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  2. Yep car nicked a week ago today, still no sighting of it, and insurance dragging there heels 😡😡😡
  3. Have to admit, when the stadium sale was announced last year I felt a little uncomfortable at the time. Struck me very much as Mel trying to game the system. Now it's impacting our reputation as a club. In this instance, we should get away with it but the more we do business this way, the more we'll be in the crosshairs. Also, if it's impacted the incoming investment, then you have to question the decision-making that led to this point.
  4. In terms of playing style they seem pretty similar. If Bennett Could be more aggressive and then he could become a good player.
  5. Wasn't Max Hunt the player Cocu referred to as leaving?
  6. When you login to see how the EFL discussion is going...
  7. Sometimes it’s good to have a big Arse at the back 👍
  8. Adams was virtually 1 in 2 in his last season with Birmingham. He’s streets ahead of Bennett.
  9. Pathetic post. Do you know how many people lost their lives on that boat. #Maninglasshouse
  10. Close the thread 😂😂
  11. If wages were fixed at 60% of whatever the income is then parachute payments could be scrapped. On relegation from the prem a teams wages would plummet automatically to be within 60% of the new reduced turnover. Much fairer for all club in the championship.
  12. But nothing about 21 points deduction I agree with Simon jordon he’s right the Minute the EFL signed it all off ... end of story
  13. HMRC are far more concerned with an under valuation than an over valuation. I.e transferring ownership of a fixed asses and avoiding the tax. If Mel had sold for 200m then he's also liable to pay all of the taxes etc that go with that enhanced price tag
  14. I know all of that... What I don't know is why our previous 3 sets of accounts seem to indicate we're £3.3m or £9m over budget, whereas people like Keiran Maguire say it's £14m.
  15. FLW and talkSPORT. Also just found this on talkSPORT: According to Simon Jordan, “Any other business can take a fixed asset & revalue it.” “If I’m Mel Morris I’d throw the kitchen sink at the EFL.” “If FFP bites properly then the football world will mature & clubs won’t be lost.”@SJOpinion10 on #DCFC being charged for a breach of spending rules
  16. Got a crazy feeling that Mel will announce very shortly, just to ruffle a few feathers.
  17. Wages according to the group account (not just the club) 2018 - £46.9m (136% wages:revenue) 2017 - £33.1m (119% wages:revenue) - 10 months (roughly equivalent to £39.7m) 2016 - £35.5m Transfers since the end of the 17/18 season*... In - Waghorn, Marriott, Jozefzoon, Holmes, Evans, Malone, Shinnie, Bielilk, Rooney, Clarke, Hamer Out - Vydra, Weimann, Shackell, Hanson, Jerome, Bent, Baird, Thomas, Bryson Butterfield, Pearce, Blackman, Nugent, Johnson, McAllister, Olsson *not including those we signed and have left since. I estimate wages to have dropped by roughly £8m, but with an increase of sponsorship for Rooney, we'll see the wages reaching more a sustainable level of 105% for this season. Anya will be leaving in the summer, and it's highly likely Thorne and Carson will too.. that'll take us below the 100% wages:revenue mark for the first time since Mel took over.
  18. The sale of the stadium less the value of the stadium carried on the balance sheet will be the profit on disposal of asset (going from what I have read on here) The value of the Stadium on the Balance Sheet was £41M The sale was £80M Profit on disposal circa £39M
  19. Just a quick thought here - FFP was supposed to protect clubs from being exposed by renegade owners spending loads and leaving the club in rotten debts before doing a runner with none of the liability falling on them We have an owner who is prepared to take on MORE financial liability (ie, buying the ground and leasing back to us) and continually complains he can't put more of his own money in - And the EFL are going out of their way by (it seems) questioning decisions they ratified previously In the same season Bolton nearly drop out of the football league and Bury actually do - Both clubs which (as far as I'm aware) complied with FFP regulations Doesn't that seem a bit odd? I mean people keep talking about us 'breaching the spirit of FFP' with the ground sale - But the rule was to try and stop teams going bankrupt because of what owners had done - Which the EFL have singularly failed to do for Bolton and Bury - And they want to punish Morris for making himself more liable, which seems to me to be the very spirit of FFP
  20. I wouldn’t go if I was him. He’ll still be a squad player, Rowett will get another job and he’ll be stuck in the cesspit of south London. There is a player in there somewhere though. i don’t see much difference between him and Che Adams.
  21. Ollie Pope first Century and Stokes got one as well. England 425-7 going great at Port Elizabeth
  22. The wages are our main problem really. As you mentioned we usually sell to buy apart from in one year. We shouldnt really be trying to spend the same as the top spenders in this division. Its impossible without parachutes even if we have set Championship records for revenue in non parachute seasons. We need to spend within our own means and not look what others are doing. We could have spent well outside ffp and still come nowhere close to teams like Villa - their wage bill alone last season was more than all the money we spent on transfer fees since Nigel Clough.
  23. When we bought our house the council tried to put us in a high council tax band - when we challenged this, they stated that their 'finger in the air' valuation of the property meant they were correct. I (politely) pointed out to them that the actual value of the house was what we had paid for it and therefore that should put us in the lower band - when threatened with going through the appeals process, they eventually gave in and accepted the value to be the price paid, not their made up figure. This is similar in that the value of the stadium is whatever the 3rd party paid for it (as signed off in the accounts) - just because the EFL (or Steve Gibson) don't like that does not make it wrong or in any way a fiddle. Fact is thet the FFP rules had a hole in them that allowed Mel to help his football club - the EFL may need to spend some time working out how this can be prevented in future, but they cannot punish us for something that was o.k. as the rules stated at the time without finding themeselves in court. I suspect the delay in a statement from Mel is while the lawyers work out how much Mel can sue them for and the compensation he's willing to accept for the EFL defaming him and the club....
  24. Yes mate . Ollie Pope just got his first Century for England which has cheered me up. Up the Rams
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