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  2. Midfield did you say? This sort of midfielder? Let's duck him off to luton
  3. I personally think frank is doing OK for his debut season in what is a difficult job. He does seem to be a bit of a slow learner (still hasn’t figured out how to break down teams who defend deep, hence our shocking record against the bottom 6, and doesn’t seem to know his best team after over 40 games) but he is trying to impose an identity on the team and does want to play the #rightway. For me personally, I just don’t like Derby appointing rookie managers so the entire fact he’s here is an inherent cause of frustration. I think Derby should be a bigger prospect than “Training wheels for Frank before he gets a proper job”. Lampard has achieved nothing in management to get the Derby job - one of the biggest outside the top flight. I just don’t think he should be here.
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  5. And any Cardiff fan will tell you they don’t remember Craig Bryson much.
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  7. I gave up trying to understand what the post was about after the 10th sentence without a break. Which was my original point
  8. Yes. I’d say the poo flags outside the stadium have affected us more than the Chelsea rumours. It’s a non starter, there’s no way on planet Earth abromovich would give frank the job when he can’t do an above average job with a championship side
  9. have you heard of the word sarcasm,this forum isd about football not written english.DO YOU AGREE WITH THE GUY OR NOT? (caps on purpose)
  10. There is absolutely no chance that Willie McKay has a stake in the ownership of the player. Not sure why you are suggesting that? using the same third party, he previously booked numerous flights with private pilot licensed pilots for cardiff city. Hard to see how they could now effectively argue now that those arrangements were inherently inappropriate. Also it would be impossible for him to vet or verify the choice of plane or pilot. Obviously that doesn't stop cardiff pursuing legal action but its hard to see how it could possibly succeed in those circumstances. Original pilot Dave Henderson might get sued if it can be successfully argued that he should have known that ibbotson was obviously unfit to fly the plane at night, but that might be hard to prove too. In any case, none of the above changes the fact that cardiff owe nantes £15m. For all we know the pilot might simply have suffered a heart attack.
  11. Bookmarked. For 5 years time, when Millwall become the last current team to leave this division ahead of us, after coming from 2-0 down with 10 minutes left in the 2023 play off final, eventually overcoming us on penalties. Bogle scoring the winning penalty, having been released the previous summer to fund James Milners signing, while Derby manager Peter Crouch looks on aghast. Frank Lampard surveys the scene from the safety of the Sky Studio, alongside the guests Mason Mount and Jack Marriott, both essential components of Frank's winning World Cup side of 12 months ago.
  12. We are far from direct, we seem to play like Arsenal under Wenger, with far less quality.
  13. It is demoralising. 6th year in a row we've been 7th or better at the start of February and i fall for it every year. Other than 13/14 and maybe 15/16, deep down I knew we weren't good enough and would fall short. Minus Vyds and a few fringe players this lot finished in the playoffs last season. The confusing thing for me is Frank gives off different signals at different times after different results. Good result = promotion is the aim, playoffs minimum and poor result = the default transitional season. I would have thought by now 35+ games in players would be dailed in and we would have a set identity with a formation but that doesn't seem to be the case when we go all experimental like last night.
  14. Gifs are the best thing to happen to this forum since the introduction of the Ninja emoji.
  15. It will be a collapse if we lose against forest and villa. The game on Monday is huge in terms of the top 6. Its a given that a terrible Villa side will beat us at villa park, I never expect anything there. I would say we are fortunate that we still have a lot of poor sides to play, but we are worse against them sides.
  16. Perhaps's we can do a Watford instead and bypass any Krankies?
  17. I have calmed down a bit since last night but lack of effort that made me angrey.
  18. If it's good enough for Kanye, it's good enough for me.
  19. All types of payment are up for grabs 👍
  20. if we keep frank or rather hang onto frank and jodie,then this will have been a genuine transition season....loads out of contract and the opportunity to actually mould the club into what they want with no excuses. i really dont think we are up to promotion this year but im excited about next time around as we wont have the mish mash of styles and confusion that its bred.
  21. I used to deliver Stuart Webb's newspaper and gobbed in the middle pages for a dare...
  22. The last (you can put a number on it) god knows how many seasons have supposed to have been transition seasons. I just get mightily sick of clubs that have struggled for years, suddenly passing us by on their way to the Prem!
  23. In a burst of unwarranted blind optimism forest 0 - 1 rams. Marriott with a scuffed effort deflected off Pantymans knee. You heard it here first (and last)😂
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