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  2. Erm... so sorry about this... but how do I claim a (partial) refund... Just noticed we've run out of tinned tomatoes!
  3. Maybe because he's not shopping for essentials, not travelling to work, and not exercising? OK, he could quite possibly be taking a very short breather from doing such an activity. After all, he does have sciatica! Maybe that was what first prompted the cop to stop and chat with him. To find out just why he was sat there? Maybe she only asked him to move on/go home, once he failed to show he was following the Government guidelines?
  4. She seems to be contradicting what the new leader is saying though.... 'Labour, the UK's main opposition party, will back the government's possible plans to ban outdoor exercise if it was "necessary" to reduce the number of deaths from coronavirus. Sir Keir Starmer, who was elected Labour leader on Saturday, told the BBC's Andrew Marr: "Every time people break the guidance from the government, they put other people at risk." His comments come after Health Secretary Matt Hancock said if people continue to "flout the rules" then the government will ban exercise outside of the home. Sir Keir said the focus has to be “what is necessary to reduce the number of deaths”. In his first full day as Labour leader, Sir Keir said he was going to work with the government and not “score party political points”. He added: “I’m not going to demand the impossible.” But he said the government had made "mistakes" and that Labour would "ask difficult questions".'
  5. Personal observation. The number of people going past my house is way more than I would normally see. Fair point re gyms though 👏
  6. Ewood Park away end, playoff semi 1st leg (91-92) You had to be there man.
  7. Whilst I'd fully concur with that last line, of those sat in parks in three's or more (In general, rather than specifically in this video), how many are likely to be living under the same roof? Obviously that's a rhetorical question. I'd guess a lot of the pics we are seeing of cops talking to folk, are based on this type of questioning, as opposed to moving them on? And it goes without saying... sun bathing ain't exercise!
  8. How about every club in the country puts the NHS logo on their shirts for the next few years and £1 in every shirt sale made bets given to charitable causes that will be needed in the aftermath of this.
  9. We should have been playing the gumps yesterday so any track by this band will do this weekend.
  10. Well done everyone. When I suggested this to David I thought we would raise £1000, but in around 2-3 months. We could end up doing this in 2 or 3 days.
  11. I still run. i reckon this is far safer than picking up stuff at a supermarket that dozens of others have touched. I’m assuming we’ll still be able to go there once they’ve stopped us exercising?
  12. I'm not aware of many. if any, taking up exercise since the virus kicked in. I'd agree that many of the gym-goers needed to find an alternative. I would also say... from a personal point of view... for those "looking for any excuse to get out", be that taking up jogging/walking/extra dog walks etc... why would you even want to do that? Why put yourselves and others at risk unless you genuinely feel the NEED to go out? Seems a tad crazy to me! I also think that sunbathing in the park is against the spirit of the rules... but then I'm lucky enough to have enough garden space for the two of us to utilise, and not be cooped up in a third floor flat with no balcony. I wouldn't like to make that call myself! EDIT: Posted before I saw the comments attributed to Angela Raynor, re people living in flats etc.
  13. Why can’t a bloke sit on an empty bench?
  14. £759 now, running out of words and gifs to use so will just say thank you so much. We’ve almost hit our £1000 target in less than 48hrs. This will help so many families during this difficult time 🙂
  15. I see old labour is still alive and well. immediately politicising (and mis-quoting) what Hancock actually said!!
  16. As a counter to Matt Hancock saying further measures could be taken and outside exercise banned, Angela Rayner has said the following; Asked whether she agreed with Mr Hancock, Labour's newly-elected deputy leader Angela Rayner told Sky's Sophy Ridge: "It's alright for people who have got big houses and huge back gardens to say that. "But actually if you're stuck in inadequate accommodation, you've got no back garden, you've got nowhere to go and you're all on top of each other, quite literally, then I think people should do social distancing and should keep their distance but also be reasonable and proportionate about that." As an example of this check out the video at the top of the following article on Sky News. Yes there are some idiots in it but especially take note from 58s onwards - people at a park sitting a good distance from each other with a big block of flats in the background. Are we effectively going to try and lock people up in tiny flats that have no access to the outdoors? https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-parks-busy-despite-lockdown-as-many-head-out-to-enjoy-the-sun-11968675 I agree we have to clamp down on the idiots, but you can't lock people up 24/7 without consequences.
  17. I wonder if his presents included a toilet roll?
  18. Roy McFarland, 72 today. What a player!
  19. That's why I don't understand people getting worked up about it. What exactly is their beef?
  20. As a counter argument, I've seen a few new joggers around the areas I walk my dog in (and not people taking up jogging to get out of the house, but people that already look fairly fit). Could we be seeing more people out jogging now cos the gym's are shut?
  21. Is that by personal observation or through the replies of members on here. It could be that folks who were happy to go and pay to spend time in a sweaty gym are now being displaced outdoors. I've heard similar comments from friends that they've never seen so many people outdoors walking or running when they're exercising their dog.
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