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  2. He really is coming on isnt he, looks more and more the part with every game.
  3. Yes the critics have gone very quiet and rightly so. I was worried at Christmas when let’s face it we were right on the verge of a relegation scrap, I feared Mel would end up being forced into a decision which would have set us back considerably, those wins against Charlton and Barnsley were huge and if we do get promoted this season you look back at those games as the turning point. We’d have been sucked into the bottom 3 if they had gone the wrong way. Cocu has also had flak for the team he put out at Forest in the cup. But Mel trusted in Cocu, his record and Cocu despite pressure to be shor
  4. Max Bird was the best player on the pitch. He did ever so well. Recycling possession, keeping possession in dangerous areas and his long range passing: it was all sublime. The first half we saw some excellent passages of play. Preston looked completely outclassed at times. If Holmes had taken his chance, the whole complexion of the second half changes there and then. Preston obviously came out in the second half and were more purposeful and had a greater foothold in the game, but never really made it count. It wasn’t the prettiest win but I think given the enforced changes and g
  5. Anyone know how Bogle is by the way? Didn't like the look of that at all.
  6. I quite like it. I also am in favour of the green socks!
  7. Exactly. some of the passing and moving out of defence and then cutting through their midfield was superb. The team are learning to beat a hard press, once teams realise that they are in trouble against us as it gives them a dilemma.
  8. Probably asked Wayne if he'd heard of anybody in Toxteth selling nice watches...
  9. From the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53258860 Great that the flag gets a mention! 👏
  10. I just see a circle in the page. Hopefully it will show on the screen shot
  11. Click the grey heart, it opens up the rest but the grey heart then turns red. On my iPad anyway.
  12. Amazing that André visited the players at their pre-match meal at their hotel yesterday! What a guy!!
  13. On Ipad (old one that is) i get a big grey circle displayed instead of the heart ❤️ for the likes. When i press it i can see all other emojis but again not the heart.
  14. https://dcfcfans.uk/topic/35071-forum-update-010720/?tab=comments#comment-1883557
  15. I was still using it. Orange lives matter.
  16. Today
  17. Following on (too late to edit my previous post... Further investigation: From that first page, if I then return to "Unread content", it does still retain that thread on the list (as I have failed to read the unread posts, of course), so that's ok. However, if I dash off (from the first page of the thread) to the last page of that thread, (eg page 39) it then assumes I've read everything, and clears it from my unread threads list, even though there is unread content on pages 36 to 38. I have to scroll through the pages, to get to "The Black Line", indicating where I'd last
  18. Don't know if you are already aware and on the case, but... My list of unread posts appears to be ok/correct, but when I click on the actual thread, it's taking me back to the start, not to the first unread post within that thread.
  19. Derby 2 - 0 Forest FRGS - Sibley
  20. Where has the orange theme disappeared to?
  21. Would Cocu have had success if it wasn't for Rooney's arrival? The difference between his arrival is astonishing. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but I think it's worth noting.
  22. Those passing combos Evans-Bird-Holmes-Rooney-Bogle created ❤️ About as sexy as football can get.
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