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  2. I totally see the thinking personally. When have Spurs ever had a manager of the calibre and with the track record of Mourinho? Not in my lifetime, they haven’t. It’s a coup for Spurs, let’s be honest. Pochettino did a wonderful job and it was an excellent fit for a time as both the manager and the club grew together. It’s fair to have reservations about Mourinho, but every job is different. The resources he has will dictate what he does. Jose will understand that it’s horses for courses. Others might say appoint a young trendy en vogue coach instead that can continue Pochettino’s work, but none of them will command the respect that Jose does in the game. People forget it’s been 16 years since Mourinho won his first league title with Porto. And he has won silverware in every job since. How many managers can sustain success, stay at the top and remain relevant for that long? His longevity has been incredible. Do they want to be the plucky underdogs and the lovable nearly men forever? If aspirations are bigger than that, then this is a no-brainer.
  3. I think the sacking is right. Spurs only pushed him as he was readying to jump months ago. Five years is a long time in football and I think it’s fair to say Pochettino took Spurs as far as he could. He is not leaving them in an impossible position, mind you. Spurs still have the FA Cup to enter, they are actually only three points from 5th, and they’re also one win from advancing to the knockout rounds of the Champions League. So the recovery could be quick. The players just probably need a shake up - a new approach, new strategies, a new voice to listen to, and a new set of eyes to watch over them. Would it surprise anyone to see a new manager bounce? It’s been a regular occurrence at Chelsea when they have sacked managers mid-season. Mourinho would be smart to go to Spurs and Spurs would be smart to appoint him. Mourinho is a winner and if he can get this current Spurs squad onside and playing for him, they will be dangerous once again. He won trophies with a declining United. This Spurs squad is far better. If the players buy into the project, he could easily succeed at Spurs.
  4. Pochettino's work has brought in zero trophies. Mourinho is a winner. He wins trophies every where he goes. He has a much better squad to takeover than he ever had at United. I think he'll be a great appointment. The issue with Spurs has always been mentality, Jose has the winners mentality. He doesn't need to spend much money to get this Spurs side competing at the top, couple of centre halves and they're set.
  5. He did an interview where he was asked about what he said to WRs - my favourite was that he would literally list their game stats to them when he locked them down. A different level of smack talk when you're just coming out with facts. He's helped our D no end - it's just the presence of Ramsey in the backfield has allowed others to make more plays. Donald was unreal against the Bears.
  6. MickD

    Lyndon Dykes

    As Cloughy said "O'Hare has more skill in his little finger than I had in my whole body" Quite right too, Solly was a star.
  7. Rams 1 - 1 Preston 1 Martin
  8. Poor mans Tammy Abraham, no thanks.
  9. What illegal war was Thatcher involved in?
  10. Mourinho would be a terrible appointment imo to replace Poch. Hasn’t really had any great deal of success in a few years, and more significantly will bring a totally different style of play which won’t remotely carry on Pochettinos work.
  11. I picked The Guardian on purpose; https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/14/concerns-about-antisemitism-mean-we-cannot-vote-labour
  12. Yesterday
  13. Really pleased for Wales, great celebrations too. Hungary were way off, very poor for a team I thought were a decent side, though their away record is naff..... we haven’t any Hungarians playing for us have we? 😏
  14. It's a no lose situation for me. Can't really see how we can get any worse but at the same time I really don't buy into the idea that the other players are suddenly going to get much better by his mere presence alone. He certainly didn't have that effect when he moved to Everton. Gotta be good for the younger players though to have him around.
  15. Did find it odd that earlier on the same morning as Johnson was announcing the u-turn on corporation tax. Andrea Leadsom was on Radio 4 banging on about how the conservatives are reducing the taxes paid by small and large businesses. As the Secretary of state for Business you'd think she would have been made aware of a reversal of policy that involved business. Or is Johnson at the behest of Dominic Cummings, announcing policies without first telling the rest of his party.
  16. I do believe Hughes and Hendrick have both been playing fairly consistently in the premier league
  17. Derby1 Preston 0 fgs Lawrence
  18. Not sure why Surgeon is such a hate figure for those on the right. She always comes across well in interviews and seems to have conviction in her beliefs. I wouldn't want Scottish independence as like Britain and want it to stay together, but can't blame the Scots to want to be away from been ruled by Old Etonians. I think a Labour/Lib Dem/SNP/Green/Welsh/NI coalition would work well. Would be great to see them all in power with the clueless Johnson looking around at the opposition benches and wondering where all the competent Tories had disappeared too.
  19. In fact it was bringing eustace on at half time in that match against Ipswich that sparked our transformation into the Barcelona of the championship. Funny that he was a bench warmer til that point. He was a bit crap on loan. But clough really had his sights set on him from early on.
  20. You'll be getting a Labour/Lib Dem coalition if your not careful. Saw a bit of Swinson on ITV just, first stage try to create an hung parliament with this revoking nonsense, which they would change tack on in a heartbeat if offered any coalition before the event. Then hang around Corbyn's ******** like a fly on a particularly tasty turd or the Lib Dem manifesto as it's better known . Perhaps sniffing Sturgeons posterior while there at it.
  21. At least one of NI and ROI will miss out now... potentially meeting in the final of their playoff path (they play Bosnia and Slovakia in their semis)
  22. Corbyn said his gift to Johnson would be a copy of Dicken's A Christmas Carol. Not sure who would be reading the biggest work of fiction on Christmas Day.
  23. Does that mean that Juande Ramos is a better Tottenham manager than Pochettino? I think not.
  24. Could say that about football really, I love American football and Ramsey is a beast! Can say whatever he likes as long as he does his job properly haha.
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