a level he won't see at Chelsea. He has also got a terrific bond with the players as well - watch the after match videos, the dressing room videos and the after hours, closed door affair at the Kings Head. There is something special going on here which should hold him here for at least a couple of years.
  19. Driving Grimsby to Peterborough and train in from there. 2 adults and 2 kids £45 all in. Bargain that.
  20. I've used Stanmore a few times for normal matches (Charlton, Milwall - assuming Millwall can be classed as normal) and it was fine. But last time I went past the station the car park had been deolished, so there may well be parking shortages there. You could go M40, M25, M4 into Hillingdon station and go from there.
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