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  2. Bit of food for thought on this (I know, clever aren't I....) on the impact of No Deal. On day one, we lose: 1) Tariff free imports from 140 countries 2) Tariff free exports to 90 countries 3) Both imports and exports free from regulatory barriers with 30+ countries Remembering that Parliament is in recess now. We were told don't waste the extension, and we spent two months in a Tory leadership followed by six weeks of recess (I don't say holiday as many MPs do use this time well to work in their constituency). But Gove (and the Government report leaked) tells us that we will expect disruption - I could bear that as part of the process if it was being considered but we seem a long, long, long way from being able to cope with this.
  3. I assume you are joking/deflecting yet again. The "Proud Boys" are self-confessed white nationalists that promote political violence as one of their aims, but you carry on trying to avoid the subject You reckon? Their aim is to march into areas with the largest "non-white" population and intimidate and assault people and destroy property. I'll ask you again - who do you believe are the bad guys here?
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7370801/Wayne-Rooney-yells-expletives-MLS-official-ahead-Derby-County-move.html wasn’t happy last night!
  5. The Championship officials are in for a treat then!
  6. If only there was some unambiguous marking to tell them apart..... perhaps an 18inch high number on the backs of their shirts which is unique to them and you can cross reference to a list....? nah, never catch on 😂
  7. Just back in Brisbane, what a great game. Shut up all the Storm sooks sitting around me in the second half. We should be stronger next year with the 5th Brit George Williams.
  8. Football stickers - They had those when I was a kid and it was always pretty much a lottery - Football cards before that Sealed packets where you didn't know what you'd get - The draw was that you might get something new - They specifically made some cards/stickers much much rarer than others - Which obviously entices kids to buy more and more packs to try and complete their collection - That's gambling
  9. Thanks, nice reasoned response...you've caught me off guard with that! Re the high street obviously that was a huge leap of faith but obviously we have to start somewhere!
  10. Dont ever remember saying we would be self sufficient, point me back in the direction of my post and I will retract it.
  11. Who says nationalists have to be white? If I didnt know better I would say you was being racist there. And since when did Antifa become defenders of the peace? Call me old fashioned but I always thought that was the job of an organisation named 'police'. Of course we all know if Antifa didnt turn up at these rallies there would be nothing to defend against. They go there looking for trouble all in the name of 'defending the peace'. Laughable.
  12. I'm not an economist either, and what I do know is that if you put two economists in the room the only thing you can be assured of is that they won't agree so we don't need to worry about that. What I would say is that isolation, protectionism (including tariffs) has pretty much never worked as a method for economic growth. You could argue that some economies in the middle ages, Japan behind the Bamboo Curtain, might have prospered but no country in recent times has. Think about it in the extreme - if we said we are only going to use produce manufactured in Derbyshire but everywhere else in the UK can trade openly do we honestly believe that would allow Derbyshire to prosper? Of course not. As for the High Street, yes I totally agree - but I'm not sure it's quite the way to get there.
  13. The simple economics is that the UK cannot produce enough to feed itself. Here is the view of some farming organisation, but hey what do they know. https://www.theweek.co.uk/95658/can-britain-ever-be-food-self-sufficient The up shot, farmers will have to work harder, as apparently they are not at the moment....
  14. Butland had obviously watched wags last penny where he went to the right and that’s the way he dived, at least waghorn had the confidence to do something different! Yes it was close to his feet but hey it went in ! Some of us remember when Conor sammon was our man !
  15. I'm far from being an economist but I would have thought it logical that boosts to local economies would have a positive knock on effect for the wider economy. Who knows, it could even lead to a re-emergence of the high street...remember that?
  16. Shall we stick to "white nationalist" then? Is that easier? Quite honestly if anyone reads the wikipedia page for the "Proud Boys" and then learned they were going to march in their city looking for trouble and the side you'd pick is "anti those who seek to defend the peace" then that's pretty shameful
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  18. I think that when we get Bogle back it will be time for Lowe to replace him at left back. If we ever go to a 3-5-2 , both Lowe and Bogle would be perfect for wing back roles
  19. Let's be honest, words like 'fascist' and 'racist' no longer have much meaning. They are just words used at the first opportunity by people who either are trying to get a reaction or dont actually know what the words mean. If you are seriously trying to compare your perceived idea of fascism today with what happened in the 1940s then I think you have a poor knowledge of history. Of course you could probably argue that all movements start somewhere and this is the early shoots of fascism. Personally, I struggle to see it. Just for balance, lets also not forget that it's not that long ago that justifying and advocating the use of violence against people you disagreed with was frowned upon!
  20. Usually use their boots to tell them apart... but if I'm honest, I thought it was Dowell Saturday too, and I was there! Just assumed Dowell would've been the one in the box, not Evans.
  21. Not at the start of the season he didn't. Egor came in on 31 October. Cocu has Rooney coming in January, someone who should have just as big an impact on the team, dressing room and whole club as Igor did. I expect Rooney to play centre midfield by the way, which is a further point for those who are saying midfield is a problem and wasn't addressed etc.
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