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  2. Nice one , been in . Pretty lively outside
  3. Wearing this today at Burton look out for Orange men LOL !!!
  4. I think the only question mark is around a physical battler as I don't see one coming through the academy and there's doubts about huddlestones mobility and thornes injury record. Looks a lot like Evans is now being deployed as a cb. Dm/physical presence- first team: one of Thorne or huddlestone realistically. Possibly a signing who offers some longevity to the role Remaining two places- dowell, holmes, shinnie plus sibley, bird, Knight. I think that's plenty for those two places whether it's a cm&am or two cms.
  5. Wouldnt say its half empty as I think if cocu finishes his contract here we will be in the prem. Just think after the way Frank screwed us this season will be rough, with a threadbare squad, relying on youngsters/players who have been out of favour with us for the last few years (martin ect)
  6. Still no Cresswell - does anyone know why?
  7. Just the two trialists... guessing the other Trialist brothers have been let go. Delighted to see McAllister back in the squad.
  8. I just doubt they would be able to replace wilsons goals
  9. How do you know this? In the right balanced team, they could well be. History shows Flo jo better in his second season and Bennett is looking good so far.
  10. Jesus it's preseason, time to have a look at certain things, I will judge the team when the season starts, my glass is always half full I admit, and I am so pleased it is, as yours I am guessing is always half empty. Hope you enjoy the season, because I will , feeling another good season is just round the corner.
  11. Agree if we want to be mid table then play the youngsters but if we want promotion send them on loan to play every week
  12. Bird, Sibley, Shinnie. No point loaning another teams youngsters when we had the best under 18s team in the country.
  13. We are missing Shinnie, Holmes, Thorne (and Butterfield) from midfield. Lawrence and Martin can also play in that attacking mid / second striker role when we line up 4231. I don’t think we’re far off where we’d like to be
  14. Team for under 23s at Alfreton this afternoon. McAllister in the squad.
  15. They arent top 6 quality. Both good sub players, valuable to have, but we do need at least one winger in before the season starts
  16. Bennett has been our best player this preseason, why shouldn't he be starting?
  17. No. I had you down as a patriot and an advocate of free speech. If free speech is a part of what it is to be British, describing someone's opinions as un-British, would be un-British.
  18. It's a friendly, why be so negative?? Bennett deserves to start following a good performance in the last game and flo-jo has potential, just needs a run of games.
  19. Dowell ans holmes only two decent CMs Thorne is a crock, huddlestone is past it Sibley Bird knight just youngsters cant be playing week in week out, unproven
  20. Side looks fine,I’m worried about our long term lack of balance in midfield but the front four is fine. My preference would have been Martin and Marriott but happy to see TL in that role,I think Bennett and Waghorn is interesting and could prove a handful. If Cocu can get Joz playing then that’s a bonus. I’ll have an open mind.
  21. Just so we're straight, are you implying that I'm an anti-Semitic, terrorist sympathising socialist?
  22. Huddlestone Thorne Evans Shinnie Dowell Holmes Sibley Bird Knight so unless any more are sold or sent on loan we have 9 for 2/3 positions is more than enough
  23. We could see Lawrence and Dowell as the two CMs/AMs instead
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