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  2. Yeah, definitely worse to be a side that is having a little slump in the Premier League whilst playing in their billion pound stadium as opposed to losing 3-0 away to ducking Charlton. I do wish we could get Will back though. I'd happily sell most of our team to fund it.
  3. Cocu is dining out on reputation at the minute. If he was an unfashionable English manager, he'd have a lot more people calling for his head. He isn't improving the players through coaching, we are making criminal fundamental mistakes in every single game we play. I don't think you fire him yet, but Cocu has an awful lot of apologists, and whilst I'm more than happy to admit the squad isn't great, he could be getting a lot more out of it then he currently is. He's been dealt a pretty poo hand, so what? We lost to Charlton and Lee Bowyer 3-0, they were in League 1 last season. I don't want to keep hearing the same excuses, I want to see tangible evidence of us improving, or at least see that we're moving in any kind of direction. If anyone else points to Farke I'm going to scream. For every Farke, there are 3 more managers that had a shitty first year and continued to be poo after that. As of the minute, unless it looks like we're in danger of going down we may as well stick with him, since we've tried just about everything else, but I don't know why everyone is so certain it's going to work out. He was successful in the past, well so what? I miss McClaren. Might not have this ''reputation'' that Cocu has, but duck that. He got us playing good football.
  4. Today
  5. Rooney subbed off at half time in extra time. His DC career officially over.
  6. 5.1, DC have fell apart. Rooney also pulled out of a second challenge.
  7. Do we really even need the second half of extra time?
  8. Game over. Toronto go 3-1 up 5 mins into extra time.
  9. In short, we’ve got a bunch of half arsed players with the actual footballing ability of lower championship players, and the ability in their own minds of prem players.
  10. Goes to extra time. DC equaliser at the death from a Rooney corner.
  11. And now another 30 mins ... poor game thb
  12. Yesterday
  13. Indeed it isn’t, but sadly B4 I don’t think the players care enough that it isn’t to do anything about it. Well just get the same old stuff spouted in post match interviews about “no excuses”, “gotta hold our hands up”, just like we always do, but I’m sure we’ll see another game just like this fairly soon when they players just decide not to put the effort in again. Shameful really, when you’ve got the travelling support that we do, paying all the money that they do, that we can’t even see a team put in at least a bit of fight sometimes. Actions speak louder than words, and until they actually start showing some desire rather than just talking about it, I really find it hard to like much about our current team. Letting their manager and the club down by frankly seeming to think they’re better than they actually are.
  14. Fit right In with our midfield then, they love shirking from a challenge and not concentrating on passes
  15. Heard he was Snookered behind the Senior players!
  16. With a bit more luck could have had a hatrick. . Hope he,s saving his goals for us 👍
  17. I expected more from Liam Rosenior, Cocu needs time. We are miles away from being a top 6 side, currently.
  18. If we can get replacements in, and wont be left short, I’d get rid of: Roos, Mitchell, Keogh, Malone, Huddlestone, Anya, Lawrence, Zoon, Bennett, and even though this one hurts me, probably Waghorn unless he can find form.
  19. Mount and Tomori are smashing it for a top four side in the Premier League, Wilson is playing regularly and won goal of the month. It's clearer now, even more than it was at the time, those three carried us last season. Without them, without the injured Keogh and Marriott, we are left with a very poor squad. Not to mention the short preseason and the team bonding event. To consider sacking Cocu, to even be losing patience with him, when he's been dealt this hand is grossly unfair, ridiculously shortsighted and would, in my opinion, be a massive mistake. Right manager, wrong players (not his fault), bad budget (not his fault). Support the guy. COYR 🐏
  20. Rooney is having a bad game, giving it away constantly. He also pulled out of a challenge which made me a little happier.
  21. There's not a single player in this squad who I wouldn't get rid of. I'm not saying we should get rid of them all as it's not feasible. I'm saying that whoever Cocu wants to get rid of, let them go.
  22. That midfield made me throw up in my mouth.
  23. What I do excepted if they go down fighting if not good enough I can take that. But today was worest seen them.
  24. He has more character in his little tie than most of the current incumbents of the shirt. He also does community work because he is a decent human being rather than because he has to, but there you go.
  25. Are any of our youngsters any better though - I am not convinced. I have watched a few u23 games and I thought the standard of football was very poor. You get a lot of time on the ball to make decisions, which you simply don’t get in the championship. I think you need reserve team football really to judge these players; let them play against men and seasoned professionals. In the current system, send them on loan. I would say however that in one game I saw dowell was comfortably the worst player on the pitch and not once looked remotely interested. At least you can get behind youngsters though, rather than a bunch of lazy overpaid pissheads.
  26. Not NFL - but nothing like watching LSU tear apart Mississipi state to wash my mind of a Derby performance. Joe Burrow is 😎 Although he had his ass exposed on TV. Not ideal.
  27. Could be worse, could be Tottenham. Actually, notice in that game, Will is out of favour at Watford, dropped to subs bench. Could we........?
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