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  2. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this guy came out, and then at the very next match there were rainbow flags and all sorts and a massive round of applause when his name’s announced, totally drowning out any idiots. Sending out a massive message to any other gay footballers out there. Would be fitting for it to happen at PRIDE park.
  3. I already said that in the past I have said things that I’m not proud off, it would be very easy of me to say it was the done thing back in the day and it was only words but that would be an excuse and I openly hold my hands up and say I was wrong, my behaviour was appalling and I was part of a culture that was and still is unacceptable. I believe I have learnt a lot since then, this is not being righteous, just knowing right from wrong.
  4. But by this logic, we don’t need black awareness campaigns and equality measures because slavery has been gone for over 200 years and basically people aren’t really racist these days. Theres still a long way to go for a black baby to be born and not be instantly on the back foot compared to a white baby in exactly the same circumstances. Likewise with gay people. That awareness still needs to be raised, the equality measures still need to be enacted. It’s great that it doesn’t matter to you. But there’s a lot of homophobes out there for whom it does matter. My views have changed so much over the past 20 years that I can scarcely believe these people exist and assume everyone is as tolerant as me, but they really do exist, and intolerance is still the default setting for a lot of people. even if they try their best to keep a lid on it, and it only rears it’s head in a heated moment at a football match where the n word or similar slips out. There’s a difference between taking the talk and really believing it. i get what your saying, I really do. I used to argue til I was blue in the face that words are just words, and it’s how you say them or mean them that’s important. I argued so much that I tried to prove a point, whilst probably too drunk to make the point with any eloquence. Ended up shouting in a mates girlfriends face that she was a fat bitch, til I kind of forgot what point I was trying to make. She unsurprisingly ran off crying, and he nearly punched me. We haven’t really spoken since. i was trying to be too cerebral about it. But really hurtful words are just hurtful. End of.
  5. Does that south-west corner really protrude like that in real life?!
  6. You got your wires crossed there. I was talking about Ilhan Omar who you claimed had an approval rating of 9% (but didn't mention that this was amongst swing state voters only). I pointed out that she won her seat in Congress with 78% of the vote in the largely white state of Minnesota (more than 260,000 votes vs her opponent on ~75,000 votes. And a high turnout too. You misread it as I was talking about AOC and posted the wrong stats. Sorry I'm only just catching up on the weekend's posts
  7. Mel, you’ve over done it this time.
  8. GenBr

