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  2. Isnt this a bit of a storm in a tea cup? Cricket has been doing it for years must be 20 years ago a group of us went to Trent Bridge all bags and cool boxes were searched for booze.A mate of mine stood outside and drank 8 cans in minutes rather than get then taken off him lol
  3. Believe me theres worse things than watching Millwall. Try Dec 1955 non division Boston Utd at home in the cup ooops we lose 6-1 to rub salt in the wounds ex Rams player scores hat trick.But the big problem now days is the money is stacked against the likes of the Ram when relegated clubs are getting such huge parachute payments As i see it we haveone course and thats the one that Mel is trying to work towards a 1st team with 75/80 percent of the likes of Bogle.to me its a choice Mels way or the likes of Bolton and Notts County.We will still occasionally get the special nights for excitement and pride Leeds last year is up there with Benfica at home
  4. My tuppeneth worth... He's a very pragmatic manager with a very clear vision as to how he wants his sides to play. His style is pretty direct and he has quite a defensive mindset. That said, when we were good we could ve very good and quite eady on the eye too, the problem being that for some fans, those days did not come often enough. Personally, without being wild about some of the football, I was one of the fans who felt that the ends justufued the means, to a point at least. Overall I think he did ok. He took us to the playoffs and was only 40 mins from a Wembley appearance and while it may have been a triumph of substance over style, that achievement ought not be knocked IMO. Much can be made of team selections and like a good few on here, I wasn't overly enamoured with the haste with which he departed but as time goes on it bothers me less than it fif at the time. It's fair to say he fot quite a lot of flak and I now accept that this may have played into his wanting to remove himself and his family from an increasingly toxic atmosphere. There are probably better managers our there but there are certainly many worse ones too and it wouldn't surprise me to see Wednesday challenging for the top 6 this season. Personally, I'd rather you didn't, but that's just me!
  5. If I supported a club because they got promotion clearly I would be changing every year . Are you happy to watch Derby play Millwall every year till the end of time. Would I prefer a Newcastle under Keegan team winning 4-2 every week -yes, but I would happily take a year or two of being Burnley for the greater good winning 18 games 1-0 to get promoted and consolidating. I have children in my family doing GCSE'S who have never seen Derby play top flight football. I want that to change asap, I'm not bothered how.
  6. Living in Newcastle, being Geordies, foggy weather conditions? They'll definitely think of something.
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  8. I am not sure we will get any favors from Lampard
  9. Do you support Derby because they will get promotion or are they your team no matter what league the are in just so long as they entertain?
  10. Easier said than done.How many of us EXPERTS on here mentioned Bogle before the start of last season?
  11. I always think of meetings at Westminster being something like this
  12. Yep. Unfortunatly, we do not have the wriggle room or probably the will of the chairman to spunk 20 million on the Dacks etc. I can count few players we have produced, maybe 8 or 9 in the last 30 years that have been top end championship players and only a few that were of a higher standard. There may be a couple in the current crop but that's if were lucky. Realistically we cannot hope to achieve top six by shoving a load of kids into the squad and telling them to try there best, in fact it would probably finish them off unless they had exceptional talent to cover the nerves. There have been some good freebies available - Adomah for example would have been a decent shout . To be honest all this crap with Lampard has set us back a month. We need at least 3 or 4 decent players with experience to come in or it will be a long old winter .
  13. ....and we're back in the game. Much more like it folks. We should be able to conduct ourselves like this all the time.
  14. I think most of 2nd lot gone I dont think be long before we get third lot.
  15. It would be a start. Old Etonians are not normal.
  16. I'm always checking this thread certain to find we've sold him, but never sure if it's to a lower or higher placed club in the football ecosystem. He's got some talent as a footballer but the step to senior football seemed to be troubling him until he went to Aberdeen (probably the butteries)
  17. Goalkeeper - a priority, Carson will be off go millwall and we need someone as another option for Roos, Walton would’ve been good but I’m sure they have their eyes on someone. CB - gutted tomori won’t be coming back but Clarke-Salter would be good. Less important than a GK, Evans has looked good there and Davies is fit again. CM - Holmes and dowell will start in a 4-3-3, would like a permanent signing in this position and ramselaar does excite me. Sibley/Knight/Bird will get minutes here too. Winger - Bennett Lawrence and FloJo but I think a loan would complement them well. Piazon, diangana, chong, diabate, Woodburn are a few loan suggestions.
  18. I say no But it will be poor people get yelled because management silly ideas.
  19. I love that politics has come down to this, who seems normal, that's all we want now, someone normal 😂
  20. I went to see Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever last night at The Crossing in Brum. Great small venue and wow they were good. You heard of them @Inverurie Ram. If you haven't I think you would love them.
  21. It's a fair bet that most other clubs and supporters will say the same about their own academies.
  22. Till half an hour to go, have faith young one.
  23. Boycie

    Fikayo Tomori

    He can stop singing Derby songs winding us all into a frenzy if he don’t want to come back, it’s not fair. Sniff.
  24. Cheers @Pastinaak @McLovin, to be honest I haven't been following it that closely, the odd tweet popped up on my timeline which must have been it. If it does turn out to be someone on the wind up, that's one seriously twisted individual. Struggle to get my head around why anyone would want to create a parody account, but this would be something else. 🙁
  25. Yes I would think that to be the case.
  26. So when do we start? What league(s) are we doing? How many are participating? Itching to start tbh. Buzzing to finish second to last again.
  27. This is not the news I wished to see.
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