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  2. Left the Army at the end of last year and having been a keen amateur photographer for many years I did a course on Advanced Level 3 Wedding and Portrait Photography for my resettlement. I can offer a bespoke package (whatever you want) at a fraction of the cost - to reflect that I am just starting out (I guarantee the photos will be in focus 😁) Cheers, Rebel
  3. Roos Wisdom Davies Clarke Lowe Josfezoon Bird Rooney Lawrence Waghorn Marriott
  4. Millenniumram


    Indeed. But when referees in this country are at as poor a level as they are now, there’s no other option. There’s too many big decisions being given the wrong way, and they can make or break a clubs season sometimes. I mean, where might we have been if we’d have had VAR when Madley sent Martin off incorrectly? With him still on the pitch, do we win that game? If so, then we have a damn sight better chance at promotion. It’s all ifs, buts and maybes of course, and who knows how it really would have all panned out. But the fact remains we were robbed of the chance at finding out by a poor officiating decision. VAR is a necessary evil in the game.
  5. We should have issued a similar statement after that bamford Darren England didn’t give the foul against Marriott vs Northampton. Or when Bobby Madley gave that “dive” against Martin
  6. We didn’t last time and didn’t in the semi final so don’t see why we will this time. Can’t understand it myself but it is what it is
  7. No you wont that was only 1st period of sales I saw some ask dcfc tickets asking same thing.
  8. We won’t sell out. They are not a big draw anymore for the floating supporter.
  9. I dont see how it is crazy we can score goals and create chances before last home game were we scored just could not add to the score before that we scored 11 goals out so many games so I say we can take anyone on.
  10. Was there two years ago Sage, great day and a lovely venue for it with the history of the rail engineering works in Derby. Me and me brothers are planning a big day out for next year for a memorial for me old man.
  11. Me Dad did some of the wiring there back in the 1960's so hopefully the lights work ok. 😂
  12. Some people only read headlines. Ive had Stokies ask me whats going on with the racist stuff at Derby. When I explain it was one comment from a BBC Radio Derby commentator they seem confused....they'd heard it was racism within DCFC.....ffs, they actually thought it was DCFC employees being racist toward DCFC players.....the world is ducking upside down.....people are thick as duck or just can't be arsed to look behind the headline....😡
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  14. The name of the competition is my all time favourite and I only saw it today. Having said that, I played in two cup finals for my works team, one at Notts County and one at Walsall, both in the Alec Horsley, Northern Foods Welfare and Social Cup.
  15. I haven't followed this thread since the day of the comment, but I'll feel quite sad if Chris Coles had also left, he'd basically been the only saving grace of the RD presentation since OB left.
  16. Their rules which appear to prohibit me buying a second ticket yet a fan without a ST can buy two tickets.
  17. Basically just get rid of VAR and get clubs to agree to ensure their players respect every decision of the ref and treat them with respect.
  18. Easy win for them without breaking sweat 0-2
  19. Nice to see someone's taking a bit of notice!
  20. Do people give a toss about anything they write?
  21. I don't understand people dismissing our chances of the playoffs, and saying we should focus on the cup. Most bookies have us at about 40/1 to reach the playoffs, but more than 100/1 (and as high as 300/1) to win the cup. No, the playoffs don't seem likely, but they're not impossible. Let's take it one game at a time, try to win, and what'll be will be. Starting with Fulham tomorrow.
  22. sage

    Beer Thread

    Froggg and I will be there 1 till 5
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