    Gareth Bale

    I hopehe doesnt acceptthat. Effectively giving up on his career if he does that. Would still walk into most of the top sides in Europe.
  9. Got to do a time lapse video of the construction.
  10. Starts in August, finishes in May 🤷‍♂️😉
  11. Oh, quite a long time. I have wasted a large part of my adolescent and adult life playing Football Manager (and other games). If I were to ever add it up, then I imagine it would be quite scary! Hasn’t done me any harm though. Wibble.
  12. I bet he had the choice finally, either play for a big club in the most competitive league in the world with the biggest attendances, or go to Germany.
  13. Never played FM so just out of curiosity, how long does a season take to play out on FM?
  14. If you think any football fan using the N word even once to describe anyone on the football pitch is ok, you're wrong. Please don't ever come to Pride Park again. You're not welcome. From all non-racist DCFC fans.
  15. I must have gotten lost here somewhere because the article being quoted (now being quoted by the DET as well) isn't actually linking us with a move for him. It's just suggesting us as a destination...
  16. ..or according to the video Tamari and the bio Tomari, just like when he was here no ducker can spell it correctly!
  17. If I had to pigeon hole myself I'd say I was more a center-leftie than anything else. I believe in a fairer world, protecting the environment, renationalisation and the NHS amongst other things. I do however also believe in small government, a (regulated) free market, free speech and ending censorship/excessive political correctness - which are all now seen as right-wing now-days 😕 I don't see the rise in fascism as you see it, I see a rise in nationalism/populism by the silent moderate majority who vote against a rapidly changing world against their wishes. I see the left moving further to the extremes, restricting conversation, reducing people to their base identity group and generally exacerbating the problem, forcing ever more people to vote for the likes of Trump. I'd say I am currently politically homeless and am becoming increasingly alarmed by the open hostility shown by both the right and the left. I'd agree that I am more biased against the left than the right at the moment but imo they are the worst offenders. The left, far more than the right, seem to favour feelings over facts, identity politics and are more likely to believe what the media is telling them and scream fascist/nazi/racism/whatever when an argument heads south. When the right act in a similar fashion, they get removed from social media. An example of this is when you have a cheap pop at me and incorrectly say that AOC won 78% of the vote - you get 3 likes. I reply with civility pointing out the facts, 15k vs 11k of a 20% turnout - it gets ignored. I post an admittedly lazy article from The Daily Wire, I get called out at an agitator or shill. Then when I post pretty much exactly the same things from Politico the conversation goes dead. Similar with the Sargon video - you don't have to like him, you could skip through with the sound off, the video contains a lot of information from a lot of sources that can be fact checked and countered but it seems arguments are more easily shut down by simply calling me names. I don't tend to criticise the right because that's what most people do on here, and a lot of it is silly name calling. If you have looked through some of my recent posts I have stated that Trump is 'unstable' and 'not what I'd consider a true world leader'. I think he's done some good things, a bit like Billy Davies did some good things here - but he too was poisonous and divisive. Rather than join in slagging him off at every opportunity achieving nothing I'd rather the Democrats to get their act together to challenge him properly. At this point 'The Squad' are virtually guaranteeing him another term however, so yeah I'm gonna go after them instead. Anyway, I've decided I'm going to step away from posting for a bit, everyone is stuck in their ways and the petty arguing is getting tedious. I've just spent the last month landscaping the garden and the kids are off for the next six weeks so I'm gonna enjoy the fruits of by labour and spend some time in the sun. Can't promise not to be irritated by an obviously fake news/stats or outlandish statement though. I wonder if the wifi reaches into the garden...
  18. I said that... I never said he didn't have strengths what I did say is: A) he shouldn't be captain or even captain of the defence as the only leadership skills he has is leading by example in his effort levels. His ability to calm the team, read the game and organise team mates is poor. Since he signed we have also had an issue that many managers have complained with dropping deep as soon as the game turns encouraging opponents onto us. B) although he is a good defender (if not in areas the best in ths league). He isn't wasn't we need, he's pushing 30 and requires an experienced head to calm and organise next to him. This means with 4 at the back there is no opportunity to bring youngsters through and with his role no-one to put alongside the youngsters to blood them with a calm experienced head. I'm not completely biased against him but I am all for progression and the new model and keogh for me doesn't fit. He also doesn't fit the modern game well for me. In the days of all teams playing 442 when cbs just had to mark their respective St he would have been impressive if not the best in the league. In the modern game of mixed formations and fluid attacks he doesn't look comfortable at adapting and picking up changing men. Head to head with 1 player keogh is up with the best.... The modern cb very rarely gets that, full back is a different role where 1 v 1s are still an active judge of a players quality (wan bissakas stand out star why he's valued at 50 Mill by united)
  19. Apparently Wigan don’t want to pay out the £3 million for Jamal Lowe, would love him at Derby
  20. Very tricky question to answer, and as you allude to, difficult for one person to speak for many of differing views as to what label they would prefer.
  21. Boycie

    Max Lowe

    Ohm my god like don’t drag me into your childish word plays.
  22. Ok righteous one. Give yourself a pat on the back for never once using any language that someone may find offensive!
  23. Well, I signed him for the Rams on Football Manager and he went on to be a club legend who got a testimonial after 11 seasons. So - you know - he has to be signed doesn’t he?
  24. Sadly will be missing this game as I will already be in Scotland awaiting the Rangers game. But will be adequately compensated for the miss by all the malt whisky I will be sampling.
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