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  2. Definitely not. The question, however, is is there team within the squad? (Genuine question, specifically with the injuries he's had to work around)
  3. I didn't realise the top map was labelled!
  4. Couple of Dutch players I'd like to see Cocu try and sign this month (depending on money, of course): CB: Timothy Fosu-Mensah (Man Utd) or Jairo Riedewald (Crystal Palace) might be available on loan. Could more than do a job in the Championship. Mike Van der Hoorn (Swansea) would be a leader if we could get him on a permanent. He can also play the ball quite well - I see him as a good replacement for Keogh. CDM: Tuen Koopmeiners (AZ) will be a player I continue to bang on about time and time again. Proper unit who can play the ball well. Reminds me a lot of peak George Thorne. CM: Marco Van Ginkel (Chelsea) could he be available on loan? Fully fit now apparently. Captain under Cocu at PSV. Again, would be very good at this level. RW: Calvin Stengs (AZ) is going to be one of the Dutch stars of the future. Pace and skill are abundant and he's still very young. This might be an expensive option, though. ST: Myron Boadu (AZ) - remember the name. This guy is on fire in the Eredivisie and is now in the Netherlands U21 squad. Like Stengs, he could be an expensive option.
  5. Please can someone list the ex players who were there. Jim is a sad loss, obviously, but great watching the old videos again. Though even that kind of makes the current plight harder to bear. Anyway, I'd appreciate if someone could take the time out to say who was there. Thank you.
  6. Possibly so & in fairness I'd always expect a DCM to cover if a full back bombs on forward. Problem with Evans is he seems too deep even when they're parallel to him & the game seems to pass him by when he does step up. Given the limitations of our CBs, I'd like to see him demanding the ball & dictating the tempo of our play. I think theres a decent CB in there though & he does suit Cocu's style insofar as being comfortable on the ball. I'd like to see him replace one of the 'stoppers' at CB
  7. Could it be the players aren't happy with keoghs treatment and are protesting by under performing. I'm basing this on nothing and is just an idea.
  8. You do realise that none of us are actually bothered about the labels thrown at us. We just like to point out the blatant hypocrisy. Farage is a racist Johnson is a racist Tommy Robinson is a racist Ok, let's discuss Diane Abbots racist comments... Oh no they've been taken out of context blah blah blah. Its laughable. I like the Johnson letterbox one the best. Why is context not being used there? He was defending peoples right to wear them. But oh no, this was a racist comment designed to cause division.
  9. Rack of lamb and tapioca pudding with cinnamon sugar and cream for afters heaven
  10. I agree. But the other cliché to go with this is 'you make your own luck'. Cocu doesn't help himself and doesn't seem a 'naturally' lucky manager.
  11. I've got Hinton's boots on. The White ones, obviously.
  12. I think it’s 50/50 the squad is full of holes, and booze-gate gave him huge problems. But I also think he has lost credibility with the players with all his tinkering. He isn’t a motivator so he has to be brilliant tactically. He looks uncomfortable right now. No-one said it would be easy Phillip.
  13. We picked up FloJo from Brentford! Maybe it's how these fabulous players are put together and played as a team that is the point. Has Cocu managed to get a team from his squad yet?
  14. That's what I asked Santa for anyways.
  15. BTW, anyone watching this years gaff filled Sports Personality of the Year. Gabby Logan and Gary Lineker aren't having the best of nights lol. If I wrote what Gabby Logan just accidentally said on here I'd get the post deleted!
  16. Knew I was right before the Jose anecdote
  17. Most effective formation, best 11 available. Roos Bogle. Wisdom. Davies. Lowe Bielik Holmes. Knight Lawrence Marriott. Martin If Marriott injured, then Waggy. If Wizzy not ready, then Evans.
  18. You lazy git. For a start Jacob Butterfield doesn't play for us any more. Neither does Claude Davis. Mitchell Lawson at left back? Ridiculous. What a mess.
  19. I suspect that Evans dropping into a back three is a deliberate tactic to allow us to deploy the wing backs. People think he is doing something wrong but I suspect he is doing exactly what he has been asked and coached to do.
  20. I think if you start picking sides for whatever reason its gonna end badly. There has to be a blanket statement and commitment to do better, lay out some ground rules and go from there. I don't like all this historical blame game, times change and so do people and societies. We can't change the past but we can do better in the future. If we all want to live together everyone has to give a little and take a little. If we can't even discuss what the boundaries are then we'll all have differing views as to who has overstepped them and by how much. Start afresh, employ a philosophy of education and forgiveness for inadvertent transgressions whilst punishing the actual racists. Sounds simple really.
  21. Roos back please . Hamer is a career no2 for a reason
  22. Today
  23. All those moaning about Cocu should remember how many shots we had on target against Fulham in the play off second leg. Talk about "going for it" 😒
  24. I know we're not supposed to discuss deleted posts but in the interests of openness - I admit that I did call out a post as having racist undertones in the language that the poster used - and my post was deleted to stop the inevitable argument. Fair enough.
  25. Absolutely - my point was more about the media handling of the two sides. Is that because there are a lot of famous personalities in the media who happen to be jewish - and thus the anti-semitism scandals were amplified in a way that the islamaphobia stuff wasn't? Or is it that the ISIS terrorism stuff makes people less likely to be sympathetic to islamaphobia?
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