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  2. not defending at all, stating a fact
  3. Because they look up to him and see a green light. It's like the blind leading the blind. Work for a racist idiot who will literally blame any and everything else apart from himself and people will start to believe it's ok to do what they do. 'When the looting starts the shooting starts' so someone steals something they're game for being shot and killed? Sounds very 1600's which is exactly where America as a whole has stayed. ya damn right they should be shot, the looters the rioters, the people beating little old lady's protecting there buisnesses and homes are duckin vermin mate...........peaceful protest for the hideous crime committed yes, the whole of AMERICA (not London) should be doing that..............
  4. True, but she is part of a faction that doesn't sit well with a lot of Americans and due to her celebrity her voice carries more weight than most. People will recall her and others dressed in white, looking miserable and not clapping during a generally well received Trump speech, the Green New Deal, the Amazon fiasco etc. Furthermore will people also remember the Democrats and the leftist media on Kavanagh, Jussie Smollet, 'Russia, Russia, Russia', impeachment etc - my feeling is similar to Brexit and voting Tory, most people don't actually admit to doing it because its demonised in the press, they just quietly turn out and vote when its time. Not the the party is at odds with itself and can't present a united front. Maybe that should happen tbh (and similar should happen over here), as @AndyinLiverpool said labels are thrown around and most people don't know what they actually mean. Does AOC even belong in the same party as Biden? I've said before that I'd much rather have smaller parties with defined goals and a PR system in which your vote actually counted for something, despite the increased complications that would bring. All we have now are two parties and a media that push people into a faction with an ever widening division between them.
  5. I only ever buy single game, weekly or monthly passes. I don't think I'd ever subscribe for anything more. Mind you, not having to listen to Edworthy makes them more attractive.
  6. Today
  7. You can take a rubber dinghy across the channel and it'll still be cheaper than paying for Sky and BT
  8. Yes and i am sure she would fix him up with her friends but of course back in that day Ewie did not exist but why let a minor detail like that get in the way of a remark
  9. No never been there not sure about chicken tikka ice cream sound bit strange even for me.
  10. Yeah, but AOC is not running President for the Democrats against Trump, nor is Bernie. The right wing of the Democratic Party won the day in the nomination process and it's Biden (almost certainly) that will he face Trump, so AOC is pretty irrelevant in the Presidential race. A Biden White House would not be a left wing White House. AOC may lose her seat but I don't think she will (bad news for her given my prediction record) and I sincerely hope she doesn't. It's surely a positive thing that there are those in the Democratic party that are becoming more left wing.....the US voter hasn't had much choice in that regard in the past. The general US public is probably far more centrist or left of centre than their Congress on a whole range of issues. It does threaten to split the Democratic Party apart.... but then maybe it should. In the Republican Party there are still some old school Republicans that are not actually insane (most of whom have been shamefully silent on Trump's shenanigans) and then there is the stark raving loony section of the Republican party, currently the dominant faction. Maybe both parties should split and give the US electorate more choice.
  11. Haven’t seen Metallica for years and I probably wouldn’t these days as I’m not fussed on stadium gigs but in the 80’s live they were brilliant. Like Black Stone Cherry,never seen them but might if possible. Don’t mind Shinedown and love Maiden,that’s good that they came across so well. If we have a choice we like going to small club gigs these days.
  12. I agree with you totally. Otherwise, at what point in our lives are we considered the finished article? If our opinions at say 18 years of age are totally different to when we're 50, are we still judged on what we thought 32 years earlier? And I'm not just talking racism. I don't think I was racist at 18 personally but I did have opinions on other subjects around that time that I cringe about now. For example, during the 2003 Iraq invasion, I thought Shock and Awe was cool. Now at 34 years of age, I think it was totally wrong. I'd prefer to be judged on my opinions today than years ago and I don't think anybody should be denied the opportunity to learn from mistakes, no matter the subject.
  13. What? Why on earth not. There's people out there with very 'different' views on life indeed. How do you propose we all live together if there is no compromise, even if just in the form of 'oh I understand I shouldn't have said that'?
  14. Despite being a relatively avarage player, it will probably be his last decent move so he'll be after a big payday - not the sort of signing we should be making...
  15. I think we’re very likely to go round in circles here. Accept your point that we make mistakes. Do not accept that racist remarks should be counted among those “learn from your mistake and move on” comments.
  16. Hadn't realised he'd played for Marseille. But with a record of 125 games and 35 goals for Weds..........thats a big no thanks for me!
  17. Recall on this forum many moons ago I said The Beatles were overrated. People will always say but have you heard so and so album track...nope. But off the top of my head I could name 20 or 30 of their songs and I don't really particularly love any of them. Yep, massive band but just not really for me. My underrated tip - Depeche Mode. Honestly, so many good songs over decades, totally underrated. Disagree with Smashing Pumpkins too as overrated. Very diverse back catalogue.
  18. Sometimes it's better to just say nothing. I've seen some ridiculous posts on Social Media along the lines of "where were the riots when Lee Rigby was murdered" or pictures of Black Men looting with a caption "they really look like they're mourning George Floyd" and I started typing a response to say how bang out of order those posts are but after proof reading it I thought better of it. And I'm just a nobody with a couple hundred Facebook friends! Imagine being a somebody with several thousand followers reading your words. *EDIT* just in case I've left myself open to being misunderstood (ironically the reason I states I just say nothing!) I am in full support of the Black Lives Matter movement. I've spent a lot of time all over the United States for work and change is required. I also fully support our soldiers and was outraged by the Lee Rigby murder and I still am. I'm also against burning businesses to the ground and looting but although I don't agree with it, I can empathise with people's anger
  19. I assume that we get virtual crowd thingy.
  20. We score an early goal, bring on five centre halves. Premier League. There may be something wrong with this strategy however. It would work if there was no further scoring in any of the games. Right.
  21. How many.points do we realistically need to.make Play Offs. I know that there are many variables so the answer is presumably 27 barring some clever maths.
  22. Been eating better last couple of weeks and a half and included a lot more exercise. Been running, weights and doing hiit and metabolic workouts on YouTube.
  23. I still struggle to understand the use of 'liberal' as a pejorative.
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