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  2. Harsh mate. he man's the absolute zen master of the 5 yard lateral pass 🤣
  3. I don't care whether he's crap or not. That penalty against Columbia makes him worth 100 caps. Hero.
  4. Forest transfer lookup: Link to player X Check player X agent is Mendes If answer to 2. is yes, then the link is highly likely to be legit. If answer to 2. is no, the rumour is rubbish and go back to step 1.
  5. Dier has double that? How? Surely me and you should have a handful if he's got 40 caps. He isn't good enough to get 40 caps for San Marino. Donkey
  6. A polite request. Can we stop posting in this thread. Most of us want to forget it never happened! 😂
  7. Notts F*rest fans crying all around
  8. Lampard tried that at the start too. Three midfielders rotating. Lasted until about October, when he clocked that midfielders at this level lack the all-round ability to make it work successfully. If you're mobile AND can tackle AND can pass AND can score AND have the football brain to make it work... then you're in the Prem.
  9. I reckon there is a greater chance of finding Maddie than Ampadu getting game time at Villa.
  10. Do we need him to keep our other injury prone players company in the treatment room?
  11. No - the current definition is So I think it's use in the preceding post was pretty accurate.
  12. Norwich City have signed right-back Sam Byram from Premier League rivals West Ham United for £750,000 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49000422
  13. Villa have Hausa, Konsa, Mings, Chester and are about to unveil Engels so 5 CBs. So he won’t go there to play CB. A part from Hourihane, Grealish and McGinn they’ve also signed Gardner and Jota and about to unveil Douglas Luiz. Plus they have a few others like Lansbury. really can’t see Ampadu getting much game time
  14. https://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/swanseacity/forum/241280/leroy-fer--off/ Mixed views of Fee on this early 2000s message board. Lacks commitment, injury prone and not really worth the wages. On paper he's exactly the sort of player we've been lacking for years, if not Fer himself, but maybe just on paper.
  15. No they haven’t, which is why we still need a fair number of improvements to that team. Id argue at this point yes they are, which is like I say why we need some new signings. Mind I’d argue Huddlestone has had a pretty good pre season so far, he’s looks better than he did at the back end of last season and I wouldn’t be surprised if cocu likes him as likes counter attacking- I reckon he’ll stay as first choice CDM. Been better than shinnie so far, though you can’t really judge anything yet- although I’d say from what I’ve seen shinnie is competing for a CM berth, not a CDM berth. Zoon has been poor so far, and definitely does need replacing as a fairly high priority for me, I’m fairly sure he’ll be sold anyway. But atm we don’t have many other options, Bennett seems to be considered centrally now and is doing well there.
  16. Fer is exactly what we need, it's a shame he is injury prone. He came on for Swansea last season and absolutely bossed the game at pride park, very good player.
  17. Done mate. Thank god for the forum to get through a working that is all I can say!
  18. If you reread my comments, you'll see that they were directed at the fact that those people who were calling for #lampardout would be 'plastic fans with limited football knowledge'. Plenty of Chelsea "fans" turned on Mourinho but, as per what I've just said, I don't doubt for one minute that those were the "fans" who have chosen to support Chelsea in the past 15 years and know little about football. But as the BBC Sport article demonstrates, football is know dominated by social media. I don't doubt that the true fans who turn up down the Bridge week in week out will back Lampard and actually know what they're talking about. But there are vocal "keyboard warriors" who have probably never even been to a game, who will turn - they are a reality at every club, but especially so at a huge commercial enterprise club like Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool etc. If you like, you can read my original comments in the context that they were delivered based on the reply I gave to another poster. It was your plastic so called "fans" that I was commenting on, as I actually quoted at the time. But, whatever.
  19. Personally I'd pick Lawrence 10/10 times vs Anya I think Anya is a very quick, hard working player but think he lacks inventiveness - He's a reactionary player - Lawrence is more creative, wants to try things, can beat players and is a potential match winner - A more pro-active player who's always trying to create opportunity not just react to it But each to their own - They both have merits
  20. Martins probably been our best player(never thought I’d say that again). 3 assists in 105 minutes of game time. Marriott and Bennett have also looked pretty good and Bogle looking decent.
  21. How mobile is he? I read that Cocu likes to use three mobile midfielders and no recognised defensive midfielder as such. Also makes me fear for any small hope of seeing Thorne return to the starting line up.
  22. Well his best teams haven’t really delivered much. Are Hudds and Zoon really his best team? Would prefer Shinnie and Bennett tbh
  23. Currently training with Feyenoord to try and earn a move there. Not that that couldn't change...
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